Different Types of Wrinkles and How You Can Treat Them

One of the sad truths many women do not like hearing is the fact that we all are going to have wrinkles someday.

Sadly, it is part of the aging process.

But coming to terms with this fact is not all. Do you know that there are different kinds of wrinkles, caused by totally different things, and each type should be treated differently?

So, when you notice a wrinkle, do not just go shopping for an anti-wrinkle cream. You have to know what type of wrinkle it is and the best way to treat the wrinkle.

The good news is that’s what I would be talking about today. You also get to learn how you can delay the appearance of these wrinkles.

Just keep on reading.

Types of wrinkles

There are five basic types of wrinkles that can develop on your skin. They include:

  1. Atrophic Wrinkles

These wrinkles are the deep parallel lines that appear on your forehead when your eyebrows are furrowed.

They can occur on your face or anywhere on your body and they usually disappear when your skin stretches or when your body posture changes.

They are usually triggered by the decline of elasticity in your skin, just like elastic creases. They are a result of the loss of tissue structure in the skin and severe thinning of the skin.

Aging is a common factor that triggers atrophic wrinkles. Also, exposure to sunlight can cause these wrinkles to appear.

To treat this, you need to get yourself a sunscreen and avoid the sun like it is your worst enemy. You can also ask your dermatologist for laser skin rebuilding procedures. You can also use injectable fillers to add volume to the wrinkles.

2. Elastic Creases

These are tiny creases that develop on your lips, cheeks, and the base of your neck.

They are usually caused by constant exposure to the sun. When you spend too much time in the sun, the ultraviolet rays make your skin thin and tampers with the elastic structure of your skin. This makes it easy for wrinkles and fine lines to appear.

Smoking can also make these lines worse and deepen the creases, especially those on your lips. Air pollution and other environmental factors that cause oxidative stress can lead to the formation of these creases.

These creases can be prevented and treated with a good skincare routine. Make sure to use skincare products that contain antioxidants.

Staying away from the sun is important. Never leave home without a broad-spectrum sunscreen, preferably with SPF 30 and above.

Also, stop smoking.

Your dermatologist might suggest the use of fractional laser resurfacing which helps to rebuild the elastic structure of your skin.

3. Gravitational folds

This kind of wrinkle is caused by the effects of gravity, usually due to a deflation of the tissues above the wrinkles.

They appear because you are aging. As we grow older, the amount of collagen and elastin in our skin reduces and our skin begins to sag. When that happens, these folds appear.

They usually appear as sagging skin around the eyes and the cheeks.

This process cannot be stopped because it is part of the natural aging process. However, you can make use of skincare products or supplements that help to boost the production of collagen in your skin.

This reduces the folds, makes your skin firm and smooth, and gives you a more youthful appearance. You can also meet your dermatologist for a facelift.

The best way to beat these folds is to start your anti-aging treatment while you are still young, not when the wrinkles are already appearing.

4. Compression folds

This is one of the most recent types of wrinkles to be discovered.

These folds usually appear in the morning on your face, neck, and chest, after a long night’s rest. They are usually caused by squeezing your skin against a pillow for long hours at a time, while you sleep. This happens when you sleep on your stomach or on your side.

These folds may gradually fade during the day or become permanent.

The first step to treating this is by changing your sleeping position. Sleep on your back instead of your stomach or side. This reduces the pressure on your skin.

If the compression fold is permanent, you can make use of skincare products that contain hyaluronic acid. This ingredient helps to make your skin plump and smoothen the folds on your skin. You can also make use of injectable dermal fillers to fill in the line or wrinkle (with the help of your dermatologist).

5. Expression lines

This kind of wrinkle is sometimes called the frown, laugh, or smile lines.

They usually appear on facial parts where you make expressions, like between your brows, around your mouth, or at the corners of your eyes.

These wrinkles appear because you make the same facial expressions over and over again, for example, laughing or smiling. People with really expressive facial gestures develop this type of wrinkle way before people who are not big on facial expressions.

They begin as creases that slightly appear and disappear once the facial expression is over. However, as you grow older, they become more permanent.

Since it is practically impossible to not make an expression or move any muscle in your face, this kind of wrinkle is hard to prevent.

You can make use of skincare products that contain neuro-calming peptides. They reduce the appearance of expression lines. Also, botox works for this as well as other injectable wrinkle treatments like an injectable neurotoxin.

In conclusion,

When you think about wrinkles, remember there are different kinds and they can appear anywhere on your body.

Anyways, know the different types will help you prevent them and know what to do when they finally occur. If you have any questions, leave a comment, and let’s talk. I always love to hear from you.

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