[Day 3] “Ajebo skin” secrets 🤫

Imagine stepping of the house in the morning and feeling fresh, luxurious and protected all day – even if you were exposed to sun, heat, dust and other stressors.

Imagine that in the next 3 weeks, your skin doesn’t just look smoother, but is *actually* softer and you’re looking younger – no wrinkles or fine lines, and no sunburn or other hyperpigmentation.

Well, this is very possible and I’m lucky to discover the secret.

I called my friend and former supplier, owner of a fairly popular skincare brand, and I asked her: “is it true shea butter makes the skin darker?”

And she was like: “No!”

And I was like: “but some people claim it makes them darker.”

And then what she said made sense to me. She said “maybe they’re exposing themselves too much to the sun. No matter what you apply on your skin or not, if you expose your skin to the sun a lot and frequently, without using a sunscreen, you’ll get darker.”

Botanical butters...

Our partner in the US listed several botanical butter options we can use in our skincare products – butters like mango butter, aloe butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, kokum butter, avocado butter, etc.

He however recommended shea butter specifically for fighting acne and dark spots.

But I didn’t want to use shea butter, especially because of the things I’d heard about shea butter, which, fortunately (or unfortunately) are mere myths.

So I did a lot of research.

The top three for removing acne and dark spots are shea butter, mango butter and aloe butter. BUT…every evidence pointed to shea butter as THE NUMBER ONE botanical butter for fighting acne and dark spots.

What did I find out?

1. Generally, because of the healthy fatty acids they contain, many botanical butters help to heal the skin of conditions like scars, stretch marks, burns, bites, etc.

2. But shea butter has the highest concentration of those fatty acids and vitamins, so it has the greatest healing properties. And this is especially perfect for healing acne and acne scars (dark spots).

3. Two of these fatty acids (omega-6 and omega-9) balance themselves out and this makes shea less oily and safe for all skin types, even oily skin and acne-prone skin.

4. Shea butter helps to protect and repair the skin barrier (what is between the skin and the environment). So it both repairs damaged skin and protects the skin from damage.

I can go on and on, but I’ve listed the benefits of shea butter on our site.

 Now let me ask you a simple question...

If something has the ability to protect the skin from damageheal the skin from acne and premature aging (wrinkles, etc.), keep the skin moisturized all day long (or 24hrs if you use it day and night), balances the oil produced by the skin and makes you look younger generally, should you apply it on your skin or not??

I’m sure your answer is the same with what I think.

So, this is the lesson for you in today’s episode: If you want an “ajebutter” or “ajebo” or “butty” skin this 2022, I mean, if you really want your skin to be very healthy and smooth as butter (literally and figuratively), you MUST incorporate botanical butters into your skincare routine.

And if you ask me which to choose amongst all the options available, just as my skincare mentor in the US told me, I’ll say: choose shea butter. It’s a super skin-food!

Tomorrow, I’ll reveal to you what is destroying everybody’s skin. You might be surprised. Don’t miss it!

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