[Day 1] Dirty secrets of the organic industry

Happy new year to you!

So...to kick-start the Workshop, I want to reveal to you something very important: Why it seems that the organic products you buy or even make by yourself either don't work or some batches work for you and some don't.

And this is me revealing a secret of the industry that most people won't tell you.

I spent almost one year and four months researching and creating new products for BeauCrest, and in that period, like I told you, I met amazing people who helped me through this journey.

One of them is a Ghanaian woman, and she really impressed us. She was a student-mentor of the world-famous organic skincare formulation trainers, Formula Botanica.

Ghanaian, mentoring in a global UK company?

We were like, how? A Ghanaian? With such position? Then we saw that she’d taken almost all their certifications.

Despite all this knowledge, she decided to specialize in African Black Soap as a supplier/wholesaler. Her black soaps are being bought in bulk from all over the world.

When we told her the liquefying problem of our last black soap, she asked us for the ingredients. We listed it and IMMEDIATELY, she was able to tell us the problem. The honey our former supplier included in the formulation was what made it liquefy. Even the supplier didn’t know that.

When we told her how we’d suffered in the hands of Nigerian organic skincare suppliers of products and ingredients, she could relate.

She said when she started her skincare journey, she traveled to Nigeria several times to come and learn organic skincare formulation, but she soon realized that everybody was just teaching and making the same nonsense. And that was why she decided to go international – same decision we made that brought us to Formula Botanica.

She then revealed the truth about the Nigerian and even African organic skincare industry to us (because even after learning elsewhere, she kept sourcing her ingredients from Nigeria).

The Secret...

She revealed that most Nigerian suppliers sell low quality ingredients and that is what is affecting the industry.

Those who sell locally-sourced ingredients like black soap, shea butter, camwood, etc. don’t follow a consistent process. And that’s because the Nigerian organic industry is largely unregulated – no government body regulates the industry, so anything goes.

We experienced it too. You go to the same supplier three times and each time you get a different color and texture of product.

In advanced countries, if you make shea butter for example, you must have a certification for your product that shows that it has been lab-tested and given approval by the body in charge. Same with EVERY single ingredient and product.

In fact, manufacturers will ask for your product’s certification before they buy from you.

Who is keeping the local locust bean woman in Nigeria that accountable? Nobody! So she can do whatever she likes with her product and not focus on quality.

Foreign/exotic products?

And for the Nigerian suppliers selling foreign-sourced product that are not produced here, like Sweet Almond Oil, for example, they simply source the cheaper, lower quality versions of this product.

For example, instead of buying a European ingredient from where it is made in Europe, they buy it from China – especially where they have no certifications too. So, a product that has a yellow or light green consistency is having a deep green color on the shelves of a Nigerian supplier.

Unfortunately, poor ingredients can only create poor products.

This is why sometimes you use an organic product and it works and then you buy again from the same person and it doesn’t work – or you even start reacting to the product.

It happened even with our own products and customers.

I remember when we did survey for our first proprietary product, most of the people who claim were happy with the product came from a particular batch of raw black soap we bought from a new supplier at “Irefin-Olose” in Ibadan.

I followed our partner then (in-house supplier) and was amazed to see how grey-whitish the raw black soap was looking, instead of brown or black or dark-grey.

Guess what?

The next time we went there, we didn’t get anything like that. We had to settle for a light-brownish colour.

The ingredients industry is unregulated. NAFDAC only focuses on end products; nobody is regulating the raw materials in the industry.

So she gave us one simple advice; stop sourcing your raw materials and ingredients from Nigeria!


Unfortunately, this only makes us incur some serious costs in the production of our products.

Imagine leaving the whole of West Africa, the home of shea butter, to be ordering for shea butter in bulk from an online merchant in the US. There's the cost of buying in dollars. There's the higher cost of buying from someone in the US instead of where it is originally made locally. There's the cost of shipping and handling. There's custom duties.

The one in the US however comes with certification that shows all the tests and results from a certified lab. And that puts your mind at rest that you're truly giving your customers the best value possible.

Now you know...

Now you know the secret of the Nigerian organic industry, and why some products don't work consistently or as well as they are supposed to. The raw materials are mostly bad and you'd be lucky to find good ones...and basing your business on luck is risky game.

Unfortunately, it's the final/end product seller that suffers it. Customers will get angry and you'll lose money.

As for me, I've decided to bear the cost. It might make our products a little bit more expensive, but I'll be able to sleep well at night knowing that I'm giving my customers the best. I've learnt my lesson.

If you can, insist that your organic product seller shows you certifications of quality that accompany the major ingredients in their products. This will force us all to be accountable and stick to quality.

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