5 Warning Signs You Are Using Too Many Skincare Products

Starting your own skincare routine can be very exciting.

And it is easy to get carried away. Some women want to get glowing and blemish-free as quickly as possible that they apply too many skincare products on their skin.

What they do not know is that even though skincare products are made to take care of the skin, they could damage the skin if you use too many.

So, how do you know if you are using too many skincare products? The good news is that your skin will let you know. You will begin to notice some changes on your skin that will warn you.

Those changes are what I will be talking about today.

How do you know you are using too many skincare products?

Here are some warning signs you are using too many skincare products:

  1. Your skin becomes itchy, red, or sensitive to sun rays

There are a lot of factors that can make you experience red or itchy skin that is sensitive to sun rays. However, using too many products can also be a huge trigger.

For example, if you use too many skincare products that absorb into the skin, your skin might become sensitive. Also, if you use different kinds of exfoliating methods all at once (for example; microdermabrasion brush, scrubs, and chemical peels) your skin will get irritated.

You should also note that sometimes, it is not only about the number of products you are using but the amount you apply to your skin.

If you apply too much of a skincare product, you run the risk of getting your skin irritated. Do not be over-generous when the instructions say to apply a pea-sized amount.

In fact, when you get a product, start with a pea-sized amount, especially if you layer on different skincare products at once.

2. Your skin looks shiny but it is not oily

Your skin can become really shiny, even though it is not oily when you touch it.

This is usually caused by over-exfoliation. Your skin has lost too many skin cells on the skin’s surface more than it should.

To avoid this, do not exfoliate every day. It doesn’t change anything if you use a different exfoliating method every day. You will still damage your skin in the process.

Also, try to stay away from any skincare product that will dry out your skin.

3. Your skin type changes

A noticeable change in your skin type is a clear indicator that you are using too many skincare products.

For example, a person who has oily skin may notice that her skin is becoming more sensitive or drier. Also, you might notice that your dry skin has started producing more oil and you have increased breakouts.

Most times, when changes like that occur, we feel the need to change our skincare routine or even add a few more products to it. This could become a vicious circle that will not give you the healthy, glowing, and blemish-free skin you desire.

So, if you notice your skin type changing, you might want to remove some skincare products from your skincare routine.

4. Your skin begins to have rashes and hives

Rashes and hives can be caused by different factors including using too many skincare products.

Your skin becomes red, inflamed, itchy, and bumpy. This could be a sign that you are reacting to something in your product, or you have piled up ingredients on your skin that do not work well together.

When triggered by the use of a skincare product, rashes are usually caused by preservatives or acrylates found in the product.

If this happens, cut down on the number of products you use. Also, remove products that have fragrance and see if the rash disappears.

5. You notice a tight feeling in your skin

If you feel a tightness in your skin, this might be an indicator that the products you are using are drying out your skin instead of providing moisture to it.

If this happens, you should consider simplifying your skincare routine. Also, look for products that are pH balanced and contain mild ingredients.

More importantly, you should never ignore a tight feeling in your skin. It can impair your skin’s health. It can also cause wrinkles and increased oil production.

How many skincare products should I be using?

If you experience any of these, you should cut down on your routine and go back to the basics. Use a face cleanser, moisturizer, serum, and sunscreen. This gives room for your skin to heal and breathe.

If your skin has become very sensitive, then begin with a face cleanser and moisturizer. You can begin to introduce other products slowly, later.

Be careful what ingredients you combine

Some ingredients do not work well together and combining them will only do more harm to your skin.

For example, Dr. Craig Kraffert says that retinol loses all functional efficacy when combined with vitamin C and AHAs. Applying certain emollient bases together can make them comedogenic i.e they begin to clog your skin pores. They also become non-absorptive and leave a sticky and greasy feel on your skin.

When products are used together, the ingredients do not work individually, they work as a whole. If you have about three different products that have retinol, for example, and you apply all of them at the same time, it is bad for your skin. You have applied excess retinol to your skin.

Watch out for the products you buy. Check out their ingredients. Make sure you are not combining the wrong ingredients or buying products that have the same ingredient.

In conclusion,

If you get any sign that you are using too many skincare products, reduce the number of skincare products you use. Go back to using just the essentials.

Also, if you have any questions, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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