Thank You For Ordering Seliná!

Dear loyal customer,

Thank you for placing your order for the miraculous Seliná. And I dare to say: Welcome to your days of spotless and flawless skin!

We are processing your order right away.

Our representative will contact you very soon to confirm your order and go ahead with shipping your wonderful soap to you.


Crazy 24-Hour Offer!

Get One Extra/Additional Soap for just N9,000 (instead of N13,000)!!

  • Do you think you'll need more than just 1 of this magical soap?
  • Would you rather use it more than the recommended way so as to get faster results?
  • Do you use a lot of soap when bathing? 
  • Do you have someone else you want to buy the one-month supply for?
  • Are you afraid we might run out of stock and you want to just have more to keep -- just in case?

If You answered YES to any of these questions, then I have a great offer for you!

You can have an extra cup of Seliná for N13,000 just N9,000. That would make your total investment N22,000 instead of N26,000 (You save N4,000)!


I'll even throw in another moisturizer worth 9k for free.

So...for just N22,000, you get 2 cups of Seliná soap and 2 bottles of the BeauCrest Organic Moisturizer! WOAH!!!

Don't worry, I wouldn't stress you to fill another form...ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS:

Tell the rep that calls you to confirm your order that you want to take advantage of the "24-Hour Offer"!

Sorry, it's just a one-time offer...and it expires in the next 24 hours! (Don't worry, we'll call you before the offer expires.)

Wish you the best on your beauty journey, and talk soon,

Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu,

PS: I promise you that you'll love this soap and come back for more. But by then you won't get a whopping 4k discount. Never! So isn't it better to stock up on these magical products now?!