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You’ve made a smart choice: You ordered Seliná because you wanted a way to get acne, dark spots and other blemishes off your skin, and that’s exactly what this magical product will do for you.

Let me ask you a question though: Now that you have a soap, many people ask me if I have other products for their skincare routine that’ll help them get results faster. Is this something you’re considering too?

This offer is NOT for everyone.

We are only making it available to YOU because you proved that you’re an action taker when you took advantage of the Seliná offer.

SO I’m going to make you a special ONE-TIME offer that is only available right here, right now. Once you close this page without taking it, then it’s gone forever.

What I’m going to share with you right now will help you to get rid of acne, pimples, black spots, hyperpigmentation, whiteheads, blackheads and other blemishes, in a quarter of the time – 10x faster!!

We have another product called the Hollywood Glow Scrub.

We only call it a scrub because it contains Dead Sea salt from Israel. But it’s more like a scrub-and-mask hybrid.

That’s because you don’t actually scrub your face with it (it’s abrasive); you only leave the mixture on your skin so that it absorbs into the skin and pulls toxins away from your skin, before you remove it with a hot/warm towel. Just as doctors use saline water (salt) to cleanse inside the body.

I don’t have time to go over everything this product can do for you because we could be here for hours. But the major thing you need to know about Dead Sea Salt is that it contains 10X more minerals than normal sea salt.

Because of minerals like magnesium, calcium, Sulphur, zinc, sodium and potassium, Dead Sea salt has wonderful antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties that help cleanse and detoxify the pores by driving out oils, dirt and other impurities.

This helps to eliminate acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.

They also help you look younger as your skin stays soft, plump and hydrated.


  1. No wonder in the Book of Samuel in the Bible, King Solomon presented the Queen of Sheba with Dead Sea salts as a gift when she visited the Holy Land.
  2. Queen Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt also went to great lengths to conquer the area and secure exclusive reign over the Dead Sea and then built the world's first spas around it. Cleopatra attributed her great beauty and complexion (and even fame) to the secrets of the Dead Sea and its salts. Please do your own research!

Now tell me, if this super beauty ingredient can be very important to these powerful and extremely beautiful women in history, should you not use it to pamper your skin? I bet you said YES.

Luckily for you, I found the real deal: original salt from deep inside the Dead Sea of Israel – not a replica! And now you can pamper yourself and develop an extremely beautiful skin with it.

Spike your skincare routine with the Hollywood Glow Scrub and become a self-confident badass Queen over life like Cleopatra VII!

Now tell me, if this super beauty ingredient can be very important to these powerful and extremely beautiful women in history, should you not use it to pamper your skin? I bet you said YES.

Luckily for you, I found the real deal: original salt from deep inside the Dead Sea of Israel – not a replica! And now you can pamper yourself and develop an extremely beautiful skin with it.

Imagine a scrub/mask that has this powerful ingredient mixed with the same rare luxurious botanical oil in the body butter you already have. Yes these are the two major ingredients of this special scrub. Two special and rare but powerful ingredients.

I wish I had the time to tell you more about this product and blow your mind!

Just imagine...

...what your skin would look like in the next few weeks when you bath with a powerful cleanser that cleans out your pores and keep you acne free, then apply a strong moisturizer with properties that brighten your skin and remove all discolorations, and now add a scrub weekly or twice weekly that’ll supply your skin with ALL the nutrients it needs to stay younger and hydrated?

Ah, you go fine pass Mamiwater. Lol. You know that luxurious rich cleanness that comes to the skin without bleaching it with chemicals? That’s what you’ll experience.

With this combo, there is NO way skin blemishes and the bacteria causing them can survive on your skin.

And one thing we have noticed over the past few months is that... 

Our customers with the very best result usually got the entire Supreme Glow Kit.

For example, the lady below was desperate to get rid of the blemishes on her skin, so she ordered the full glow kit. In just 9 days she already got great transformation.

9 freaking days!!! 😲🤯

And then she gave me an update a week later (unfortunately she kept pressing her pimples).

Damilola shared her personal hack with the scrub with us...

You should upgrade to the full kit if you want to get speedy and massive results too!

So, How do you upgrade to the Supreme Glow Kit?

Like I said it’s not for everyone. The Hollywood Glow Scrub on its own is N14,500 for 100ml.

But because you trusted me enough to order for the Miracle Bundle, I’ll give you a one/time opportunity to add this luxury scrub to your order at half price – just for an extra N9,250.

That way you upgrade your package to the complete Supreme Glow Kit (soap/cleanser, body butter and scrub-mask).

But like I said, you only have this minute to upgrade, after which you won’t see this offer ever again.

This will make your total price N23,150 instead of N41,400 (soap – 13k, body butter – 13,900, scrub – 14,500).

That way you have all the products your skin needs to become healthier and flawless (soap/cleanser, body butter and scrub-mask). 

But unfortunately...

...this is a very fragile and sensitive product. In fact we package our full kit specially just so they don't melt or spill before getting to you – we even add ice packs to the package.

And we also don't make this scrub-mask hybrid to keep in store; we make it strictly per order because it's our most expensive product to make.

So this isn't a product that we can afford to get returns on (where someone would order and not show up) and therefore, unlike the Miracle Bundle, we can't do payment on delivery for the Hollywood Glow Scrub.

I can still do balance on delivery (BOD) however.

That is, all you have to do is pay 2k out of the entire price, and we'll package your whipped body butter, scrub and soap and send them all to you, after which you can pay the delivery man a balance of N21,150. 

But like I said, you only have this minute to upgrade, after which you won’t see this offer ever again. By the time the counter hits zero (0), the price automatically increases.

So click the button below right now to deposit just N2,000 and add The Hollywood Glow Scrub to your order. (Or click the red one to get just your Miracle Bundle order.)

Manbyen chatted us on Instagram about the changes on her skin and we asked her to give us before and after pictures. Graciously she not just sent a Before picture, she did a video in less than two weeks of using this powerful combo.

Here is the 'Before' picture she sent us below:

And here is the video showing the difference and her talking about the kit:

Surprise Bonuses!!

Once you upgrade your order, I’ll give you two special surprise bonuses:

1. An extra bar of Selina Soap!!  

Yes, baby, I'm not kidding! 😅

If you add the Hollywood Glow Scrub to your order, I'll throw in another soap, so your kit will have two (2) magical Seliná Bar Soaps, instead of one.

This is just so that you don't have to manage the soap in case you usually use a lot of soaps.

I want you to use Seliná to bath your whole body twice daily - morning and night. Because this is how you'll get the best result from Seliná and make your blemishes disappear fast. Not by micromanaging it.

Upgrade now to get a whipped body butter, 2 soaps and a luxury scrub.

2. Hollywood Glow Secrets.

As soon as you upgrade to the Supreme Glow Kit, I'll send you a video I named Hollywood Glow Secrets.

In this video, you’ll learn three things:

  1. How to use your Hollywood Glow Scrub effectively, so that your skin enjoys all the benefits and becomes soft, supple, clean and healthy.
  2. How to use your scrub and body butter to do the luxurious Salt Glow Therapy, just as in exotic spas. Except that you won’t have to spend money at a spa.
  3. How to use your scrub + body butter to do the Hollywood Salt Glow — to make your face (or skin) look instantly better and glowing for the red carpet and camera lights. Great for photoshoots: you won’t need heavy makeup.

This video alone is worth N15,500. But you’ll get it for FREE when you upgrade your order today.

Click the button below to get started immediately.


Then here is our corporate account:

Renegade Ventures

Here's my personal account:

Fadekemi Adeyemo

All you have to do after payment is to send a screenshot to us at 08106432737 on WhatsApp.

Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll be sent a link where you can also fill in your shipping details and a rep will contact you to arrange shipment.


…This is not for everybody. 

I intentionally reserved it exclusively for YOU because you ordered our Miracle Bundle and I just want to give you more things that'll help you achieve that dream skin (for now, you can't find this special product elsewhere on our site and we don't advertise it online)

It's also the reason I made the soap and butter cheaper just so the total price won't be too much when you add the scrub – there was a time we sold our soap alone for N17,500 and hundreds of customers bought it at that price.)

So if you’re one of the few people who want this complete kit, quickly add the Hollywood Glow Scrub to your order.

And, like I already said, we've noticed that our customers with the best results are those who use all three products on their skin. I hope you join them!

Click the green button below to upgrade now.

See you on the beautiful side of life,
Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu

PS: This is the secret of many Hollywood celebrities; we learnt it from people familiar with the process. And that’s why we named our scrub the Hollywood Glow Scrub. You won’t just have the scrub; I’ll personally teach you some of their secrets. This is our year of natural beauty!!

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