What Are Crow’s Feet and How Do You Treat them?

Heard of crow’s feet before?

As you grow older, the changes that occur take a toll on your skin.

Aging signs begin to occur, and they affect almost every part of your skin.

There are some areas of your skin that are more delicate than the others. So, the aging signs become more noticeable in those parts.

For example, your eyes have very thin skin, and for that reason, it is more prone to developing aging signs more quickly than other areas of your skin.

This is why one of the first aging signs most women notice are the lines that begin to spread out of the corner of their eyes.

These lines are called Crow’s Feet.

They develop over time due to the muscle contractions that occur whenever you make a facial expression like blinking, laughing, frowning, etc.

What causes crow’s feet?

Crow’s feet are a result of long years of squinting, laughing, crying, smiling, and every other facial expression you can think of.

Every time you do these, your facial muscles contracts, and over the years, lines begin to form.

These lines form when we get older because our skin gradually losses its collagen and its elasticity as we grow older.

This can be as a result of sun damage, hormonal changes, free radicals, smoking, improper skincare, and many more.

This means that your skin cannot stay “stretched” or plump as it used to.

So, eventually, your skin is unable to withstand the pressure caused by muscle contractions when you make facial expressions, and Crow’s feet occurs.

How do I prevent crow’s feet?

The obvious solution is to stop making facial expressions, but you and I know that is not possible.

We can’t stop laughing, crying, smiling, etc.

The best way to prevent crow’s feet is by taking proper care of your skin when you are younger.

The truth is, if you do not take good care of your skin, you can experience crow’s feet even when you are in your twenties.

One sure way to prevent your eye area from developing crow’s feet is by protecting it from environmental damage such as ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Make sure you always have an eye cream. An eye cream must be included in your skincare routine.

An eye cream does not only moisturize your eye area; it replenishes lost nutrients, boosts collagen, and helps your skin repair any damage that occurs to it.

Also you should:

  • stop smoking,
  • exercise regularly,
  • eat a healthy diet,
  • drink lots of water.

Simply put, take good care of your skin.

How do I treat crow’s feet?

Now, to the main question of the day: how can you treat crow’s feet.

First thing you need to know is that you can reverse crow’s feet. With the proper treatment, those lines will soon be gone for good.

Here are some treatments that can help you achieve this

  1. Moisturize

It sounds simple. Right?

Most women do not know the power of moisturizing. It keeps your skin hydrated and prevents the skin around your eyes from drying out.

Because the eye is very delicate, you are advised to use an eye cream to moisturize your eye area.

You are not too young to get an eye cream. You should apply an eye cream in the morning and at night.

In the absence of an eye cream, using a general skin moisturizer is better than using no moisturizer at all.

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  1. Protect your eyes from the sun

Sun damage is a major factor that triggers aging signs.

If you must walk under the sun, wear a pair of sun shades. Also, never leave your house without applying a product with SPF (like a sunscreen).

To make things easier, you can get an eye cream that has SPF.

This will ensure that the sun does not cause any damage to your eyes. And if it does, it helps to heal the damage faster.

  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is key to keeping aging signs far away.

Since your eye is very delicate, you have to be extra gentle when exfoliating. No scrubs or any abrasive products.

You should use chemical peels or other mild exfoliants.

Exfoliation allows the growth of new skin cells after removing dead ones. It’s like your skin regenerates itself but in a healthier version.

New and healthy skin cells keep your skin plump and provide your skin with more volume, which fills wrinkles.

Moreover, you can get exfoliants made just for the eye area.

  1. Microneedling

Microneedling is a procedure to be performed by your dermatologist.

The essence of this procedure is to boost your skin’s production of collagen and elastin. Your dermatologist uses a dermapen to make tiny needle punctures in the topmost layer of your skin.

This triggers your body to produce more collagen in that area.

  1. Home remedies

You can also make use of home remedies to treat crow’s feet.

You can use aloe vera, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, garlic, and avocado oil.

All these natural remedies moisturize your skin and keep it plump and healthy. Aloe vera increases collagen production when applied on the face or eaten.

Coconut oil does the same thing to your skin.

Vitamin E oil repairs the damage caused by free radicals — which lead to the appearance of aging signs.

Garlic helps to boost collagen production. It has antioxidant properties that repair damage caused by sun exposure. You can chew it or add it to your meal

In conclusion,

Crow’s feet are lines that most women will eventually have to face.

If you are smart, you will begin using an eye cream as early as possible and keep your eyes far away from sun exposure.

Anyways, crow’s feet are not impossible to treat.

All it needs is proper care. If you can follow the tips I have given you in this article, then those lines will disappear very soon.

Remember: that you grow older doesn’t mean you have to look old.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment. I will be glad to answer them.

8 thoughts on “What Are Crow’s Feet and How Do You Treat them?

  1. What other eye cream can someone use apart from the bureablack cream

    1. You can just search for eye creams in online stores and choose one that has SPF.

    1. No, you can’t. Aloe vera is good for moisturizing but the problem is, you still have to wash it off. So, after washing, you should apply a moisturizer – one you dont have to wash off.

  2. Can I use only aloe Vera gel, or can I mix the aloe vera gel, coconut oil and blended garlic together and apply it on my face

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