Why Do I Still Have Acne After Trying Almost Everything?

Sometimes, acne can be very frustrating!

Even after trying everything you know how to, the acne refuses to go away. Why?

Here are some reasons why you still have acne even though you have tried almost everything:

  1. You do not fully understand your acne

One thing you should know is that your acne is different!

It is not the same with your mom’s or your sister’s. We all experience acne in different ways.

One of the reasons why that acne is still there is because you do not understand your acne. Do you know what caused the acne? What makes It flare-up? Does it come and go or does it sit still and never leaves? And why does yours refuse to go away even after trying products that have worked for other people?

When last did you take out time to study your skin, read up on the type of acne and notice how your skin reacts to external stimuli?

Some women rely on the advice of friends and families on how to treat their acne when they should be speaking to an esthetician or a dermatologist.

There are several factors that cause acne. Unless you know yours, it might be impossible to treat. It might be due to hormonal changes, genetics, exposure to harsh environmental conditions, reaction to skincare ingredients, wrong makeup habits, a symptom of an underlying disease, certain medications,

The first step to understanding your acne is knowing what causes it to appear. Once you know that, it becomes easier to treat.

  1. You are not treating your acne the right way

Like I said earlier, just because something worked for your friend doesn’t mean it will work for you.

For some ladies, all they need is face wash and moisturizer and they are good. Others need a full-blown skincare routine they have to follow every day. And there are some ladies who have to visit an esthetician to extract it. Some even have to use drugs.

Sometimes, it could be that you are using a skincare product with the wrong ingredients, ingredients that are not potent enough to treat your acne. Watch out for ingredients like salicylic acid, retinoids, AHAs, etc. They help to treat acne.

But it is important that you adopt a lifestyle that ensures skin skin and stay away from anything that can damage it.

You have to find out the right treatment plan for your acne. Yes, it seems you have tried everything but the truth is you have not tried the RIGHT treatment plan.

  1. You do not stick long enough with a product or regimen

Do not expect a miracle when using a skincare product.

Some ladies use a skincare product and expect to see changes almost immediately. Changes do not happen that fast. They never do!

Acne, just like any other skin problem takes time to heal. Give the skincare product about a month or six weeks before you change the product. The same goes for your skincare regimen.

Changing products too frequently can irritate your skin and cause more damage to it.

Also, once you find out a product is working, do not stop until the acne is completely gone and even after that, keep up with your regimen. If you must stop the regimen after the acne is gone, do not stop at once. Let it be gradual.

Stopping before the acne is completely gone can cause the acne to flare up again.

Moreover, you should have a daily skincare regimen, whether or not you have acne.

If you do not have a skincare routine, click on this article for a skincare regimen for glowing skin:

  1. You use too many skincare products

It is und understandable, that when you have acne that won’t leave, you decide to use too many products, hoping that the more you use, the better it gets.

Contrary to what you think, using too many products does more harm to your skin than good. It can worsen your skin condition. You cannot stack your room filled with several anti-acne products. Also be careful of the ingredients in your products. Applying two products with the same ingredients could be bad too. The combination of both might be too much for your skin.

  1. You have not seen a dermatologist

A dermatologist is a doctor for your skin.

There are some types of acne that cannot be treated by using over-counter products. So, if you have tried everything and the acne refuses to leave, go see a dermatologist.

Your dermatologist will ask about your skin history, take some tests and together, you both will figure out what is wrong with your skin, and the right treatment plan for your skin.

With a dermatologist, all the tips I have given you become easier to follow. If you do not have a dermatologist yet, look for one nearest to you and book an appointment immediately.

Bottom line….

There is no acne that cannot be treated.

With these tips I have given you, you can finally get rid of that acne. If you have any questions, leave a comment. I always love to hear from you.

Cheers to skin free from acne.

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Still Have Acne After Trying Almost Everything?

  1. Hi thanks for all the advice my acne comes and goes all the time then i have blackheads and all these sharp little white pimple on each sides of my face near my nose then around my jaw i have a lot of pimple and black heads that won’t just go what should i do

    1. Hi Abies,
      Sorry about your skin condition.
      Those white pimples are most likely whiteheads. It’s also a type of acne.
      The best you can do is to firstly, find out what could be causing your acne, based on what I’ve explained here.
      Secondly, follow the advice I’ve given in the free ebook. Hope you’ve downloaded it?
      And lastly, to get faster results, get good anti-acne products that will dry your acne up and control future breakouts.

      Please call our customer care on 08106432737 to get more advice and product recommendations.

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