Stop These 5 Habits and Your Dark Armpits Would Clear Off

Dark underarms do not occur suddenly. Apart from certain medical conditions, dark underarms are caused by the things we do. No matter the cause for dark underarms, it is a condition that almost everybody finds embarrassing.

Dark underarms is a skin condition caused by a skin discoloration under your armpits. Basically, your underarms are prominently darker than your normal skin colour. You want a brighter underarm, here are some things you should run away from:

  1. Avoid Antiperspirant and Deodorants

Almost everyone loves to use antiperspirants. Nobody loves the body odour that comes as a result of sweating. However, what few people know is that, these deodorants contain chemicals that might cause skin irritation, thereby making your skin dark.

Instead, you can opt for natural ways to prevent body odour like adding baking soda to your armpits. If you notice dark patches, you could change your deodorant to a milder one.

  1. Do not Shave Your Armpits

This is the most traditional method of removing underarm hair. But when we shave, we do not cut the hair from the root. So, gradually, the hair at the root becomes a black patch. Shaving also causes skin irritation because of sharp objects used. This in turn, makes you itch and leaves your skin dark.

You should consider waxing. It removes hair from the root. Also remember that frequent hair removal might also give you dark skin patches.

  1. Do not Wear Tight Clothes

This might be harder for us to comply with as ladies/women. Fitted and sexy is key. It is however wrong for you to wear tight clothes around sensitive areas of the body. The armpit is a sensitive area. With tight clothes, your underarms come in constant friction with the edge of the clothe’s arm hole.

This leads to skin irritation and darkens your skin. Try to wear loose clothing and clothes made out of soft fabric.

  1. Avoid Anything That Increases the Level of Insulin in Your Body

The higher the level of insulin in your blood, the higher the production of skin pigment cells. When these cells are produced in a higher quantity than normal, your skin becomes darker. Anything that might increase your blood sugar level than necessary should be avoided.

Medications such as insulin, birth control pill, niacin increase the level of insulin. They should only be taken if prescribed by a doctor. But if not, they should be avoided.

  1. Stay Away From Smoking

Smoking tobacco can lead to a medical condition called Smokers Melanosis. Basically, smoking in this context causes hyper pigmentation. Your body begins to secrete excess melanin. Melanin determines skin colour.

As long as you continue smoking, your underarms will be dark. Quitting this habit might stop the excess release of melanin. You could also seek the help of a physician.

Want a Remedy for Your Dark Armpits?

I’ll publish another blog post discussing that.

But in the meanwhile, you can use the Horse Oil Soap to clear off your dark armpits.

The Horse Oil Soap is known to clear dark spots or patches on the skin and restore original skin colour. It’s this same healing property that would make it clear off the dark colour in your armpits too.

You can learn more about the Horse Oil Soap here:

Final Thoughts

Just like most skin blemishes, dark armpits don’t occur suddenly. They’re mostly the over-time result of a one or more habits. Now that you’ve identified the habits that may be darkening your underarms, all you have to do is identify the one(s) you’re guilty off and stop immediately.

What do you think about today’s blog? Any comments or questions or objections? Drop them all in the comments box and I’ll definitely respond.

19 thoughts on “Stop These 5 Habits and Your Dark Armpits Would Clear Off

  1. Does using sponge on the face really cause more pimples? Is it really a factor? And please what’s the natural way of shaving if we aren’t to use shaving bics?

    1. It’s not the sponge that causes more pimples per se; it’s the peeling of the pimples that comes with scrubbing your face that makes the bacteria spread.
      Not sure there’s a “natural” way of shaving (except pulling your hair out), but what we recommend is waxing, which can be done in a beauty parlor or some spas. You can do it yourself too if you know how.

  2. Wow! its really an eye opener to me thanks alot and i appreciate all your teachings on how to stay clear of acnes and its brothers

  3. This is an eye opener, thanks a lot. A friend of mine is really bothered about it but am sure this would go a long way.

  4. This is very nice ma. if someone can’t use waxing method is there any other method of hair removal from armpits?

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