How to Make A Homemade Spa

Making your own homemade spa is one of the exciting things you can ever think of.

Instead of going to the spa and spending a lot of money just to take care of yourself, you can do it right in the comfort of your home.

The best part is, you do not have to spend so much when doing it yourself, and you can adjust your spa to suit your personal needs.

It might not be as extensive as a real spa, but you pamper your skin nonetheless and you have fun while doing it.

So, without wasting more time, let’s get started.

Why do I need a homemade spa?

A homemade spa is all you need to give you that much-needed break you want.

After this experience, you feel relaxed and calm. More importantly, when you do this regularly, it tells positively on your skin.

Your skin becomes spotless, soft like a child’s and it begins to glow. A well-pampered skin is a healthy and blemish-free skin.

How do I make my own spa?

  1. Make your preparations ahead of time

After all, if you are going to give yourself the spa experience, it should be and look like one – as much as possible.

To do this properly, you need to plan ahead.

Do this one of those days you have the house to yourself. The whole process of relaxation might take a few hours and you do not want to be disturbed or rush the process.

Make sure you have everything you need ready, then you can begin.

  1. Set the right mood and atmosphere for relaxation

This is where the fun begins.

Make sure your bathroom is well cleaned and also your bathtub. You should give both a good scrub while preparing to relax. A clean bathroom makes relaxation more enjoyable.

After that, get some hot and clean towels ready just like you have in spas.

If you have a dryer, put your towels there for a few minutes to get warm. If you don’t, you can put them under the sun for about two hours. They should be hot enough then. Set them somewhere you can easily grab them.

Next stop is music.

Put on a soft and relaxing song. You do not want anything high tempo and up-beat screaming into your ears. You could try classical music, jazz or any other soft genre you like.

You can ask the internet for help. There are spa music playlists you can stream online.

With the right song in place, you can dim the lights or put them off completely. Light candles instead, scented if you wish. If you do not like candles, you can opt for wax melts, incense, oil diffusers, etc.

The idea is to have soft, dim light in your bathroom. Bright lights might distract you.

You should also get light refreshments in place, like drinks, candy, chocolate, nuts, fruits, etc. Some spas serve refreshment. Yours can too.

After you have done all this, do not jump in just yet. You still have your skincare routine to take care of.

  1. Treat yourself to a facial steam

If your bathroom is not spacious enough, place a comfy chair in your room while carrying out your routine.

To give yourself a facial steam, you need to fill a large bowl with hot water. You can add few drops of your favourite essential oil to it, few tea bags or some fragrance herbs.

Then, you lean close to the bowl and cover your head and the bowl with a towel. The essence of this is to trap the steam.

Stay in that position for 10 minutes, and then remove the towel.

A facial steam opens and unclogs your pores, removing dirt, dust, excess oil and the likes.

  1. Exfoliate

The facial steam has begun the process of unclogging skin pores, so exfoliation should be easy. Exfoliation helps to scrub off dead skin cells from your skin’s surface.

You can make your own homemade scrubs, from honey and sugar. Click here to find out how.

You can also get an exfoliator at the beauty store – whichever you choose.

Gently apply your scrub on your body in small, circular motions. You can spend a minute on each part of your body. When you are done, take a quick shower to rinse off.

Do not touch or dirty your bath water. You still need to take a long soak, remember?

  1. Get into the bathtub

This is probably the moment you have been waiting for.

Fill your bathtub with water, preferably warm. Add your preferred choice of bath fizzles, essential oil, bath salts or bubbles.

Get into the tub and relax for 15 to 20 minutes. I can imagine how relaxed you will feel at this point.

Move straight to the shower to wash your body with a mild and gentle soap. You might be wondering why…

Some of the bath products like essential oil, herbs, etc., can leave behind residue in the bathtub and on your skin.

Use the hot towel to dab your skin dry.

If you want a beauty soap that will complete your spa experience, then you need the BeauCrest African black soap.
It does more than keeping you clean.
It helps to remove acne and other skin blemishes from your skin.
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  1. Moisturize

After getting out of the shower, moisturize your skin.

It is better to do this when your skin is still damp and not completely dry. It makes it easier for your moisturizer to soak into your skin.

You can decide to massage your skin while applying the moisturizer.

  1. Treat yourself to a face mask and foot wrap at the same time

A facemask helps to replenish your skin with the nutrients it needs. It also helps to make your skin glow. You can get a mask at the store or make yours.

If you want to make your own homemade facemask, click here to find out how.

A foot wrap makes the skin around your feet soft and tender, like a child’s. To make a foot wrap, you need to first massage your favourite feet cream, lotion or gel into your feet.

Then you wrap your feet in a warm towel. Do this after you have applied your facemask.

Leave both facemask and foot wrap for about 15 minutes. Wash off your masks and take the wraps off.

Apply a face cream – especially one that has anti-acne treatment.

In conclusion,

By the time you are done with all these, your skin will be singing your praises.

If you can do this once a month, you will notice the difference in your skin. Also, it is very relaxing, and for that day, you get to have fun with little cost incurred.

Try to make your own spa and let me know how the experience is for you.

Cheers to a fully pampered skin!

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