Why You Must Never Use the Wrong Skincare Product for Your Skin Type

Oftentimes, women complain to me that that they used a bad skincare product that totally ruined their skin.

So, they have to buy another skincare product to clear off the damage that the first product made to their skin.

Half the time, these reactions occur not because the skincare product is bad – after all, a friend or family member had used it and it worked fine for them.

Once you’re sure that what you’re experiencing is not skin purging, then the reactions might be because the products do not go well with their skin type.

The first thing every woman should know when it comes to skincare is that we all have different skin types. And this is why you should never use just any skincare product for your skin.

You have to be sure that the product is suitable for your skin type. Using the wrong skincare product would only cause more harm than good.

Before we go into reasons why you should never use the wrong skincare product for your skin type, let’s begin with the basics:

What is your skin type?

If you do not know your skin type, you are already making one of the biggest mistakes in skincare.

Because the characteristics of each skin type differ, knowing your skin type helps you to take proper care of your skin and avoid anything that can cause irritations.

There are five different skin types, namely: oily, dry, combination, sensitive and normal.

Oily skin produces excess sebum (oil) which makes it oily. Dry skin doesn’t produce enough sebum which makes it dry.

Combination skin has the traits of both oily and dry skin, while sensitive skin gets easily irritated by skincare products and environmental factors.

To learn more about skin types and the proper way to take care of them, please read this article: How to Identify and Care for Your Skin Type

Now to the main gist of the day….

Why you must never use the wrong skincare product for your skin type

Using the wrong skincare product for your skin type can trigger bad reactions. It can also worsen skincare problems. (These reactions are more pronounced on sensitive skin.)

This is why it is advisable you stick to products that suit your skin type.

If you use the wrong product for your skin type, you will experience reactions like:

  1. Itching

When you use the wrong skincare product for your skin, your face might turn red and begin to itch.

If you experience this, stop using the skincare product immediately.

Sometimes, fragrance in skincare products can trigger this reaction on your skin. This applies mostly to people with sensitive skin.

If this occurs, then you might be having an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in the products. This is why you should know the allergens that irritate your skin and avoid skincare products that contain them.

If you aren’t sure, simply ask the makers if the product doesn’t contain any of the ingredients you react to.

  1. Burning or stinging sensation

When you use a skincare product that causes a burning or stinging sensation, it means that your skin is allergic to it.

This also occurs mostly for sensitive skin. The product probably might contain preservatives, fragrance or other additives that are causing that reaction.

However, in some cases, it might be that you are using too much of the product more than is required or you are using it too frequently. In this case, stick to the recommended usage.

If it causes a mild sting you might give the product another try, but if it is an intense burning sensation, stop using it immediately.

  1. Rashes

When you use a skincare product that is not suitable for your skin, you might begin to develop rashes on your skin.

These are also caused by fragrance, preservatives. To avoid this, make use of mild products – preferably those that are hypoallergenic.

If this occurs, stop using the product immediately. Also, see a dermatologist to figure out what allergen is causing the reaction. So you do not buy any product with that ingredient again.

  1. Breakouts

If you begin to use a skincare product and your once clear skin becomes filled with breakouts, then it might not be suitable for your skin.

This usually occurs on oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin.

It takes a while for your skin to get adjusted to a skincare product. So be observant to make sure they are normal breakouts, or your skin is purging.

Skin purging occurs when a skin product brings out all the impurities in your skin to the surface. The difference between this and breakouts is that it occurs where you normally have breakouts.

Give the product about one month and if the breakouts keep increasing, then it is not purging. Discontinue use immediately.

  1. Tight feeling on your skin

When you use a product that is extremely drying, your skin feels tight. It is worse for those who already have a dry skin.

Some products strip your skin of its natural protective oils, this leaves your skin dry and irritated. If this continues, especially after the first few days of usage, then you should stop using the product.

Tightness of the skin can cause wrinkles and increased oil production which in turn can clog your skin pores.

It is best to use products that balance the pH level of your skin. Such products neither make your skin oily or dry.

How to identify the right products for your skin type

Here are a few ways to know the right product for your skin type:

  1. Check out which skin type the skincare product is suitable for

Most skincare products indicate the skin type the product is suitable for. That is the first thing you should check out for; if it is suitable for your oily skin or dry skin, combination skin, whatever your skin type is!

There are some skincare products that are labelled, suitable for all skin types. Those, you can use irrespective of your skin type.

Speaking of products that do not cause reactions…
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  1. Do a patch test

This is extremely necessary for those with sensitive skin.

A patch test is used to test if our skin is allergic to a skincare product.

To carry out a patch test, apply a small amount of the skincare product on the upper part of your inner arm, somewhere around your elbow.

Leave the product on for a few hours without getting that area wet. If you experience any reactions, then the product is not right for you.

  1. Know what works for your skin

There are certain skincare rules that apply to each skin type. You should know yours.

If you haven’t read the article: How to identify your skin type and care for it, you should now. (Pause here and go read that article first…then you can come back here!)

If you have an oily skin, you should stay way from oil-based products. Also, make sure to buy products that are labelled non-comedogenic, that is, they do not clog your skin pores.

Buy skincare products that control oil production. While you do that, stay away from creams or oils, a moisturizing lotion will do.

For dry skin, never use skincare products that contain alcohol or astringents, they dry out your skin.

You should get a moisturizing cream and make use of natural oils.

If you have sensitive skin, stay away from any product that triggers reactions, such as fragrance or artificial colour.

It will be best to buy skincare products that are hypoallergenic, that is, they do not cause allergic reactions (because they contain no known allergens).

In conclusion,

It is very important that you know what products work well for your skin type.

Try not to use the wrong skincare products; they will only trigger negative reactions and worsen your skin condition.

Do not just buy any skincare product. Take your time to read all about it, especially its ingredients and make sure it is suitable for your skin before you buy.

And even after you buy it, do a patch test first before you use it on your body.

19 thoughts on “Why You Must Never Use the Wrong Skincare Product for Your Skin Type

  1. How about this…my face is oily and from my neck downwards, my body is super dry.
    As if that isn’t enough, my complexion is uneven; light face, dark neck, light chest area, very dark tummy, light laps, legs are somewhere in between light and dark..😂😂😂
    I would give anything to have an even skin tone. In case you’re wondering, it isn’t a result of bleaching but as far as I can tell it has always been like this…

    1. Hi Oludola,
      Good to know this isn’t as a result of bleaching.

      You can try the BeauCrest African Black Soap and the BeauCrest Organic Moisturizer. They are both not just formulated to restore your original skin tone, but also give you an even skin tone (apart from removing the blemishes on your skin). You can learn more about these products here: https://www.beaucrest.ng/get-african-black-soap-2/

  2. Good evening pls I got a Nivea cream nd I noticed I am becoming dark. Pls I need ur best cream recommendation.

    1. Only a dermatologist that has seen your skin can really recommend a cream for you…because a lot of things have to be taken into consideration.

    1. No, they don’t. They’ll only restore your original skin colour — especially the moisturizer. That however means that if you have used lightening or bleaching products, the moisturizer might bring you back to your original colour 🙂

  3. I used a new cream, in the first 2weeks no reactions it was beautiful on me but the 3week I started see some thing like eczema ie white patch, is that cream reaction? And can ur black soap remove it in a week? What else can be use to remove it? This thing shows up on d face, neck and shudder.

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