8 New Year Resolutions That Will Improve Your Skin

Before I start going on and on about your skin, I want to start by saying Happy New Year!

How was the last year? Hope it was quite fulfilling!

This is another year and already, it’s a few hours gone. Another journey has started. There are new challenges to overcome, and new victories to win. It’s time to get started on setting the pace for the year.

This is the point where you write down your new year resolutions for a better outcome at the end of the year. And while you are at it, do not forget your skin! If you didn’t have much time for your skin last year, this is another chance to give your skin the care it deserves.

So we have decided to make our skin care resolutions, it’s time to make a checklist to guide us throughout the year. Let’s begin.

This year I will make sure:

  1. I am always conscious of my skin.

It is usually very easy to neglect your skin needs.

Between the stressful daily activities and the few hours you get to sleep at night, sometimes your skin needs do not even come to mind. This is why you need to make conscious efforts to take care of our skin.

Resolution to make: This year, I will make sure I am conscious of my skin needs and give my skin the proper care it deserves no matter how difficult it is for me.

  1. My skincare regimen is always complete

Every lady or woman should follow a skincare routine that would keep her skin fresh and glowing.

A proper skincare routine is not possible if we do not have the proper beauty care products. No product should be left out.

Go shopping. Get your self a cleanser or a soap that is mild and at the same time protects your skin from blemishes. You also need a toner, exfoliating cream, moisturizer, eye cream, sunscreen and an anti-acne serum.

Resolution to make: This year, I will always make sure my skincare regimen is always complete with the right products, so my skin gets the proper care it needs all year long.

  1. I will eat right

Yes, this is very important. This is the year when we say good bye to spicy foods, sugary foods, fried foods and processed foods.

It’s time to start eating lots of fruits and vegetables. The fresher the better.

Every time you sit to eat, your meal should be a balanced diet. When we eat unhealthily, we reduce our skin elasticity and give room for aging features long before we are old.

Resolution to make: This year, I will eat right and make sure every meal is a balanced diet.

  1. I will exercise

This is the part that most of us do not like to hear. After all, all the running around we do throughout the day should be enough exercise, yea?

Truth is, it isn’t enough — not even exercise at all.

Take time out each day to consciously and intentionally exercise your body.

If doing it all by yourself is not motivating enough, then hit the gym. That way, you are encouraged to work out. Exercises allow for smooth bodily function. This includes your skin.

Resolution to make: This year, I will take at least 20 minutes daily to exercise, no matter how inconvenient it is for me.

  1. I will get enough rest

You can’t begin to imagine the huge benefits this gives to your skin.

Some of us are used to staying up late at night. We sleep late and wake up early.

This is very bad for the skin. You should sleep for about 8 hours daily.

Sleeping well prevents waking up with huge bags under our eyes and also prevents dark circles. Sleeping relieves stress and stress is one of the causes of acne.

Bottom line is: when you sleep well, you take good care of your skin.

Resolution to make: This year, I will make sure that I get enough rest and sleep well as much as I can.

  1. I will keep my hands to myself

Constantly touching your face with your hands can be very damaging for your skin.

It is very easy for you to pick up dirt and germs with your hands. And if you touch your face with those hands, you transfer the dirt to your skin and this might end up clogging your skin pores.

It is necessary that you try and keep your hands still. For those used to touching their faces, take conscious efforts to stop this habit.

Resolution to make: This year, I will make sure that I touch my face less to avoid possibilities of an acne breakout.

  1. I will always use a sunscreen

The ultraviolet rays from the sun can be very damaging to your skin.

This is why it is very important that you use beauty products that have sunscreen. Or better still, get a sunscreen. Shop for beauty products that have an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) that is more than 30.

Sunscreen prevents your skin becoming old and wrinkled. It serves as a protective barrier for your skin against the heat of the sun.

Resolution to make: This year, I will always use sunscreen to protect my skin from harmful sun rays.

  1. I will not sleep with my makeup on

Sleeping with makeup on is practically a taboo.

You kill your skin gradually every time you sleep with your makeup on.

Make sure that every trace of makeup is cleaned up before you go to bed. This is to avoid clogged skin pores and breakouts on your skin. Cleaning your face also makes it possible for your skin to repair itself while you sleep.

In conclusion,

Whew! We are done with the resolutions. You can make more if you wish but with these basic ones, you are good to go.

Remember, it is one thing writing these resolutions, it is another thing following through. Make sure you stick to your resolutions, and trust me, this would be the best year ever for your skin.

Cheers to a blemish-free and glowing skin throughout this year.

Happy New Year once again…

PS: If you have any other resolutions you would like to share, do not hesitate to drop a comment. I always love hearing from you.

25 thoughts on “8 New Year Resolutions That Will Improve Your Skin

  1. I really don’t know what’s happening to one side of my breast.
    It’s whitish.. And I don’t know what to use

    1. Hey dear, the only advice i can give is that you go see a doctor immediately.

  2. Great article I will try to do this any then see how much my skin change

    1. Thanks Esther. When you try them, do not forget to keep me updated with the changes on your skin. I would love to hear from you.

  3. Please can you help out with beauty care products that will work perfectly with horse oil soap

    1. Hi Grace,
      You can add a moisturizer to it especially if you have a dry skin. You can also get a sunscreen or a cream that has SPF of not below 30.
      The Horse Oil Soap however takes so much care of your skin that you hardly need any special product to go with it; you can just resort to natural products, like coconut oil, shea butter, or whichever your skin is fine with.

  4. Pls sis which product soap and cream that can clear scars and holes on face which came as a result of pimples

  5. Auth fadekemi pls ma, l need some face cream for my face.l have some rashing in my face.what can l use ma,and l also need good body cream.am a fair person and oil face.from funke

    1. Hi Funke,
      Sorry it’s not easy for me to just recommend a cream for you without any tests. I’d suggest you see a dermatologist so they can recommend the best products for your skin, or you simply resort to natural oils, if they’ll suit your skin.

  6. Nice resolution…but pls. Which soap or cream is really good for face to eradicate pimples?

  7. Thanks for the New year resolutions i will try them on. Please what cream can i use to make me light because i was light but after my Xmas vacation i am now dark. Please help me.

    1. We no longer sell the Horse Oil Soap, Temmy. We now sell the African Black Soap, which is way better. And that currently goes for 5k. But shipping can be between N1500 and N2500, depending on your location.

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