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Are You Sad Or Frustrated Because of Your Embarrassing Skin Problems?
Here’s The Fastest Way to Get A Clean, Spotless and Glowing Skin -- Without Wasting Money on Another Disappointing Skincare Product!

Within The Next 21 Days, You Will Regain Your Beauty, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence. This New Secret Botanical Blend that Mixes Modern Science with Herbal Medicine Will Make You as Spotless as You’ve Always Desired.

It Will Remove Acne, Pimples, Black Spots and Other Blemishes from Your Body – Without Bleaching Your Skin.

I would love to ask you a few questions…

  • Is your skin condition making you sad and depressed, and actually killing you inside but you can’t tell anyone?
  • Are you frustrated because acne and pimples and dark spots have taken over your body and your social life, that you almost don’t go out with friends or meet new people again – but instead, sit alone feeling sad?
  • Do you always hide your real face behind heavy makeup and avoid exposing your body in public, or even in front of your lover, because of your embarrassing skin blemishes?
  • Do strangers embarrass you in public with unsolicited skincare advice – because they see how terrible your skin condition is?
  • Have you tried everything and spent tens or even hundreds of thousands trying to get a clean and spotless skin without any success?
  • Does your skin react badly to beauty products that seem to work well for others?

If you answered Yes to ANY of these questions, then I perfectly understand how sad and depressed you might be feeling right now…I can feel your pain...because I was there too.

I know how frustrating and depressing it is to keep having acne, pimples, black spots and other skin blemishes all over your body for years after spending so much money and trying almost everything possible to make your skin spotless.

I know how skin problems can literally take over your life and negatively affect your relationships, health, career and even your future. It happened to me.

So I understand you…and I feel your pain…you are not alone.

BUT I Promise YOU…

between NOW and the next 28 days…your life would transform radically…from the lady/woman with unpleasant skin issues and low self-esteem to a super-confident and beautiful woman with soft, smooth and spotless skin…

Yes, you deserve a flawless skin!

You deserve to flaunt a beautiful skin with confidence and high self-esteem – without hiding behind makeup or full clothes.

You’re not hopeless.

You can fulfill your dreams of becoming admired wherever you go, always receiving compliments for your beautiful skin.

And my goal today is to show you how. Just make sure you pay close attention and read every single word on this page.

Having acne is not your fault...

If you have failed in the past at getting rid of acne and its cousins (pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, rashes, black spots), it’s NOT your fault.

I mean, if after trying all you can and using several products, you still don’t have a clear, smooth, soft and glowing skin, don’t blame yourself for it!

Mother-nature just has its way of throwing blemishes at us without a reason, and most times it's not what we did. So it's beyond our control.

Though it's your duty to fight these intruders back and do all you can to remove them from your face.

Secondly, there are a whole lot of bad and ineffective products that claim to cure acne and other related skin blemishes.

Instead of giving us the flawless skin they promised, they do the exact opposite; they destroy the skin and some even cause future problems.

These are the problems that keep you from having the spotless and flawless skin you so much desire.

But you have hope!

Now, if you’ve ever feared or worried that you can never get rid of the blemishes on your skin, or that no skincare product can ever work on your skin to make it flawless, I want to tell you today to not worry anymore…

You can have a clear and smooth skin…

You just need the right person to give you the right information and show you the right products to use. (I'll share with you my story and that of several others that also already gave up on their skin, before they finally found solution.)

I agree; it’s hard to trust any product these days…

The big skincare brands obviously only care about maximizing profits and don’t really care about the effects (short or long-term) their chemical products have on us…

Some other brands take advantage of how desperate we are to put pure products on our skin, so they sell us chemical-enhanced products instead, lying that they are "organic".

Unfortunately, the ones that mean well – those that are really organic – still fail us because of their unrefined and untested ingredients and formula that they simply got from other "skincare experts".

The reason you're still battling acne without any success is because you've either been using chemical-based products that are bad for your skin...


The so-called "organic products" you’ve been using contain natural ingredients without scientific backing and lab control. (No idea of the chemical composition of what they mix, no knowledge or test of toxicity, no scientifically derived formula, no new discoveries based on herbal science, no knowledge of natural preservation, etc.)

You were right!

See, if you have ever thought that skincare brands, even most so-called “organic products”, are all scam, then you’re probably right.

They don’t profit from your skin becoming totally flawless. They want you to buy more and more products before you start seeing any good results.

The difference with me is that I actually care about you, because I’ve been through my own share of severe acne problems, and I now truly want to help you own that flawlessly beautiful skin every woman deserves.

And I go extra lengths to make that happen; I don't just depend on all I know...I look for answers from experts.

If you'll keep buying the products I recommend, I want it to be because they work for you and you love them; not because they aren't working.

So one thing I want to assure you is, after reading this message, you’ll know exactly what to do, to see great transformation on your skin…from rough to smooth…within the next three to four weeks.

Forget about your skin condition for few minutes and…

Imagine you wake up someday and then looked into the mirror…

...your face is clean and without one single spot…and your skin is so soft, spotless and smooth as silk.

…Then out of excitement you jump into the bathroom to have your bath…and you dress up…and then step out without makeup…because actually you don’t need any makeup to cover anything on your beautiful skin…

Yet, everywhere you go, you feel eyes on you…everybody looking at you and admiring your flawless skin – even women too.

…Everybody wants to be your friend and you’re always the center of attraction and attention.

Ladies envy you. Men run after you…

Okay…you can stop imagining now…

…because the picture I just painted can become your reality – if you want it.

Yes, you can now overcome your acne, pimples, black spots and those other ugly blemishes on your skin and become one of the most admired women ever.

You have the opportunity today...

A new botanical blend has been discovered, and it makes acne and other related blemishes disappear from the skin very fast.

How can I be so sure?

See, I was a victim of bad skin conditions too...

And I almost gave up on my skin after trying everything people recommended – even silly things like urine and sperm – without getting any results.

Yes, I tried those in addition to several creams and drugs and injections. Even expensive facials and lots of spa visits.

But it seemed as if acne was sent from hell to destroy me.

And when I was with my friends I would be full of envy, wondering why it must be me that was cursed with severe acne.

But I transformed from the “girl with the rough and ugly skin” to a diva that photographers, makeup artists and several brands beg to be their model and face of their brand.

You too can transform your skin from rough and ugly to smooth and spotless…

And you can do that within the next 28 days!

Yes, in such short period, you can transform:

  • from having rough skin to having clean and spotless skin...
  • from always covering your blemishes with heavy makeup to using less makeup when going out...
  • from being camera shy to becoming a selfie queen – even becoming addicted to no-makeup selfies...
  • from looking older than your real age to looking younger than you really are...
  • from always hiding your body to always flaunting your flawless skin...
  • from becoming depressed about your skin to becoming excited and full of life because of your great skin...

Yes, you can have these radical transformations, and I am a living proof.

My name is Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu

BeauCrest African black soap glowing skin
#ForeheadGang 😜 Raw, unedited phone camera picture without makeup on. Love the glow? The clean arms? I was once struggling with severe acne (and its symptoms)!

I was once struggling with severe acne (and its symptoms)!

I have been in your shoes before and I just want to help as many women who are in the same situation I was about three (3) years ago to get out of it.

It all started when I was going to 300 Level in the University of Ilorin…

I was home for the inter-session break when acne took over my face…and then gradually spread all over my body.

I thought they would go as fast as they came…but I was only dreaming.

It got worse. I couldn’t even recognize my own body in the mirror again!

My whole body, especially my face, became an acne cocktail of big pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and dark spots -- and this went on for 4 years!!

I was later diagnosed with “severe acne” caused by hormonal imbalance. That’s what the dermatologists said.

It took away my social life. I became introverted. Was no longer meeting new people or even seeing old friends.

Parties? Hell No!

No social events at all. It robbed me of the better part of my school life and NYSC. I couldn’t have fun like others did.

The worst part…my long-time guy later cheated on me and jilted me after we left school. He left me for one very clean fair girl he served together with in Owerri.

No Parties…No Selfies…No Social Media…No Boyfriend…No Nothing!

It was a sad life. I wish it wasn’t that way…but what choice did I have?

I wanted to be the center of attraction in a good way, not with pimples.

I wanted to be admired for my clean, radiant skin wherever I entered.

I just wanted to be loved and respected by people – not to be avoided and tagged with names like “that girl with pimples”.

Wanted to get back my flawless skin but nothing worked for me…

Used almost any product you can think of; most of them only made my situation worse.

It was at this point I gave up on myself…

My situation looked hopeless…and my beauty was irredeemable. I began to think my future would be in a monastery or anywhere else I could use veils to cover the majority of my body. (Skimpy clothes for where? I wish!)

The event that changed it all!

One day I was forced to attend an event – my cousin’s wedding…I had no choice.

It was actually the beginning of my miraculous transformational story.

Had to go to a makeup artist to cover up my blemishes so I wouldn’t look odd amongst other fine ladies on the train.

Then I met a lady that took interest in my skin condition. (That already became normal; everywhere I go, I got unsolicited advice.)

It was different this time.

She looked and sounded like she knew what she was doing – like an expert.

She then explained to me why I was having those serious breakouts, and then told me about one Asian beauty secret known for fighting tough acne and other skin blemishes.

She called it horse oil.

Unfortunately, she didn’t tell me where to find it.

I did my research and discovered that it was extremely rare and expensive in its rare form.

After trying several horse oil products in vain, I finally found hope: a brand, BioAqua, that made soap with same ingredient.

I got this soap and used it like mad…bathed with it at least twice daily…and even sometimes left it on my body for long before washing it off.

A glimmer of hope!

I started noticing some slight positive changes on my skin for the first time in over 4 years! (Yayy!!!)

The acne on my skin started drying off gradually, and with time, the improvements became major.

After about three (3) months, I was no longer having crazy breakouts and everybody was already asking me “babe, wetin you dey use”.

I used this soap so much, I started selling it to other people that had acne and other blemishes.

It worked for them too.

I launched BeauCrest selling the BioAqua Horse Oil Soap…until one day…

Spanner in the works 🙁

…the manufacturers decided to stop making this magical soap.

They said it wasn’t moving well in their local market (China).


Was I dreaming?

Why didn’t they warn me so I’d buy hundreds and keep instead of selling them?!!

I almost went crazy.

My miracle cure just disappeared.

I kept contacting them…for as long as 6 months, hoping they’d resume someday…but they never did 😭

I was already trying other products then…even several other brands of the horse oil soap…horse oil cream…anything that had horse oil…

…but nothing worked.

Before I knew it, my skin had started going back to how it was before I found the miracle soap.

BeauCrest customers too kept disturbing me for it…we were not even selling anything again.

Gradually, it started to affect me even psychologically…

The memories of what acne put me through for years and everything I lost in the past started flashing through my mind.

Fear gripped me. I started panicking.

In short time, my smooth face started becoming rough again.

Me…a whole skincare specialist, that already helped hundreds of women get flawless skin was now suffering from skin blemishes. (We sold about 1,500 pieces of the Horse Oil Soap.)

Took laws into my own hands…

I woke one day very angry, as usual.

I hated my skin.

I hated BioAqua for stopping production of the soap.

I hated other horse oil brands for not making theirs as effective.

I hated every other skincare brand that had failed me up to that point.

BUT I was not going to give up.

I’d come far already; I’d tasted victory once. It meant I have hope…and there’s something out there that would work for my stubborn skin.


Suddenly it occurred to me: if there was no solution for my skin condition in the market, why didn’t I create it?!

It was like a flash to me.

A revelation.

Right on that spot I made it my life mission to find that solution my skin – and other people’s skins – needed so desperately to become flawless.

And so, a journey of a lifetime begins…

I brought out a pen and jotter and wrote out what I call “my ideal skincare solution” …things I want in a skincare product and the criteria the product must meet.

Let me share them with you here:

  • It MUST be able to get rid of acne (pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, open pores, rashes, etc)
  • It MUST be able to get rid of black spots without bleaching the skin
  • It MUST be 100% organic (even plant-based, if possible)
  • It MUST work for ALL skin types (even sensitive skin mustn’t react negatively to it)
  • It MUST be suitable for EVERY skin colour (mustn’t darken fair people nor bleach dark people)
  • It MUST make the skin glow and become radiant (not just remove acne)
  • It MUST give an even skin tone
  • It MUST be easy to use (like soap, cream, etc…not drug or injection)
  • Finally, it MUST work better than the Horse Oil Soap (the HOS actually didn’t work for some people)

Yea, felt like too much to ask…but that’s what I desired – and what I wanted for my customers too.

So I went to work

Started with a lot of personal research.

Then I started consulting experts in various fields. From dermatologists to skincare experts (including major Instagram brands) to local herbal sellers, organic skincare specialists, botanists (practitioners and academics), etc.

My criteria seemed too hard to achieve, but I didn’t give up…and didn’t allow anyone to discourage me. I just knew it was possible.

(It was at this point I realized that there is almost NO skincare product that fights both acne and dark spots at the same time; most brands would require you to combine two or more products.)

A Break: The BeauCrest African Black Soap

Spent a lot of time and money on consulting, experimenting, sourcing ingredients, getting and testing various recipes and formulas, traveling to meet people, etc.

Finally met a herbal skincare expert and botanist (M.Sc level) with specialty in ethnobotany (study of traditional use of plants for several purposes, including medicine and even cosmetics), who was interested in collaborating with me.

It was a miracle. Just what I needed: Someone with herbal skincare background that also studies the science of traditional plants at the university -- undergraduate and Masters level (with extensive research).

After a lot of back and forth, adding and removing ingredients, we created the first version of the solution.

It was a botanical blend of three “skin plants”, one of which is very rare and hard to find.

We then needed a carrier, or a base – something we’d mix our blend with, as we couldn’t just apply the blended plants directly on people’s bodies.

We chose the African Black Soap (Ose Dudu, in Yoruba), because it’s a powerful product on its own.

HealthLine gave 14 benefits of using the African Black Soap:


Even Oyinbos know this secret, and they come to pack our African beauty secrets away, while you spend your own money on their own less-effective products!
  1. It's antibacterial: the African black soap kills off bacteria, which is the cause of most skin blemishes and disorders
  2. It's safe for all skin types: Its advantage over other soaps in the world is that it is suitable for ALL skin types, even sensitive skin.
  3. It's moisturizing: the oils in the black soap helps to moisturize the skin, especially if you have a dry skin
  4. It won't make your skin oily: the African black soap naturally regulates and balances the oil on your skin, no matter how oily your skin is. Remember it is excess oil and bacteria that cause acne.
  5. It helps soothe irritation: the black soap soothes reaction on sensitive skin, patches or breakage from dry skin, redness from rashes and acne and every form of irritation or inflammation
  6. It's anti-inflammatory: it doesn’t just reduce inflammation; it also prevents it
  7. It helps fight acne: its antibacterial and antifungal properties go deep into your skin pores to clean them out and kill acne-causing bacteria
  8. It may help reduce fine lines: reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and thereby slow down aging and make you look younger
  9. It helps protect against photoaging: photoaging is the damage of the skin and consequent aging that comes from repeated exposure to the UV rays of the sun. The African black soap protects you against this undesirable skin condition.
  10. It helps improve skin texture: as the African black soap tones, softens and smoothens out your skin, the texture and quality of your skin would greatly improve.
  11. It helps prevent razor burn and related rashes (or bumps): the African black soap is great for shaving – you can use it both as shaving cream and after-shave, as it protects your skin from bumps and rashes.
  12. It may help reduce hyperpigmentation: like sunburn and dark spots -- and every other form of discolouration...and helps to even-out your skin tone.
  13. It may help minimize the appearance of scars and stretch marks: the African black soap is famous for its healing properties that help heal scars and wounds. This also allows it to gradually fade stretch marks away.
  14. It's antifungal: the African black soap doesn’t just kill bacterial infections like acne, but also kills fungal infections like ringworm and yeast infection.

So...the BeauCrest Botanical Blend + The African Black Soap = mad skincare combo. We had a complete product.

We simply named it the BeauCrest African Black Soap.

The BeauCrest African Black Soap!

I tested it first.

Guess what…it became the second thing I found that worked for me in about 6 years of battling acne.

Then we gave other people samples for testing. They came back with positive feedbacks.


We started selling the BeauCrest African Black Soap. It became an instant hit!

Testimonials started pouring in.

 “Firstly, I noticed that my skin stopped breaking out. The acne on my forehead started reducing.

My makeup artist was however the first to notice major changes after 12 days of me using the BeauCrest black soap;

=> my black spots were already fading into dark brown and nearing the colour of my skin;

=> my rough face was smoother;

=> she didn't have to use an "orange corrector" to cover my blemishes as usual, and yet, my makeup came out finer than before.

I looked in the mirror 15 days later, the difference is very clear. My face is no longer dull and rough but now glowing, and my original colour is restored; I'm not as dark as I was 2 weeks ago.

I'll send you my before-and-after photos.”

Omotola Adeyemo
Witty Expressions NG
Omotola after 2 weeks of using Seliná!

But I wasn't completely satisfied...


There were still a few people getting extreme opposite results!

While a lot of people loved the BeauCrest African Black Soap, the few people it didn’t work for were seriously dissatisfied.

So when the soap works for you, you get extremely good results. And when it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work at all. There were only a few cases of “it worked small”.

That's not what I wanted; I still had work to do...I needed a perfect product.

Needed something that can work for everybody, if possible.

Needed to find out the problem and solve it.

Some people complained that it overly dried out their skin.

The blend was even too strong for some people that it burned their faces because they applied the soap and left it on their faces without washing off. (People can be extreme!)

We discovered it was time to tone down the harshness of the soap and make it more effective and gentler on more skins.

We also later discovered that the degree of purity of the black soap we use affects the effectiveness of our product.

An improved and perfect product!

So we had to find and collaborate with those that make some of the best black soap around -- those that have had the art in their lineage for centuries and got it passed down to them through generations.

I wasn't kidding when I said I went to the extremes in getting the best of modern and traditional herbal science in creating my product...but that wasn't even you'd see soon...

I continued my search and consultation…then I met one of the biggest organic skincare experts in Nigeria.

She is the brain behind some of the major organic skincare brands you’ve heard about, even some foreign ones.

She added some other gentler ingredients to our soap (like licorice bark extract) and added ingredients (like honey) that would tackle the harshness of some of our existing ingredients.

Then she added lemon essential oil, to make the soap have a million-dollar scent and a relaxing effect on users.

Such genius!

This refined version of the BeauCrest African Black Soap...that got additional skin-nurturing its own name…



Emotional satisfaction…

I finally got the most perfect product in the world – the best anti-acne product in the whole world, I dare to say.

It isn’t just a product; it’s a journey.

I found the perfect formula through marrying modern science and traditional herbal science together.

I became super-confident and happy; I no longer had any fear of acne ever coming back. My destiny and emotions are no longer tied to the feelings or decisions of any manufacturer – I had my destiny in my own hands and can NEVER get stranded again.

More importantly, I would never again disappoint those that have come to love the BeauCrest brand and our products.

My clear skin didn’t just come back; my confidence in a lifetime of beauty was restored!

Is your acne story similar to mine?

Maybe you are like my former self; acne has taken over your skin and your life, and you’re frustrated and tired of battling skin blemishes for so long…

Or your condition is even worse than mine, that I can’t even imagine…

Or perhaps you’ve even given up on your skin and have stopped trying to cure your acne, after so many products have failed you…

I’m here to encourage you and tell you not to give up.

Your skin still has hope.

You have hope.

You can’t just give up and surrender the fight to skin blemishes.

You need to fight it off once and for all.

The truth is…whether you believe it or not…YOU’RE JUST ONE PRODUCT AWAY FROM A FLAWLESS SKIN!

Yes, you’re just one good product away from restoring your beauty, pride, confidence and self-esteem.

You only have to find that ONE product.

And if you allow me, I’d love more than anything to show you this product your skin has been waiting for your whole life!

Or your story is even better than mine?

Your acne might even not be as bad as mine was…and you probably don’t need any extreme solutions…but you still need Seliná!

Its ultimate purpose is to make sure:

  • Your skin is spotless and flawless
  • Your skin tone is even
  • Your skin glows
  • Your true skin colour brightens and shines through

In other words, if you’re a woman (we even have a lot of male users), then Seliná must be a permanent member of your bathroom…and it must bless your skin every single day.

It works for ALL skin types, skin colours and skin conditions, whether severe or mild.

It’s the only skincare product you can trust that would work effectively and safely (no future skin problems).

Adaugo in just 2 weeks. This is pure magic! (See her progress below)

Have you always felt that organic products don’t work for you or that you react badly to them?

Well, that’s what many people felt before they used BeauCrest's Seliná soap.

Acne-Prone Sensitive Skin Healed!

Like I said, I’m not the only one Seliná has worked for. It has worked for hundreds of women. Let me quickly tell you the story of Damilola Ogunnika.

Dami also had a face (and body) full of acne, black spots and other skin blemishes, but just like you, nothing worked satisfactorily for her.

Whenever she got a product that promised to give her a clear skin, she was always disappointed; the product would not just fail to remove her acne, they mostly added to her problem.

And that’s because she has a very, very sensitive skin that reacted negatively to most ingredients, even the so-called natural ingredients (aloe vera, shea butter, lime, mention it – she reacted badly!).

She even reacted badly to the Horse Oil Soap.

She got tired of her skin condition but also gave up on trying new products on her body.

It was a very HUGE leap of faith when she finally decided to try our new magical formula.

In fact, I can’t call it faith, because she told me that she was actually expecting the usual breakouts the next day after using our product (because she tried a black soap in the past, made by the famous black soap mixers in Bode, Ibadan, and her skin reacted badly – only if she knew ours was totally different!).

Well, she started using it and waited...but no fresh breakouts or bad skin reactions came.

Instead, she got pleasantly surprised. Within just 5 days she started noticing some nice changes on her skin.

...And now...she has fully regained her self-confidence and beauty, and no longer enslaved to acne, black spots and all the frustration that comes with them.

This will be your story (or even better) within the next 14 to 28 days when you start nourishing your skin with the magical Seliná.

We couldn't get the pictures she promised, but see her full testimonial below:

My skin is very funny in a special way; I tell people I have the most reactive skin in Africa. Lol.

I react badly to almost everything. I reacted to all the soaps and creams I've used. I even react to herbs like aloe vera, lime, etc. I reacted to your Horse Oil Soap too. In fact, I believe I react to air too! It was so bad I started covering my face with veil.

So when I learnt about the black soap, I was at first skeptical, because I recently bought black soap that was mixed with other herbs at Bode in Ibadan, yet my skin broke out after I used it.

So I was expecting fresh breakouts the next day after using your new Black Soap. To my surprise I did not react badly...and not just that, there are no new breakouts. The blemishes are clearing; the black spots are fading. I don't cover my face again.

If me with skin that can react for Africa can get results this good in less than 2 weeks, then I believe this soap will really work well for everyone else.

Thank you so much for this soap; I'll get another before this one finishes!

- Damilola Ogunnika

I’ve already told you the truth about this industry:

  1. Most brands or products that claim organic are actually chemically-enhanced. Yes, most of the content is organic, but in order to cut costs and make profit – and also speed up the effect of the product – they mix them up with chemicals.

And the truth is that it will actually work for some people, but because chemical would always be chemical, some skins (especially sensitive skins) would react negatively to it.

  1. Those that are truly 100% organic are doing it the wrong way. An ingredient being organic (plant or animal-based) doesn’t automatically make it good for all skins. Some skins require a lot of it; some would require little; it would be too harsh on some skins, no matter the size.

Some ingredients are good individually, but when you mix them the wrong way (wrong formula/measurements), they become toxic. But even those that make these soaps have no idea!

The good thing about our product is that it has taken us almost two years to perfect it. And we didn’t do it on our own; a lot of experts were involved – from botanists to herbal skincare practitioners to dermatologists and professional skincare product formulators.

For example in our latest upgrade, we eradicated Senna, a rare skin-plant that is good for removing fungi on the skin but causes “purging” (temporary breakouts) on a few skins. It was a hard choice to make, but since acne is caused by bacteria and not fungi, and also because many people are not patient enough to go through the temporary-breakout phase without freaking out, we just had to remove it.

So many instances.

Another example; it was while rebranding as Seliná that we added honey to our ingredients, just to make the soap gentler on dry skins and tone down the harshness of one of our best ingredients that dries up acne like magic and fades black spots fast.

In summary: our ingredients didn’t just come from the jungle; they passed through science laboratories before getting into their well-treated jars and ultimately getting onto your skin.

That is what makes us different from the competition!

So, if you’re worried that this is yet another so-called organic product that would just waste your time or even make your condition worse, then you’re mistaken: Seliná is different and I dare say BETTER than anything in the industry.

It will go hard on your blemishes and delete them fast, and yet pamper and nurture your delicate skin at the same time.

Incurable acne for where?

I’ve heard people say that their acne is 'incurable', because it’s from "the inside", or in their blood. Or because it’s hormonal. Or because it’s hereditary.

Well, some of these make sense, but the truth is, it’s not completely true.

Let me quickly tell you the story of Seun.

Seun battled acne for over 15 years and our soap was what gave her victory at last.

I actually met her Mum the day I delivered our products to her, and right to my face she said the acne and other blemishes have been part of Seun since childhood and “nothing can remove them.”

Well, I don’t blame her; they’ve battled it for so long and tried everything possible.

See what Seun with oily skin and open pores said about our soap in a chat, after just 6 days of using it:

This is her before-and-after picture, after just three weeks of using our black soap:

Seun after 3 weeks of using the BeauCrest African Black Soap!

One day, after using our soap for a few months, Seun “mistakenly” opened her front camera and she was shocked at what she saw.

She immediately started recording herself showing excitement and surprise at the same time, thanking me for introducing the soap to her. (Check our IG for the video.)

From rough, dark, spotted face and open pores to smooth, soft, brighter and crazily glowing face and tightened pores. No filters; no professional camera; in fact it was taken with her phone's front camera. (The "glass reflection" you see isn't oil; just glow!)

She then said that even during her period, the acne that pop up are now so little and they dry up fast, compared to the past when they’d take over her entire face.

Her husband called me personally to thank me and started raving about our product.

And at the beginning of 2020, I got a touching message from Seun on WhatsApp. She said I "changed her skin forever".

YES, the soap didn’t just remove her acne; it reset her skin permanently that she stopped breaking out even when she wasn’t using the soap seriously.

And that’s just one story; you already heard mine – severe acne caused by hormonal imbalance is a thing of the past forever. Yes it came back after the initial soap went out of production, but Seliná has been able to control it permanently now!

So, really…I don’t care what causes your acne. As long as we are talking about skin blemishes, Seliná takes care of your skin right from the inside.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had acne or what is causing it – whether from inside or outside, Seliná gets rid of the severest and stubbornest acne!

Seliná Works for ALL Skin Types!

I have a normal skin, and you’ve heard the story of how Seliná removed my skin blemishes and gave me a super glow everybody is envying.

You’ve heard the story of Damilola that has a super-sensitive skin.

And now, you've heard the story of Seun with super oily skin!

There's more!!

But first, hear from Seun herself, a testimonial she sent us three weeks after using our soap:

“My face is clearing, like really clearing.

My pores are very open, but the soap really unclogged my pores.

My body sef don clear. Even my husband was blown away.

My student too is happy for me – other people notice the difference more, especially people that knew me before. That's how I’m certain your black soap is working.

That black soap is the best thing to happen to me, honestly <3 <3 <3

All I can say is: the soap is the truest remedy I've found for my battle of over 15 years with acne!”

- Seun Adediran, HottieBond Beauty Studios

External factors causing your own acne?

Is your own case different and your acne is caused by external uncontrollable things like the environment, elements like the sun, stressful situations, etc?

Well, you're not alone.

Ebibote works at a digital agency. She loves her work, but has to take bike from home to work and then back home every day.

Unfortunately, her home isn’t just far from work, she has to pass through a long, dusty and bad road every day to get to work. Sometimes the dust rises so high and so thick that you can't even see what's in front of you.

Before she knew it, Ebibote's skin started breaking out.

This is someone that has always had a good skin – never had acne issues – and she has never used makeup all her life (thanks to a Deeper Life background).

It was obvious her acne was caused by stress and the dust that settles on her skin everyday. They weren’t all big pimples, but majorly tiny rash-like blemishes that just made her face rough and looking stressed.

Her skin also became darker, especially her forehead.

She can't quit her work, neither can she control the dust and stress she goes through daily.

She however tried Seliná to at least fight the acne coming out.

But she was smart about using it.

She kept some at work, so whenever she got to work, the first thing was to wash the dust off her face, arms and legs. And immediately she gets back home she takes her bath with Seliná.

Now, despite the dust, fumes, sun and stress that characterize her journey to and fro her workplace, her skin is clean and spotless. Her breakouts have become history.

Not only that, her true colour has come back out and her skin tone is even.

Below is a bare-face picture she took recently (she never sent her "before" picture. Lol).

Seliná gives you what we call Dermal Defense. That is, apart from dealing with the acne on your skin, it also protects your skin from external agents that cause acne.

Ebi’s story simply proves that Seliná also protects your skin from external acne-causing factors.

Are you also always facing factors that lead to breakouts or skin water, dust, heat, sunlight, harsh weather, and stressors like work? Then you probably need Seliná more than the rest of us.

Whatever you do, ensure you admit Seliná into your bathroom today, and give that delicate and precious skin of yours some needed protection.

How do I use Seliná and get great results on my skin?

This is one question people ask a lot.

They expect that the solution to a problem they’ve battled for so long has to be complicated with a lot of bells and whistles.

This is why many people fall for meaningless and empty shiny products.

They want a product they’ll use first thing in the morning, which will be different from the three different products they’ll use at night. Then about four other products they’ll use when going to work. Then another to leave on their face for hours before washing off with warm water. Then another that they’ll only use twice weekly or just on weekends.

Aaarrghhh…it’s even tiring describing it.

But they think that is what their skin needs to become clean and spotless. The more complicated the process sounds, the better it feels to them.

While having a good skincare routine is something we recommend, the power in our products is their simplicity.

Nothing special; just bath with Seliná morning and night.

That’s all.

(You can also apply the BeauCrest Organic Moisturizer morning or night -- or both.)

Then sit back and watch the wonders that will happen on your skin within the next few weeks. In fact the people around you would most likely be the ones to first notice your gradual transformation.

The difference is always visible within a few weeks of using Seliná

Here’s What You’ll Start to Notice on Your Skin When You Use Seliná:

  • If you have an oily skin, your face would feel less oily or even a little drier, because the first thing the soap does is control the production of oil on your face. If it feels too dry, all you’ll have to do is use a moisturizer -- which we can help you with.
  • Your pores will become smaller and your skin would get tighter, especially if you have open pores. This would help you prevent acne from forming in your skin.
  • If you have dry skin, your skin would feel less dry and a bit moisturized. Your skin will feel fresher, smoother and softer, like that of a baby.
  • You will feel very clean, but not in a harsh way.
  • If you have black spots, they’ll start to lose their colour within the first 2 weeks; they’ll start to fade into lighter colours, like brown. Then with time, they’ll blend with your normal skin colour and disappear completely.
  • You’ll begin to glow! I really don’t care what your skin type or skin colour is; you’ll just begin to glow within 2 weeks of using Seliná religiously.
  • You’ll stop having fresh breakouts on your skin…
  • Even if you usually have hormonal breakouts, maybe during your period or ovulation, it will drastically reduce and they’ll dry off faster than before, as long as you use the soap religiously
  • People around you would be the first to notice the changes on your face, and they’ll ask you what’s up! (Kindly advertise our soap to them; don’t be selfish o! *wink*)
  • If you use makeup (which should not be a lot anyway), you’ll notice that the makeup begins to sit well on your face, and with time you’ll start wearing less or lighter makeup…till there comes a time when you don’t even wear makeup again, except to events…
  • After a while, your original skin colour will come out and everything will blend into one colour – no more coke and fanta, no more dark spots or sun burn.
  • You’ll become addicted to selfies…and will always want to flaunt your skin on social media…

You won't want to go back to any other soap after using Seliná. And that's because you'll so much love what it does on your skin that you wouldn't want to imagine going a day without it!

Even me the seller was surprised at this lady (Oluwatosin)'s testimonial! 😂
Just one week!

It's time to claim your beauty and confidence back!

This is the best time to get in on this secret botanical blend that marries science with tradition in a way that is sure to get rid of your acne.

We only make a few at a time.

We were only able to make 50 of this magical soap for this period, due to how hard it now is to get all we use to make our products.

And from my experience, especially now that we are using ads to promote our brand…plus the over 30,000 women subscribed to our blog and combined 15k women on our social media…50 will finish within a few days.

You might not be able to get Seliná again for the next few months. We might want to reserve whatever stock we have for our current customers that need replacement.

So it’s either you grab yours now and come out of this pandemic with a more beautiful skin…or you miss out and have to wait for a long time before you can nourish your skin with the magical blend in Seliná.

I know you’re already eager to get your own jar of Seliná and immediately get started on your transformational journey, from embarrassed and shy owner of a rough and dull skin to a proud and excited owner of a smooth and glowing skin

So I’ll tell you how you can quickly grab your share of this concoction of beauty miracles immediately.

One of my best feedbacks! (Customer prefers to be anonymous)

So How Do You Lay Your Hands on Your Own Magical Jar of Seliná?

All you need to do to get Seliná is place your order right here on this page, and your soap will be brought to you wherever you are in Nigeria within the next 3 to 5 working days.

You say how much is Seliná?

Trust me, if we consider all that goes into creating this miracle soap, from the months of consulting, researching and testing, to how hard it is to source some of the ingredients of Seliná, then we would be tempted to price Seliná very high.

We can sell each container for N160,000, and it would be very worth it. Or at least, N60,000...if we want to be nicer.

But we won’t sell it to you at that price, because I want as many women as possible to be able to afford this beauty magic.

So…let’s meet halfway: N30,000. Fair enough?

You’d agree with me that a soap with all that combo of unforgiving ingredients that will get rid of ALL your blemishes and make you glow with pride should be worth more than 30k.

But I still don’t want to sell it for as much as 30k.

We wouldn’t price it based on what we went through to make this magical soap a reality.

From now till the end of the Coronavirus pandemic, Seliná will go for N22,500.

However, Seliná isn’t all you get when you place your order today. You’ll also get:

  1. BeauCrest Organic Moisturizer (Value: N9,000)

One of the biggest questions we get from buyers of our soap is: “which cream should I use?”

It makes sense to not use just any cream when using a special soap. And we even advise against using other organic skincare brands.

Since we are in the best place to give you the perfect cream that goes with your soap, we decided to make it special: an organic moisturizer, crafted by the same skincare experts and formulators that created Seliná.

Just like the soap, we had strict criteria for the moisturizer too:

  • must be 100% plant-based
  • should contain non-comedogenic ingredients (that don't clog the pores), especially the oils
  • should work for ALL skin types, whether oily or dry or even sensitive
  • MUST contain ingredients that can't cause reaction
  • should NOT contain any ingredient that would work against Seliná, but instead, even help the soap work faster
  • ETC

The BeauCrest Organic Moisturizer is made with ingredients like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, rosewater, etc.

These are ingredients that can moisturize the skin individually, are antimicrobial, antioxidant, heal the skin of wounds, scars and wrinkles, soothe dry skin and sunburn, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic (don’t cause allergic reactions), etc.

This moisturizer has become many women’s favourite product over the years.

We’ll add it to your package for FREE when you order for Seliná today.

  1. Herbal Acne Treatment Package (Value: N14,000)

As part of our quest to help women get rid of acne and claim back their beauty and self-confidence, we collaborated with one of our herbal skincare experts to create a recipe book titled “Acne Treatment with Common Plants”.

This eBook contains the common plants you can use to remove acne and other blemishes from your skin, and how to use them.

To make it easier to follow, our skincare expert, Bimbo, demonstrated how to use each plant, and we recorded it in a video.

Bimbo teaching you how to use plants to clear your acne.

The eBook and demonstration video are what make up the Herbal Acne Treatment Package, which we normally sell for N14,000.

BUT…for ordering Seliná, we’ll be sending the entire package (eBook and Video) to you for FREE – once you’ve received your soap.

This will help you on your journey to a cleaner and clearer skin, just in case you love DIY.

  1. The Natural Cellulite Solution: The Complete Guide to Smoother Skin. (Value: $30/N11,100)

Cellulite are that roughness and dimpling on the skin, especially around areas with fatty tissues, like buttocks, thighs, hips, abdomen, even breasts and upper arm regions.

It's an embarrassing skin condition that makes you shy to wear bikinis and swimsuits in public.

This powerful guide explains the various types of treatments available for cellulite. And it also provides you with valuable advice for managing cellulite that you may NEVER find anywhere else.

Combining the information in this guide with the use of Seliná will make cellulite a thing of the past; you'll have that smooth, soft and tight skin you've always dreamt of.

Trust me when I say that!

As you already know, we’ll send this eBook to you for free once you take delivery of your magical Seliná.

  1. How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose (Acne treatment, removal and remedies for clear skin) (Value: $18/N6,570)

This eBook is very loaded.

In it you’ll see almost every possible form of treatment for acne, including even some home remedies we didn’t mention in the Herbal Treatment Package and how to prepare and use them.

Loaded eBook indeed!

Get it for FREE when you take delivery of Seliná.

So, for your singular order of Seliná, here’s all you get:

  1. Seliná – N22,500
  2. BeauCrest Organic Moisturizer – N9,000
  3. Herbal Acne Treatment Package – N14,000
  4. The Natural Cellulite Solution: The Complete Guide to Smoother Skin. – N11,100
  5. How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose (Acne treatment, removal and remedies for clear skin) – N6,570


For a one-time payment of N22,500, you get value worth N63,170…ALL aimed at making sure you get a smooth, clear, soft and spotless skin…in as little as 2 weeks…NO MATTER YOUR CURRENT SKIN CONDITION!


If you place your order within the next 24 hours…you’ll get Seliná and all the bonuses listed above…for just N13,000!

All you have to do next is place your order, and your cup of the magical Seliná and your bottle of the BeauCrest Organic Moisturizer will arrive at your doorstep within the next 3 to 5 days. After which other bonuses will be sent to you.

Simply click the button below to order now.

Once you click the button, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll fill your delivery details into a very simple order form in about 90 seconds.

A representative will then contact you to confirm your order and your soap will be shipped to you immediately. You'll get delivery within 3 to 5 working days. (Don’t worry, it’s Payment on Delivery!)

(For any enquiries, please call/text/WhatsApp 08106432737, or visit us at Tawakalitu Shopping Complex, KM 9, LASU Rd, Afolabi Bus Stop, Lagos.)

Send My Magical Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)


Fauziyah from Kano in less than 2 weeks (see her chats below)

Send My Magical Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)

Now the Choice is All Yours!

Look, you’ve seen how you can get a clear, smooth, soft and clean skin…and also restore your beauty and self-confidence…All by simply bathing your body with Seliná (the ONLY skincare product that uses modern science to perfect herbal knowledge).

You already saw how people with the most extreme cases of acne have transformed not just their skins, but also their lives, by the power of this magical soap…

You’ve also seen the massive bonuses you’ll get, all in a bid to make sure your skin becomes spotless and flawless…

And now you know you have a one-time N9,500 discount and a deal of a lifetime (value worth over 63k).

Now it’s time for a decision…

The way I see it, you have three (3) options:

Option #1: Do nothing and remain where you are right now.

If your skin is already clean and spotless enough, and you’re not worried about blemishes appearing anytime soon…

Then maybe you don’t need Seliná.

But if you feel sad or angry or depressed whenever you look in the mirror…because of the blemishes on your skin…then this option is not for you…unless you want to continue living with a skin you can’t flaunt confidently.

I’d suggest you check out the other options below…

Option #2: Do it yourself

You can decide to continue on the tiring journey of finding what would eventually work to clear your blemishes and give you your dream skin.

But this is risky…

It would involve trying more products or ingredients on your skin till you find what works…

And I hope you don’t cause more harm in the process (because the skin absorbs into our bloodstream whatever we put on it – just as if we are eating.)

But why would you want to continue experimenting with your skin (and your life) when I already did all that and found the perfect blend for you?

If you’re tired of experimenting and failing, I’d suggest option 3…

Option #3: Let Seliná do all the work for you…

Let it nourish your skin with the botanical blend that is tough on acne but gentle on your skin…

All you need to do is bathe your body (preferably twice daily) with your new beauty secret…

Then sit back, enjoy your life without worries, and watch your skin get back its glory…

…watch acne leaving your skin, black spots disappearing, your natural skin tone appearing and your natural glow shining through…

Watch people ask you: “what are you using on your skin?!” (Damn I love answering that question! 😆)

So out of these three options, ask yourself…

What’s going to be easier for you? What would be the best decision for your skin?

There are 2 types of people: those who dream and those who act.

If you are the type that takes action instead of merely dreaming about solution, then you’re one of those I’d like to send one of the 50 pieces reserved for this period to.

Click the button below and secure your cup of Seliná (and its bonuses) now!

Send My Magical Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)
Another unsolicited testimonial from a happy customer! Can you see how her forehead became clean?

24-Hour Bonus: FREE Shipping! (Value: between N2,500 to N5,500)

Please tell me you’re not tired of receiving bonuses.

So…depending on where you are, when you order for Seliná, it usually costs us between N2,500 and N5,500 to bring it to your doorstep.

But…this is one cost I’m willing to waive for you.

If you order for Seliná within 24 hours, then you’ll get it delivered at your doorstep without having to pay an extra kobo for shipping.

So, for N13,000…you get products worth 63k+, and you still won't have to pay for shipping.

You’re welcome 😊

Click the button below to complete your order and fill in your delivery details.

Send My Magical Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)

Thanks for trusting my recommendation and ordering Seliná. You’ll be so glad you did.

I really can’t wait to share your own transformational story too.

Your partner in beauty,

Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu,

 “I have a very dry and sensitive skin. Acne isn’t my problem, but I can’t use just any soap, as it makes my skin drier and I start having funny reactions and breakages/cracks in funny places.

However, since I began sharing the BeauCrest African Black Soap with my wife, I’ve not experienced any dryness or flakiness or cracks on my body. Only a very few soaps have accomplished that.”

- Mr. Joshua A.
Send My Magical Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)

P.S: You know how frustrating it is when acne, pimples and black spots affect your social life so badly that you almost don’t go out again?

Trust me, I know how it feels: I was a victim too...

And that’s why I made it my lifework to help as many women as possible gain their freedom from the hands of skin blemishes.

Hence my reason for spending so much time and money in creating a powerful soap that will clear ALL your blemishes, no matter your skin type, and give you the beauty, power and self-confidence you need to tackle life issues as the boss-lady that you are.

Once you start using your new Seliná soap, your life will change so drastically that you won't need to hide behind heavy makeup and long clothes again; you’ll begin to get admired wherever you go because of your smooth and flawless skin!

Order now to get your package of Seliná and the BeauCrest Organic Moisturizer. Click here to order now!

Send My Magical Seliná Now!(I Will Pay on Delivery!)

P.P.S: Please don't forget to take a picture of your face before you start using the soap. Then keep it safe.

Also take pictures at intervals: 1 week; 2 weeks and 1 month.

Then compare the differences between these pictures.

You'll be very happy and grateful!

(We don't mind you sending your before-and-after picture to us on WhatsApp: 08106432737. Thanks in advance!)

Random testimonials that popped up in comments below our ads and posts on social media recently:

When real buyers are commenting on your must be doing something right, yea?
We posted someone's testimonial, another person commented her own!
We posted Oluwatosin's one-week transformation on our IG, someone else promised us that hers is even bigger! 😂

Send My Magical Seliná Now!(I Will Pay on Delivery!)