Here’s Why Nighttime Skincare Routine Is A Must

Most times, when women talk to me about their skincare routine, they focus more on how they take care of their skin during the day.

Some do not see the need for going through another long process at night, especially when they have had a long day.

But just as your daytime skincare routine is important, so also is your nighttime skincare routine. In fact, if you ask me, I will say it is more important.

This is how it works; your skin comes in contact with a lot of things during the day that might have an adverse effect on it.

The right nighttime routine helps to repair any damage made to your skin. You wake up the next morning with your skin renewed and healthy like a baby’s.

Before I explain in detail why you need a nighttime skincare routine, let’s start with the basics.

What is a skincare routine?

A skincare routine is a skincare plan you follow strictly and regularly, aimed at improving your skin.

Basically, it is a series of steps you take every day to ensure that your skin is fully nourished and protected from external damage.

Normally, you should have a daily skincare routine, a weekly routine, and even a monthly routine.

A daily skincare routine should contain both morning and nighttime skincare routines.
In a previous article, I went extensively into what your morning-time and nighttime skincare routines should be like, and the products you should use.
So I wouldn’t be going all over that in this article.
For a nighttime skincare routine, you can follow, read this article: 7 Things to Include in Your Beauty Regimen.

Without wasting further time, let’s get down to the main topic of the day:

Why you must have a nighttime skincare routine

Having a nighttime skincare routine, and following it is very important if you want glowing skin. If you do not have one yet, here are some reasons why you should:

  1. It gives your skin a complete break from harsh external elements

One of the best things about nighttime is that your skin is barely exposed to harsh external elements when you sleep.

However, just because your skin takes a rest from harmful environmental factors does not mean that you should not cleanse your skin at night.

Cleansing your skin, which is the first step of your night routine, cleanses off the dirt, dust, oils, etc. that accumulated on your skin during the day.

You go to bed, with your skin free from dirt and germs that might want to clog your skin pores and result in acne and other skin blemishes.

The best part is, since you are not exposed to any harmful environmental element like the sun, the nighttime is the only time your skin stay completely free from harmful external elements – that is, if you apply the right nighttime skincare.

  1. It boosts skin cell regeneration

There are a lot of things that go on within your skin that you are unaware of, especially at night.

At night, while you sleep, your skin cells regenerate and at a faster rate. This is why a long night rest leaves your skin refreshed, but a night without good rest leaves you looking not so nice.

Following a nighttime skincare regimen helps to boost cell regeneration. So, new and healthy skin cells are produced and damaged skin cells, probably from the day’s activities, are shed away.

Nighttime skincare products like serums, night creams, help to increase the cell regenerative process. In the long run, this helps to slow down your skin’s aging process and leaves you with a younger skin even when you are growing older.

  1. It corrects skin damage

This is one of the most important reasons.

Applying a nighttime skincare routine is like giving your skin a clean sheet. While your daytime routine helps to protect your skin from any damage that might occur during the day, your nighttime routine, helps to repair the damage that occurred.

This way, you start the next day with your skin looking and feeling brand new.

While cleansers help to clean off harmful residue on your skin, a facial mask does a much deeper cleansing of your skin pores, treatment serums help to correct anything wrong on your skin and erase blemishes, a moisturizer ensures that your skin has enough moisture it needs to stay healthy, and so on.

By the time you go to bed, you have supplied your skin with all the nutrients it needs to renew itself.

Imagine waking up every morning to a clear, refreshed, healthy and blemish-free skin. A nighttime routine can give you that.

  1. Skincare products work faster at night

At night, your skin is relaxed. This makes it very easy for your skin to absorb whatever you apply on your skin.

So, a skincare product that is applied at night works faster and is more effective than when it is applied during the day.

Also, the skincare products work without being interrupted by harmful environmental elements like in the day.

Nighttime is the best time to apply your antioxidants and vitamins (A, C and E). They nourish your skin, delay aging signs and give your skin a unique glow.

  1. A nighttime skincare routine keeps your skin moisturized throughout the night

Have you noticed that when you wake up, your skin is always dry?

This is because your skin becomes more slightly acidic at night and it reaches its highest temperature, even though you are not aware.

This makes your skin drier. Because of this, most nighttime skincare products contain a lot of moisturizing properties that help to supply your skin with the moisture it needs.

Dry skin can lead to the appearance of aging signs prematurely and makes your skin very unattractive.

In conclusion,

If you do not have a nighttime skincare routine, then you are depriving yourself of a younger-looking and glowing skin.

Do not just stop at a nighttime routine. Make sure to strictly follow a daytime routine as well as a nighttime routine.

This is the only way you can be totally free from skin blemishes, maintain a healthy skin and avert skin problems.

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  1. I only cleanse my face and apply facial cream both at night and in the morning. I’ve been battling with pimples for close to 3 to 4 months now. So if I would use facial mask please can you recommend one for me? I’d really appreciate. Thanks.

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