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Has Money Been the Reason You’ve not Fulfilled Your Dream of Having a Spotless and Beautiful Skin (and Self-Confidence)? Then Today is Your Lucky Day!

Till 7th May, You Can Get Your Own Cup of Seliná and a Bottle of the BeauCrest Organic Skin Moisturizer for just N13,000, and NOT the Normal N17,500 Price Tag. But You Must Hurry; We Reserved for just the First 50 Orders Only!

Fauziyah from Kano, in less than 2 weeks of using the BeauCrest African Black Soap (see her testimonial later)

Dear Sister,

This is Fadekemi here again.

Trust you're well and keeping safe!

We'll definitely get over this soon 🙏🏽

We’ve been together in this beauty journey for a while now... you know I perfectly understand how sad and frustrating it feels when acne, pimples, black spots, whiteheads, rashes, and other blemishes take over your skin and affect your social life so badly that you don’t like going out again.

I perfectly understand how desperately you dream for a day you’ll start going out makeup-free instead of caking your face to cover those ugly blemishes.

I perfectly understand…

And trust me, I can feel your pain…because I was in that position before. Remember?

I then decided to help as many Nigerian women as possible to also find the number one secret to beauty, to help them clear off the blemishes on their skin and regain their beauty and self-confidence once and for all.

And that’s why I collaborated with certified botanists, organic herbal practitioners and skincare experts to create the miraculous Seliná Soap -- a balanced soap that works for ALL skin types to eradicate acne, black spots and other blemishes.

To the glory of God, we successfully sold far hundreds of this soap since we launched it! And we’ve gotten countless testimonials…many customers from past months keep buying again and again in bulk.

Even me the seller was surprised at this lady's testimonial! 😂

We posted someone's testimonial, another person commented her own!

It will kill and dry off your acne and pimples; it will fade off your black spots; whiteheads and blackheads will disappear, and even your sunburn won’t be spared – you’ll simply experience a total rebirth!

And all these will happen because of the strong healing properties of Seliná.

Seun after 3 weeks of using the BeauCrest African Black Soap!

An Offer You Mustn't Miss...

We know how things currently are.

This nasty virus has not just affected people's health, but has also affected many people's finances...

...yet we need to have a healthy and clean skin.

That's why we decided to cut down the price of our always-improving African Black Soap, Seliná, as most states in Nigeria reopen for business and other activities this week

For this you'll be getting some major discount on the magical Seliná.

For just 3 days, 5th to 7th May, we will be lowering the price of the Seliná to N13,000…instead of the N17,500 we currently sell it.

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Another unsolicited testimonial from a happy customer. The acne on her forehead cleared off! Other parts of her face now clean and fresh and naturally glowy. Peep her neck too. I'm teary!!

But You Have to Hurry Now...

Unfortunately, we can only set aside 50 pieces for this promo, and that can just cover 50 orders.

This offer is exclusive to our current customers, email subscribers and social media fans, which is now a total of far over 60k women.

Now you can imagine how fast just 50 orders would finish, with such juicy offer to over 60k women. I bet it would finish before the end of this promo period.

So act fast NOW…order your own cup of the magical Soap immediately (and get other juicy bonuses).

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After you click the button, you’ll be taken to our payment page, powered and secured by Paystack, where you can pay with your ATM card.

Once payment is successful, you’ll be automatically taken to a page where you enter your details – name, phone number, email and shipping address.

Then as usual, a representative will contact you to confirm your details and then ship your magical soap. You’ll get delivery within 3 to 5 working days, depending on your location.


Then here is our corporate account:

Renegade Ventures 

Here's my personal account:

Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu (nee Adeyemo)

All you have to do after payment is to text or WhatsApp your transaction details (name, amount, bank and teller/ref number) to 08106432737. (Or just send a screenshot to us on Whatsapp)

Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll be sent a link where you can also fill your shipping details, and as explained earlier, a rep will contact you to arrange shipment.

Don’t Delay Further!

If you've used this soap before, I'm sure you remember how much you got it. If you loved it, then you definitely should order as many as you can now while it's this cheap, as it's even more improved to reduce skin purging.

Because immediately it’s 11:59 pm on Thursday, 7th May, or immediately we reach the 50th order (whichever comes first), the price of Seliná goes back up to N17,500.

Sorry, 50 orders is all we can bear. Do the maths yourself: that is sacrificing N4,500 on each order. Multiply it by 50, and that's a lot of money we are letting go.

So don't dull. Leave whatever you're doing now and click the button below!

(For any inquiries, call or WhatsApp: 08106432737.)

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If me with skin that can react for Africa can get results this good in less than 2 weeks, then I believe this soap will really work well for everyone else.

Thank you so much for this soap; I'll get another before this one finishes!

Damilola Ogunnika


To weed out the unserious people however, there’ll be no “payment on delivery” during this promo.

Sorry I can’t imagine letting go of so much money on the promo and still lose more money on sending goods to unserious people that would stop picking calls as soon as we tell them the soaps have arrived in their city. No way!

Let the unserious people go away, so that we can serve YOU and other serious customers better and help you achieve your dream spotless skin.

YES, You Still Get The Usual Bonuses!

By now, you already know we give a lot of bonuses to customers who buy from us at the normal N17,500 price.

But even with this 26% off promo, once you pay the heavily discounted price of N13,000, you’ll have access to ALL the bonuses we’ve given past customers.

They are:

  • The BeauCrest Organic Moisturizer (Value: N9,000): This is to ensure that as Seliná works its magic to control the oil on your skin, you're able to keep your skin fresh and nourished, and not feel dry.

The moisturizer also has anti-microbial and antioxidant properties that will make the work of the soap faster. It contains natural oils that are noncomedogenic (don't clog pores) so all skin types can use it.

Finally, it restores your original skin colour and gives you a natural glow.

  • Herbal Acne Treatment Package (Value: N7,000): This is a digital package created by me and one of our botanical skincare experts, Abimbola Aponmade, to show you very common but most powerful herbs you can use to get rid of acne and other blemishes.

It consists of a recipe book for all the ingredients and then a video that demonstrates the use of each ingredient featured in the recipe book.

  • The Natural Cellulite Solution: The Complete Guide to Smoother Skin (Value: $30/N11,100): a special PDF that shows you how to remove cellulite (roughness and dimples on skin around fatty areas) and make your skin as smooth and tight as you want. This guide alone is sold for more than the amount you’re paying for the soap.
  • How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose (Acne treatment, removal and remedies for clear skin) (Value: $12/N4,380): In this eBook you’ll see almost every possible form of treatment for acne, including even some home remedies we didn’t mention in the Herbal Treatment Package and how to prepare and use them.

TOTAL VALUE: N31,480 (Bonuses) + N17,500 (Soap) = N48,980

But you'll be paying just N13,000 to get all these!!

The good part is: you start getting these bonuses – especially the guides – as soon as your payment is made.

So don’t delay. I bet that as you’re reading this, some women are already placing their orders and the 50 slots are going away faster than you can think.

So hurry to join them now; click the button below to experience magical skin transformation on a cheaper scale:

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Or send to any of the account numbers shared earlier immediately:

UBA, 2105685300, Renegade Ventures OR GTBank, 0030039257, Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu (nee Adeyemo) -- and remember to text or chat 08106432737 with proof of payment.

If not, you will have to buy Seliná for N17,500 if you need it after 7th May.

Cheers to a cleaner and more beautiful you,

Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu,

order now

PS: You know how frustrating it is when acne, pimples and black spots affect your social life so badly that you almost don’t go out again?

Trust me, I know how it feels: I was a victim too…until I found a lasting solution.

And that’s why I collaborated with botanists and herbal skincare experts to create the magical blend that make up the Seliná Soap.

Once you start using it, your life will change so drastically that you won't need to hide behind heavy makeup and long clothes again; you’ll begin to get admired wherever you go because of your smooth and flawless skin!

Order now to get your own soap and organic moisturizer at half price.

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PPS: Remember that you're also covered by the original Money-Back Guarantee that if this product doesn't give you even the slightest change after one full month of using it, just send me an email at and tell me about it; you'll get your money back.

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PPPS: If you've bought Seliná before, then you know that this is the best time to buy more and stock up; we give repeat buyers discount, but you can never get as much discount as this after today.

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