[Workshop] How to Have A Smooth Skin in 2022

Learn all the skincare secrets I've learned, especially in the past 16 months, to help you have a smooth and spotless skin.

[Day 1] Dirty secrets of the organic industry

Happy new year to you!

So...to kick-start the Workshop, I want to reveal to you something very important: Why it seems that the organic products you buy or even make by yourself either don't work or some batches work for you and some don't.

And this is me revealing a secret of the industry that most people won't tell you.

I spent almost one year and four months researching and creating new products for BeauCrest, and in that period, like I told you, I met amazing people who helped me through this journey.

One of them is a Ghanaian woman, and she really impressed us.

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[DAY 2] Secret Anointing for Spotlessness...

Welcome to Day 2 of How to Have A Smooth Skin in 2022.

Please pay attention to what I'm about to share with you. It's a very vital piece of information most people don't know.

I wass surprised when I learnt about it.

One person influential in helping us to create our new product is a man in the US who runs his own skincare company.

When he was giving us the formulation for our star product, the body scrub, he mentioned some botanical oils we can use.

So I asked...I want to create a product that can work for all skin types, so I don't want too many oils.

He simply asked me not to worry, that the oil...

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[Day 3] “Ajebo skin” secrets 🤫

Imagine stepping of the house in the morning and feeling fresh, luxurious and protected all day – even if you were exposed to sun, heat, dust and other stressors.

Imagine that in the next 3 weeks, your skin doesn’t just look smoother, but is *actually* softer and you’re looking younger – no wrinkles or fine lines, and no sunburn or other hyperpigmentation.

Well, this is very possible and I’m lucky to discover the secret.

I called my friend and former supplier, owner of a fairly popular skincare brand, and I asked her: “is it true shea butter makes the skin darker?”

And she was like: “No!”

And I was like: “but some people claim it makes them darker.”

And then what she said made sense to me.

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[Day 4] Secret: No.1 destroyer of the skin 😱

Sure you’ve heard of something being both a blessing and a curse.

Well, that’s the case to a lot of things, even some beautiful things of nature.

We are especially gifted with a lot of natural things in this part of the world. One of them, in fact, one of the most important, can actually become a curse if you overindulge in it. Especially for your skin.

I’m talking about none other than the beautiful Sunlight.

People travel all over the world in search of sunshine, and that’s for good reasons.

  • Sunlight gives warmth.

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[Day 5] Your 2022 Skincare Routine for Smooth Skin

How are you enjoying this "workshop" so far? Kindly reply me and let me know.

Let's move on to today's lesson...

I don't know about you, but personally, I like keeping my skincare routine simple. Really, I don't have the time to combine 8 products on my skin – the thought even scares me.

Don't get me wrong; your skin needs as many products as necessary to maintain its good health and all that good stuff. But if you're not careful, things can get complicated. And then if you start reacting, how would you be sure which one you're reacting to?

Really, if you want to go full blown on skincare routine, then we are talking things like cleanser, soap, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, scrub, night cream, eye cream, face mask, serum, etc. Yes, that's not all. It's crazy.

If you're down for that, then fine.

But if you're like me and you prefer a simpler skincare routine

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The Shortest Cut to Having a Smooth, Soft and Spotless Skin in 2022

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See you on the beautiful side of life,

Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu
CEO, BeauCrest.NG