Why Your Acne Keeps Coming Back

Sometimes, having acne can be a very frustrating endless circle.

You spend your money buying an expensive skincare product, you keep to the most minute instructions even on days it is not so convenient and finally, you see changes and you are happy.

But, just immediately you begin celebrating your spotless skin, the acne is back, and you are wondering, how is that even possible?

So, you are back to buying another skincare product that works, but the acne keeps reappearing after you are done using the product.

You probably are reading this, and you have given up on trying to treat acne. In fact, when someone draws your attention to it, you hiss and say “this yeye thing cannor come and kee me”

Good news is, it won’t.

The truth is, there is a reason why that acne keeps coming back and won’t let you be. Today, we will be exploring all the possible reasons why acne keeps reappearing on your skin. You might have to make some changes. So, get ready…

Here are some of the reasons you keep having acne:

  1. Hormones

This is one of the main reasons we have acne in the first place.

And if we are being sincere, no matter how effective your skincare product is, or how flawless your skin is, when hormones kick in, acne begins to resurface.

Hormonal imbalance can cause increased production of oil in our skin, which then clogs your pores and, in turn, cause acne.

That is why, even when you are still applying an anti-acne product, immediately you begin ovulating or menstruating, acne still pops out. The only thing a good anti-acne product does is control the breakouts so they don’t go too extreme in taking over your face.

Other hormone-triggered conditions like puberty, pregnancy, etc. can also make acne reappear.

Sadly, we can barely control most of these hormonal reactions. This is why I advise you always have an anti-acne serum, soap or any other treatment.

This way, you can apply the treatment to control the acne until it finally fades off.

  1. Thinking treating your skin is a one-time event

So, most of us buy a soap or cream and when we realize that the product has successfully cleared our acne, we stop using it.

Why would you do that?

In every ideal skincare routine, there should be an anti-acne treatment. This ensures that your skin stays guarded from acne every single day.

Yet, immediately the acne is gone, we put the product aside, forgetting that our skin comes in contact with a million elements that trigger acne every day.

Okay… maybe not a million, but you get the point.

These products ensure that dirt, dust, and excess oil do not clog our pores and cause acne.

If you ask me, I will say… when you find a skincare product that treats acne, please stick with it. (Especially for periods when hormonal imbalance causes acne to pop up again.)

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  1. Your makeup habits

Makeup is great, especially since it enhances our beauty, but it can also be the reason why your acne keeps coming back.

Some of us wear makeup every single day. Though this means you get to look your best, it also means you are giving acne enough room to resurface.

Your skin pores need to breathe. Makeup prevents that. Most of us even make it worse by applying heavy layers of makeup.

Even if you just finished a wonderful anti-acne treatment, applying makeup everyday will clog your skin pores and acne will begin to form again.

It gets worse…

There is the possibility that you do not clean off all the residue of makeup from your skin. Remnants of your makeup stay on your skin, clog your pores and cause acne.

To avoid these, stay away from makeup at least three days in a week and make sure you cleanse your face thoroughly at the end of each day.

  1. Your skincare products

This might sound crazy, especially since skincare products are meant to take care of your skin.

But the truth is, the reason why you keep having acne might be because of that soap or that cream you are using.

Not all skincare products work for your skin type.

If you are using a skincare product that is not suitable for your skin, you will keep on having breakouts despite the number of times you treat them.

It is best you buy skincare products that are suitable for all skin types.

Also, you should know which ingredients do not work well with your skin and stay away from skincare products that have them.

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  1. Skincare habits

I really do not know where people get this idea from, but some people think that if they use two different brands of an anti-acne treatment at the same time, the results will be better.

So, they buy two different brands of anti-acne soap and they use one in the morning and the other at night.

But sadly, their skin which was already getting clear, begins to have breakouts more than ever.

Alternating different brands of the same product can cause counter effect. Instead of ensuring your skin is acne-free, acne begins to appear.

At the end of the day, you keep treating and treating and just when one pimple clears off, another takes its place.

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  1. The food you eat

Team chicken and chips, ice-cream and shawarma, please gather round for a selfie. This is for you!

It is no news that sugary foods and refined starches can trigger acne. Stay away from soft drinks, fried foods, sugary foods (cakes, cookies, doughnuts), pasta, etc.

I know it is hard, but you should try removing these foods from your diet. Begin to add fruits and lots of vegetables. Your whole body will thank you for this.

If you don’t, you will keep having acne. Just when you think you are having a breakthrough; acne will come popping out again.

In conclusion,

Most of the time, when acne keeps coming back, it is because of our habits.

However, sometimes it could be as a result of an underlying disease (like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)). If this is the case, you have to see the doctor first to treat the illness.

Apart from that, the reasons I listed above are probably why that acne keeps coming back. All you need to do is make the appropriate changes and you can say goodbye to acne forever.

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11 thoughts on “Why Your Acne Keeps Coming Back

  1. Can i use black soap in the morning and a face mask in the night because u said we shldnt use two acne treatment soaps in a day

    1. Hi Edih….
      The black soap and the face mask perform different functions. You are to use black soap to wash your face in the morning and at night. A face mask is not a soap, so you can still use it with the black soap.
      Preferably, you apply your face mask at night and wash off with the black soap. It only becomes a problem if you are using two different brands of soap or face mask at the same time.

  2. Yea, the truth is that it takes patience and consistency to eradicate these ugly zits. It can be so disheartening waking up with breakout here and there. There is also need for inner cleansing of the body inwardly before outwardly.

    1. Thanks for your contribution, Rose. Really appreciate it. And I agree, detoxifying your body helps to keep your whole body healthy including your skin.

  3. Hello, i keep having breakouts towards the time I’m to see my period but these breakouts usually have a whitehead and it can be very annoying cos they make my face really weird and when they do dry up, they leave white marks on my face and it lowers my self-confidence. I started using d dudu osun soap recently alongside a face mask and a mattifying lotion for my oily face and i try to to face steam once a week. I felt all these would prevent these ugly whiteheads but it keeps recurring. What do i do about it? Why is it so hard to have that smooth baby face?

  4. Hi am in Enugu please i want to know where i can get the black soap, for now am using smooth as silk black soap please i need your help reply as soon as possible if possible before Friday so i can get it in the town on Friday morning that’s when i will have time please thanks.

  5. Hi am chukwu Cynthia chioma please am in Enugu so i will like to know where i can find the black soap, and for now am using smooth as silk black soap, please i need your help and reply as soon as possible and if possible before Friday so i can get it in the town on Friday morning that’s when i will have time please thanks

    1. Hi Chioma,
      All you have to do is place an order for the Selina soap here – http://www.beaucrest.ng/get-selina However, we are not sending soaps out for now. All our workers are working from home until the pandemic is over. But you can make your order and once things are settled, we will be sure to send your soap to you.

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