7 Things to Include in Your Beauty Regimen This November

Happy new month to you!

It getting to the end of the year and I am sure you are excited as I am. In a month’s time, it will be Christmas. It is every woman’s wish to look as beautiful as she can be when she takes those Christmas family pictures.

However, harmattan is around the corner and you need your skin healthy to be able to withstand it. This is why you need a beauty regimen. It is the only way you can ensure that your skin stays, soft, healthy and beautiful.

But firstly…

What is a beauty regimen?

Regimen, as a word, has two meanings. First, it means a plan designed to improve something. Secondly, it means a regular course of action.

For the sake of beauty, we’ll be combining both meanings into one.

Therefore, “a beauty regimen is a systematic plan designed to improve your beauty, which you follow strictly and regularly.” — Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu.

Pheww…it’s not very easy to “form” a definition. But there you have it. (Quote me when I become famous…hehe.)

So in other words, in this post, I’ll be telling you activities and products you should include in your regular beauty plan (a.k.a. your beauty regimen, or daily beauty routine) starting this new month of November.

Even though your beauty regimen can include makeup and even exercise, I’ll be restricting it to skincare in this article.

For a skin regimen that works, the first thing you need to do is get a beauty kit with the basic skin care products.

Important skin care products you need for your beauty regimen

It is important to note that the end goal of every skin care routine is a beautiful and flawless skin and that is why you need the following skin care products:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Beauty soap
  3. Moisturizer
  4. Toner
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Skin treatment creams
  7. Eye cream

It is important that you have these skin care products always but it is more important to know how to apply them on your skin to get maximum results.

Your daily beauty regimen: a step by step routine

To get the best from your skin care products, you need to know which product to use first and which one to use last. This is to ensure that they are fully absorbed into the skin and that they work effectively.

Usually, you begin with products that have a thin concentration of ingredients to those that have thick concentration of ingredients. That is, it is better to start with products that contain liquid and move to products that are oily. And move from products that are light to those that are thick.

You need a skin care routine for morning and nights. Unfortunately, many people concentrate on morning a lot, but don’t care about having a nightly regimen.

In this article, I’ll discuss both morning and evening/night beauty (skincare) regimens.

Morning skincare regimen

Your morning routine is very important. You should keep in mind that the main focus is to prevent your skin from harsh weather conditions as you carry out your daily activities. This is a step by step routine that should help you achieve that:

  1. Cleanse your face with a cleanser or beauty soap

You should start your morning with a face cleanser or beauty soap. This probably could be after you have treated your face to the early morning water splash. This would remove any dirt on your face.

Sometimes when we sleep, our skin picks up dirt from the pillowcase, so it is necessary to wash it first. However, make sure you use a cleanser or soap that suits your skin type.

If you are using beauty soaps, make sure they are mild. If not, you might end up stripping your skin off its natural moisture and you might get your skin irritated.

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  1. Apply a toner

A toner is important for a flawless skin. It shrinks your skin pores. This makes it hard for dirt or dust to penetrate into your skin. It also increases your skin elasticity. Simply put, it prevents your skin from aging quickly.

If you have heard the tale that toners are harsh for the skin and therefore should not be used; it is an old tale. The new set of toners produced provides your skin with the anti-oxidants and vitamins it needs.

They also keep your skin hydrated.

However, If you have a sensitive skin, make sure that whenever you want to buy a toner, you buy one that is suitable for all skin types.

  1. Use an antioxidant serum

An Antioxidant serum is a concentrated lotion or gel made from antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent inflammation of your skin and neutralize the damaging effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

An antioxidant serum is usually made up of vitamins — which gives the body the nutrients it needs; retinol — which reduces signs of aging; glycolic acid — which prevents acne and skin inflammation, glycerin, hyaluronic acid etc.

These ingredients keep your skin evenly toned, free from acne and protects your skin from sun burns. This is why it is necessary that you apply an antioxidant serum on your skin every morning.

  1. Put on an eye cream

In order to keep the eyelid skin thick and healthy, you need to apply your eyelid serum daily. This is one sure way to ensure that the skin surrounding your eyes do not get loose quickly and remains smooth.

Remember that you have to do this consistently to see visible results.

  1. Moisturize your skin

This is a very important part of your skin care routine. Moisturizers provide the skin with the extra hydration it needs to stay healthy despite harsh weather conditions.

Apply your moisturizer when your skin is still damp. This way your skin locks in enough moisture from the moisturizer.

If you want to know the type of moisturizer that suits your skin tyoe and how to get it, read this article on the BeauCrest blog => Mini Guide for Buying Moisturizers in Nigeria.

  1. Put on your sunscreen cream

The sole purpose of your sunscreen cream is to prevent your skin from ultra-violet sunrays. It is better to use a mineral sunscreen than chemical sunscreen. It would be better if you can also get a sunscreen that also serves moisturizing functions.

Ensure that your sunscreen is an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30 and above. Just check the body of whatever sunscreen cream you’re buying: its SPF will be written on it.

Now you can step out of the house, knowing fully well that your face is equipped with all it needs to withstand daily skin havoc.

Night skincare regimen

After a long day, your skin needs to be treated so that it can easily repair the skin damages that might have occurred during the day and that is why you need a night time skin care routine.

  1. Cleanse your face again

After a long day at work, your face has come in contact with grease, dirt, dust, etc. which needs to be removed so they don’t block your skin pores and lead to acne or other skin problems.

If you apply make up on your face during the day, then you need a make-up removal to clean off the make up before you use your cleanser or beauty soap.

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  1. Eye cream

Just as an eye cream is essential in the morning, it is also important at night. Apply it before you use any treatment products. It serves as a protective barrier for your eyes.

  1. Treatment serums

Whenever you sleep, your skin repairs itself. It is because of this that skin treatments are better applied at night to help with the restoration process. Such skin treatments include; acne creams, retinoid creams, exfoliating masks, anti-aging creams, etc.

Because these treatments are much, you shouldn’t use all of them at once. Every night, pick out the one that your skin needs desperately and use it. You can rotate these skin treatments instead of applying all every night.

  1. Moisturize your skin

Your skin needs moisture during the day and at night. So, get a moisturizing night cream. Your night moisturizer should be thicker than that of the day. They prevent moisture in your skin from evaporating while you sleep.

You can be sure to wake up to a healthy and soft skin in the morning.

It is important to pay attention to timing. Some products take longer time to get absorbed in the skin than others. So, make sure that you give each product time to settle in.

With this full-day (day and night) beauty regimen in place, your skin is bound to look flawless and beautiful all through the month of November. What better? This keeps your skin healthy and prepared for the harmattan season. And for the festive seasons too!

P.S: This is just skincare, watch this blog for an update on beauty regimen, especially makeup.

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  1. Perfect.. and by the way, the horse oil is a miracle. Thanks for convincing me to get it.

  2. Thanks for this ma’am
    Please how can I clear my face of long-term Black spots(it has made my face much darker than my usual body complexion)?

    PS: Apart from the Horse oil soap(I don’t have the funds to buy that yet)🙈

  3. Many thanks for sharing. I find this write-up very helpful.
    Ma’am, I need an acne and pores tightening cream that when used within a month, will see changes. I have really spent money on creams & don’t get the desired result.
    I will be glad if you can help me with an effective acne & pores tightening cream asap.

  4. Hello dear
    After reading about the morning routine, I noticed you said we should apply moisturizer on damp skin.
    How can we do that because before applying moisturizer toner has been used already which left your skin dry.
    If you can explain a bit further for me.


    1. Hi Ukeme,
      First of all, not all toners dry out your skin. If you are using a toner, then do not worry about your skin being damp. However, on days you decide to skip the toner or go simple on your skincare routine, make sure that water doesn’t dry off your skin before applying your moisturizer.

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