How To Keep Your Skin Fresh This Harmattan Period

We are finally getting to the end of the year. Yay!!!

The thrill of Christmas is already in the air. If there is a time when your skin should be soft, fresh and glowing, it’s this season. However, apart from the festivities, this season is also accompanied by the harsh harmattan weather.

Because of the extremely dry weather, it is common to experience your skin getting dry, cracked and it might even peel off. Anyways, there is nothing to be worried about.

The best way to fight against this is to be prepared for it. This is why in this week’s article, I will be discussing several ways to keep your skin healthy and fresh during this period.

Imagine taking those Christmas pictures and everyone keeps asking how your skin managed to look that beautiful despite the weather. That’s the goal. And the tips I will be sharing below would help you achieve that.

Let’s get started….

  1. Drink lots of water

If you are the type that rarely drinks water, you need to fall in love with drinking water now. It is easy for you to get dehydrated during this period because of the intensity of the sun’s radiation. This will greatly affect your skin.

So, make water your best friend. Keep a bottle of water beside you at all times. Remember, drinking water is a way of moisturizing your skin from the inside out.

  1. Moisturize daily

The harmattan weather comes with fogs and dry winds that easily sap off the moisture form your skin. This is no period to use moisturizers in little quantity. Apply them as many times as you can.

Also, make sure that you moisturize while your skin is still damp. This way, it is very easy for your skin to lock in moisture. Ensure that you use an oil-based moisturizer, it keeps moisture locked in for a longer period of time.

  1. Get yourself natural oils

Natural oils are great antioxidants. Instead of using lotions, you could get natural oils like; palm kernel oil, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and so on. They are easily absorbed into the skin and serve as a protective barrier against the heat of the sun.

You could also mix these oils with your moisturizing lotions.

Essential oils at this period are also a good choice. You could get lavender oil, argan, rose, etc. They provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

  1. Use mild products

The harmattan does a good job of keeping your skin dry. You do not want to worsen things. Make sure that your soaps, cleanser, toner and all other beauty products do not have harsh ingredients that strip the skin off its moisture.

Stay away from beauty products that have astringents or alcohol — or even fragrances — in them. Avoid skin irritations at all cost. The effects of irritations are worse when your skin barely has enough nutrients to stay healthy.

  1. Use a sunscreen

The importance of sunscreen during harmattan cannot be overemphasized. Due to ultra-violet radiation for the sun, you might experience sun burns, pigmentation and discolouration.

Sunscreen serves as a shield for your skin against the sun. So, though you might be under the sun, the sun rays do not affect or cause damage to your skin.

Ensure that your beauty products contain sunscreen especially one with an SPF that is above 30.

  1. Wear protective clothing

This is not the time for mini skirts and backless tops. Make sure that your skin is well covered — as much as you can. Exposing your skin directly to the sun causes a lot of damage to your skin. So, bring out your long skirts and long sleeve tops.

Also ensure you wear hats or caps to keep your face away from the sun. In short, stay away from the sun as much as you can.

  1. Pay extra attention to your hands, feet and lips

We pay little attention to our feet and hands when it comes to beauty and skincare. Usually, the focus is the face and neck.

However, during this period, you need to take special care of your hands, feet and lips. This is because they are the ones that get affected most.

To avoid dry hands or cracked feet, you need a hand and feet lotion. Also, get a lip gloss or balm for your lips to prevent them from drying out or breaking.

  1. Do not take your bath with hot water

This one might be hard to obey because harmattan mornings are usually cold. No matter how tempting it is, hot water is bad for your skin. The heat strips your skin off its natural oils. The harmattan weather is already making your skin dry and the little natural oil left, you do not want to dry up with hot water.

If taking your bath without heating your water isn’t an option, then make sure you use lukewarm water.

  1. Take night baths

No matter how tired you are after the day, do not go to bed without taking your bath. The harmattan weather is extra dusty. You will have dust clinging to your skin and clothes. After a long day, make sure you shower. Also, remember that using a very mild soap is important during this period.

  1. Do not forget to exfoliate.

If you do not exfoliate before, this is the right time to go get an exfoliator. The essence of exfoliating is to scrub away dead skin cells. Exfoliating also encourages the growth of new and healthy skin cells.

You are to exfoliate twice in a week. Ensure that you do not overdo it to avoid stripping your skin off its natural oils. Also, ensure that you use a gentle scrub. Do not use anything that will be harsh on your skin.

In conclusion;

We are now getting deeper into the harmattan season. Because of the festivities, you will have a lot of things on our mind. A dry and flaky or scaly skin shouldn’t be one of those things. Make sure you follow the tips above so you have nothing to worry about.

It is important you treat your skin like a baby and do not bring your skin in contact with anything harsh. Its that simple. Cheers to a beautiful, fresh and glowing skin this harmattan period.

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