Does Sperm Really Cure Acne?

Acne has been one of humanโ€™s life long skin care issues.

Over the years, we have found different ways to keep our skin free from acne. Some are conventional. Some, not so conventional — like the use of sperm. Even though we do not know the history behind the use of sperm to clear acne, most people prescribe it as a perfect acne removal.

However, the major question everyone keeps giving different answers to; does sperm really cure acne?

Let me start by saying; its true that semen contains a lot of vitamins (A, E, D, B12), proteins and other nutrients which you can find in most skin care products. The claim is that it contains spermine which is an antioxidant that can easily penetrate skin layers.

But…does it really work?

There is no dermatological proof that sperm clears acne. In fact, it can be dangerous if you are not careful.

When you expose yourself to other peopleโ€™s bodily fluids, you can easily pick up infections and diseases.

Sperm is no different. STIs such as herpes can be transmitted through semen. If an infected semen comes in contact with the eyes while applying it on your face, It could cause varying eye infections, ranging from basic sight problems to eye herpes.

According to Psychology Today, there is something called semen allergy. A woman can have allergic reactions to the proteins in sperm and because of this, there could occur a breakout of rashes on her skin. it also causes itching.

Though it might sound really exciting to use, there is no scientific or logical backing for this strange treatment. It is true that many women have testified to the fact that it works, but none of such testimonies have been proven.

I understand how annoying it can be to have acne on your face, but poring a guyโ€™s juice all over your face is just WRONG!

There are a million and one other ways to cure acne apart from using sperm.

There are different skin care products; soaps and creams that can clear up acne. You have cleansers, toners, moisturizers, anti-aging creams, anti-acne creams that you can easily get.

If you prefer natural products, try applying aloe vera, honey, lemon, coconut oil, jojoba oil, horse oil, etc. on your skin and in no time, your face will be clear as pure water.

You can also change your eating habits. Eat right! Stay away from greasy and fatty foods and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Make sure you always eat a balanced diet!

Also, ensure you have a good skin care routine and stick to it. For a skin care routine that keeps your skin smooth and spotless, you need to read this article.

The thought of using sperm might sound alluring and magical but the truth is; it is not. If truly it works, almost every skin care product will have semen as a core ingredient. The fact that this isnโ€™t the case should make you pause and rethink your decision.

Why splash sperm all over your face when there are safer, healthier, and less irritating options that can make your face acne-free?

I’d like to know what you think about sperm being a cure for acne. Have you tried it before or know someone that did? Did it work? Let’s continue this discussion in the comments.

49 thoughts on “Does Sperm Really Cure Acne?

  1. Phew.. Thank you so so much for this insight.
    I can finally silence those who keep suggesting it๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Thanks for today information I have been looking forward to know this answer since am enlighten thanks alot

  3. thanks for this message, and to think I was actually thinking that would work for me since so many creams and soaps have refused to work….

    1. Hmmm…we’ve seen people that say it worked for them tho. Even in this comments section. Lol

  4. Honestly I have heard about this so many times but haven’t tried it for a day.. thank goodness I haven’t give it a try

  5. Very thoughtful of you to have shared and talked on this issue. I have equally been a victim to pouring sperm into my face each time it is made available. At first it seems to be working, I started noticing some changes on my face but at a time I could not really feature out the effectiveness on the acne on my face which is the reason why I massage my face with sperm. So I stopped.

    1. Oh wow, it’s great to see someone that actually tried using sperm for acne. But at least it worked for a while before you stopped noticing improvement. So maybe it’s not a lie that it works? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Gudmonin, av heard a lot about sperm curing acne, but apart from the fact that it is dangerous, it’s also irritating

    1. Irritating to put on the face or irritating generally? Lol
      Thanks for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Sperm is quite irritating to me though it might not be to some people. Thus, I can’t imagine putting it on my face in the name of curing acne. Since it has not been dermatologically proven, it’s better to use other proven means to cure it.
    Thanks for the information….

    1. Yea, I agree it’s better to use proven products or ingredients! But…is sperm really disgusting?! ๐Ÿ˜‚
      Thanks for commenting, Esther ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hahaha I really think it’s absurd, why go through all that trouble ๐Ÿ˜‚. It’s a big no no for me.

  9. Well, i have not try using sperm on my face before, so i cant really tell whether it works or not, but i think is better you use things that you are sure off, than using someone else sperm on your face because you needed solution to your acne on your face, the sperm can also cause another harm to your skin. Lets be wise when looking for solution to your skin problem.

    1. True! But what about married women using their husband’s sperm. That is less riskier, yea? Lol
      Thanks for your comment, Nana.

  10. I couldn’t stop laughing when i saw the caption. Sincerely i have heard that it works but not poring it on the face but rather allowing the sperm to be discharged into the vigina…simply put, regular intercourse helps solve acne problems. It is quite funny but i for one dont subcribe to that…my opinion
    Thanks for such an insightful topic.

  11. I really appreciate this,one really has to be careful on regiments all in the name of achieving beauty solutions.not everything should b given a try especially when it doesn’t sound good to hearing.thanks ince again and keep on d good work of enlightenment.

    1. Yep, we gotta be careful, especially when it comes to health. Thanks for the encouragement, Doris ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. While, as a beautician and a skin therapies I didn’t believe that sperm cure’s acne,cause have never come across any one that it actually works for.And to me this is just too dangerous cause when you mistakenly took an infected sperm to your skin or into Your Eyes is not gana be funny at all, you will even prefer the acne than the harm it will cause you letter.
    So my advice is” there are many acne treatment both Organics and inorganic out there to use preferably Organics cause it’s less harmful.

  13. I have also had of this saying dat sperm works for acne. but personally i dnt really buy d idea because its disgustting, When i was a teenager, in my secondary schools my friends even said they rubbed their mestrual period on their faces and they claimed it worked for them so i believe every body has their opinion may be the sperm works for them. but as for me personally i do no such thing.

    1. Menstrual what?!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ Ewwwww…that’s just sick!
      Thanks for the comment, Blessing.

  14. I have heard this sperm stuff,but never thought of trying it out.thanks for ruling it out.

  15. I remember when acnes were all over my face,people keep suggesting sperm use. The question i asked was,is it just anybody sperm or what?…I Kept doubting that fact!
    This is very educating and informing. Thanks Fadakemi๐Ÿ‘Œ

  16. Lol……those tym they use to say sex will make u to glow (skin)
    Thanks fr d insight๐Ÿ˜

  17. Really funny myth tho… been hearing it since I was a teen…I don’t know why any1 should even touch sperm let alone rub it onto their face but that’s just me, everyone has his own theory and who am I to judge?

    About Acne, we always blame a product for working or not and never checking our habits, 1tin is for sure, everyone with his skin type, a product may work for Mr A and C and not work for Mr B and J, but u see Mr A’s skin and then we rush to try it out and in a time when we do not have a culture for skin tests….make up also matter, sharing make up is just wrong, and then going a whole day and even sleeping in it sometimes….. Natural skin products are the best cure for skin problems especially on the face which is delicate, then a habit or washing your face regularly with a non-antiseptic or a non-medicated soap especially in the mornings after you get out of bed even if u have no where to go, just take a toilet or beauty soap, wash off your face and also the last thing you do before bed time, your skin has come in contact with particles in the air and so much during the day, why take the bacteria to bed and do not forget that at night, your muscles relaxes and ur skin does too…. good hygiene also plays a role, the things you allow in contact with your face, dirty clothes, dirty towels, sleeping on dirty pillow cases used for a week or more etc
    So I recommend you try this Horse oil soap, it’s of animal origin and I would tell you that skin care products of natural origins from vegies and animal oils are wonderful.

    1. Wowza! Thanks for the awesome tips, Laura. Thanks for taking the time to give these, and also for recommending/endorsing the Horse Oil SOap. The number one reason we sell it is because it works!

  18. Good one,but my question is that my child has dark spot all over her legs,can d oil be apply cos I dropped my email cos of her,I didn’t have acne at all

  19. Please dear, I have a concerns on my face, I have acne which it is fading away and is turning greenish on my face my side views is greenish in colour, and I also have discolorations on my face. My face is not one colour. What can I do to

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