[Day 5] Your 2022 Skincare Routine for Smooth Skin

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Let's move on to today's lesson...

I don't know about you, but personally, I like keeping my skincare routine simple. Really, I don't have the time to combine 8 products on my skin – the thought even scares me.

Don't get me wrong; your skin needs as many products as necessary to maintain its good health and all that good stuff. But if you're not careful, things can get complicated. And then if you start reacting, how would you be sure which one you're reacting to?

Really, if you want to go full blown on skincare routine, then we are talking things like cleanser, soap, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, scrub, night cream, eye cream, face mask, serum, etc. Yes, that's not all. It's crazy.

If you're down for that, then fine.

But if you're like me and you prefer a simpler skincare routine, then this email is for you.

My secret to clear skin...

Apart from keeping my skincare routine simple, I try to incorporate multipurpose products in my routine.

For example, my body butter serves as my body cream, moisturizer (na we dey shine pass for this harmattan), anti-acne treatment, night cream, eye cream (massage my under-eye with it), after-shave cream (it has tea tree oil and other things that soothe my skin and prevent bumps), etc.

Heck, I even use it for my hair (all three I gredients are great for the hair). And even though it's not the best option, I use it as my sunscreen because of the little SPF the shea butter inside it has.

More so, my scrub also serves as my facial mask, and I use it for my "salt glow" treatment.

I'm sure you get my point: The fact that one product can do several things prevents me from stacking on so many products and therefore keeps my skincare routine simple.

So here's a very simple skincare routine that will surprisingly give you and help you maintain a smooth skin in 2022:


In the morning...

Step 1: Bath in the morning with your soap or cleanser

Step 2: While your body is still damp, apply your moisturizer or body butter all over your skin. A little goes a long way, so you don't have to use too much.

Step 3: Lightly massage under your eyes and the sides of your eyes (crow's feet) with the body butter. Also target other problem areas (like where you have hyperpigmentation or scars) with extra cream.

Step 4: If you know that you'll be exposed to the sun, apply a lot of sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you get into the sun.

(You can keep some body butter as hand cream during the day – you can mix little water because it looks better on moist skin.)

At night...

Step 5: Take your bath and wash off your makeup and the day's dirt and stress (and other free radicals) with an antimicrobial cleanser.

Step 6: While your skin is damp, apply your body butter or moisturizer to every part of your skin. Don't forget to give your eye area some extra attention if you're nearing 40 already.



Step 7: Once or twice weekly, depending on the need of your skin, apply a scrub to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells so that new ones can grow.

Step 8: Once or twice a week, use a facial mask on your skin to draw out dirt and other toxins deep within your skin pores.

Can you see how very simple and doable this is? You don't need anything special.

If you have the right products and follow this routine, a whole lot will be going on on your body:

You'll be moisturizing it, healing and repairing it, protecting it from damage from sunlight, killing acne bacteriahealing inflammation from acne, removing dark spots and patcheserasing aging signs and feeding your skin nutrients that'll make it healthier and looking younger, and so on.

Imagine all these with that simple routine?

Products for your routine...

Luckily, here at BeauCrest, we have all of the products you need for this simple routine (except sunscreen, for those who spend long time in the sun).

=> The Seliná bar soap is a great cleanser that is tough on bacteria and dirt, but very gentle on your skin. It basically kills off your acne. It's also good for completely removing makeup because it has oils like palm kernel oil, sweet almond oil, etc. and butters that melt the oils in makeup – "oil dissolves oil".

=> The Miracle Body Whip moisturizes your skin and gives you all-day protection from free radicals. It also soothes and cures your acne and other inflammations on your skin. It also balances the oil production of your skin, so your skin isn't too dry or too oily (which leads to breakouts).

=> The Hollywood Glow Scrub has dead sea salt which feeds your skin with so many nutrients and minerals (sodium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, zinc, etc) needed to keep it hydrated, soft and plump. Also cleanses and detoxifies your skin pores and eliminates acne.

You can't have these 3 products in your skincare arsenal and follow the simple skincare routine I recommended and not have a smooth skin in 2022.

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