Types of Face masks And Which Is Best for Your Skin Type

A conversation about a clear and glowing skin is never complete without the mention of a face mask.

A face mask is one of the compulsory skincare products you need in your skincare routine. That is why every woman needs it on her bed stand.

But here is the tricky part…

Just like every skincare product, it is one thing to buy a face mask and it is another to buy the right face mask for your skin.

So, today, we are going to be talking about the different kinds of face masks you can choose from and together, we will figure out which is best for your skin.

So, let’s get started…

Before I go on to talk about the types of face masks there are, you need to first know your skin type so you can easily choose which face mask is best for your skin.

If you do not know your skin type, there is nothing to worry about. Click on this article to help you figure out your skin type and the best way to take care of it — How to Identify and Care for Your Skin Type

Now that you know your skin type, let us get down to business

  1. Clay mask

Best for: Oily and acne-prone skin

Aunties in the house with oily and acne-prone skin, this is for you.

Clay masks balance the level of sebum (natural oil) in your skin and regulates the oil secretion on your skin’s surface, which means less oil on your skin.

They also help to get rid of all the debris and dirt that has piled up on the surface of your skin, making your skin smooth and soft.

Apart from these, they remove blackheads, firm up your skin, absorb toxins and remove them from your skin, and help to resolve oily issues associated with T-zones.

There are different types of clay masks, like rose clay, bentonite clay, rhassoul clay, kaolin clay, etc.


Clay masks can leave residue everywhere if not removed properly. So, do not forcefully rub your skin to remove it.

Instead, put a warm and wet washcloth on your face and leave it for a minute. The steam from the washcloth will loosen the mask and make it easy to remove.

  1. Gel masks

Best for: All skin types but more importantly for sensitive and dry skin.

Gel masks are made for dehydrated and sensitive skin. Therefore, they are lightweight, gentle and they get absorbed very quickly.

They usually have ingredients like cucumber, mint, green tea which help to hydrate, detoxify, and calm your skin while tightening and firming it.

They have antioxidants and collagen infused in them to help your skin recover from damage.

  1. Sheet masks

Best for: All skin types

Not only are sheet masks great for any skin type, they are easy to use, effective and fuss-free. They are usually made from cotton or paper-like material which is infused with very effective ingredients.

All you need to do pop one up, put on your face, get into a relaxed position, let it sit for about 30 minutes and then peel off.

After you peel off, do not bother to rinse off like other face masks. Let the ingredients get absorbed in your skin. What you do instead is to apply your moisturizer immediately after use.

It is best that you use them before you go to bed as they are highly absorbent, and you will wake to visibly brighter skin.

Sheet masks are made to suit individual skin types. So, you can get a sheet mask made for your skin type.

  1. Exfoliating masks

Best for: All skin types.

It is important that you exfoliate at least twice in a week and three-time, at most to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.

One way to exfoliate is by using an exfoliating mask. It removes dead skin cells that clog your skin pores and later cause acne to pop up on your skin.

You should watch out for exfoliating masks that contain glycolic acid, papaya, or lactic acid. These ingredients do not only exfoliate your skin gently, but they also revive and restore your skin. And if you want a bit of brightening qualities in your masks, these ingredients provide you with that.

  1. Peel-off mask

Best for: All skin types

This kind of mask gives you an instant glow. How?

It physically removes everything that is on the outmost layer of your skin like dust, oil, dead skin cells, and dirt.

It can be used great for acne and refining pores.

Peel-off masks are usually plant-based or fruit-based. Most peel-off masks are made with all-natural ingredients. If you have sensitive skin type, avoid irritating ingredients like fragrances, alcohol, menthol, camphor, etc.

Homemade masks are popular but some of them can be harmful to your skin as DIY experts include glue or superglue as a base for the peel-off mask. It is no news that glue and skin are not friends. It can cause irritation and damage your skin.

  1. Sleep masks

Best for: All skin types and aging skin

Sleeping masks just like the name indicates are worn to sleep. They are used overnight to moisturize, hydrate and moisturize your skin.

After a night of sleep masks on, you wake up with your skin looking youthful, plump, and feeling soft. This helps your skin repair the damage that might have occurred during the day.

It combats dry, flaky, and wrinkly skin. This makes it suitable for aging skin.

The fact that the masks stay overnight gives the ingredients enough time to penetrate your skin and do their magic.

For those thinking about their pillowcases getting greasy and stained, that will not happen with sleep masks because they have a lighter and non-greasy texture.

In conclusion

The truth is, there are a lot more kinds of face masks, but these are the basic ones and you can pick from any of these.

If you have any questions about face masks, leave a comment and let’s talk.




9 thoughts on “Types of Face masks And Which Is Best for Your Skin Type

  1. Do you exfoliate and mask at the same time, i meant doing them respectively

    1. Hi Chidinma,

      You can apply a facemask after exfoliating.

  2. Please, which face mask is good for sleep and anti aging skin.?
    Which moisturizer should be used afterwards.

    1. Sleep masks are used for sleeping… as for anti-aging mask, you can use any of the types of masks as long as it is indicated that it is for anti-aging.

      You can get our organic moisturizer here – http://www.beaucrest.ng/get-selina

  3. Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this article plus the rest of the website is very good.

  4. I have seen so many different bentonite clay and don’t know which one is the best or rather original…which one exactly do u suggest I buy ma?

    1. I cannot suggest brands of bentonite clay to use. Just do you research and pick which is more suitable for your skin type and skin condition.

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