Skincare Mistakes Most Women Make

Every woman who knows the true meaning of beauty does not play with her skin.

It is good that you are taking your skincare routine very seriously. It means you appreciate your skin.

Most times, we ask, what is your skincare routine? What we forget to ask (which is actually more important) is “are you doing your skincare routine right?”

Many women make skincare mistakes that damage their skin instead of making it better. And the worse part is that they do not know that they are making these mistakes.

So, today, we will be talking about the mistakes most women make. If you see something on the list that you are doing, you should stop it immediately so you do not damage your skin completely.

So, let’s get started.

What are the skincare mistakes most women make?

Here are some skincare practices that you should stay away from. If you are doing these, you are making a huge mistake.

  1. Exfoliating too much

The concept of exfoliation is great but too much of it is very bad for your skin.

Many women, in the bid to remove dead skin cells, use aggressive exfoliating methods for their skin. They use exfoliating treatment that actually injures their skin.

Some women exfoliate more than the required three times a week.

Over exfoliating can damage your skin’s moisture barrier, cause flaking, dehydrate your skin, and trigger skin inflammation. Instead of getting rid of the bad stuff on your face, as you intended, you injure your skin.

Before you start exfoliating, you have to consider how sensitive your skin is. Go for milder exfoliants instead of those that are abrasive. Also, two to three times a week is perfect.

If you want to know the proper way to exfoliate your skin without causing irritation, please click on this article: The Proper Way to Exfoliate Your Skin to Avoid Irritations

2. Going to bed with your makeup on

This is one of the common skincare mistakes women make.

After a very long and tiring day, it can be quite tempting to leave your makeup on. You might even try to clean the makeup off with facial wipes.

These are bad for your skin.

No matter what happens, never go to bed with your makeup on. This gives room for your makeup to sink deeper into your skin pores. With every toss and turn, while you sleep, you rub your makeup against your skin which can cause clogged pores.

Also, using only wipes can leave makeup residue that can clog your skin pores.

So, the rule is if you had time to apply the makeup, then you should have the time to remove it.

3. Using too much skincare products

Yes, it is possible to use too many skincare products.

It is important that you get all the skincare products you need but it is more important that you do not get too much.

It might be exciting to have a cleanser, face wash, beauty soap but that doesn’t mean you should use all of them.

Your daily skincare routine should consist of a cleanser, moisturizer, eye serum, sunscreen, and an anti-acne serum.

Applying too many skincare products on your skin will damage your skin and cause more skincare problems for you to treat.

4. Frequently changing skincare products

You buy a skincare product and you try it for a week or two and because you don’t get the results you want, you stop it and get another one.

Many women are guilty of this, and the truth is that you are damaging your skin gradually.

First of all, you should be careful what you put on your skin. Secondly, skincare products do not work magic. You should give a skincare product about eight weeks to work before tossing it away.

If you must change products, give your skin a break before introducing a new one. Also, you have to introduce new skincare products to your skin slowly.

This will prevent skin irritations.

5. Cleansing too often

You might think that if you wash your face very often, it will reduce breakouts on your skin. I am sorry to disappoint you but that is not true.

Cleansing helps to remove dirt, dust, and other particles from your skin to prevent them from clogging your skin pores. However, when you do that too often, it begins to strip your skin of its natural oils and makes it extremely dry. This triggers your skin to produce more oil than it should which can cause clogged skin pores and lead to acne.

So, cleanse only twice a day – in the morning and at night.

And please do not forget to apply moisturizer once you are done cleansing. It helps to replenish lost moisture in your skin.

6. Using the wrong product for your skin type

Every woman should know her skin type.

Knowing your skin type will save you a lot of stress and possible skin damage. If you know your skin type, you can shop for products that suit your skin type instead of using just any skincare product which may not be good for your skin.

For example, If you have dry skin, look out for products that provide your skin with extra moisture. If you have sensitive skin, be careful of the ingredients in your products. Avoid anything that can cause a reaction like fragrance, dye, etc.

7. Applying your skincare just before you go to bed

Applying your skincare just before you go to bed is more like wasting your skincare products.


If you jump to bed immediately, your skincare products will not be fully absorbed into your skin. So, they stain your pillowcase and your bedsheets. Those get to enjoy your skincare products instead of your skin.

To avoid this, apply your skincare products at least one hour before you go to bed so they can fully absorb into your skin.

In conclusion,

It’s great that you are keen on skincare but you have to make sure that you are doing it right, and not making skincare mistakes.

If you do any of these things I mentioned above, stop them immediately. They probably are the reason why you do not have smooth and flawless skin, despite your adherence to a skincare routine.

If you have any questions, leave a comment, and let’s talk.


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