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Are You Sad Or Frustrated Because of Your Embarrassing Skin Problems?

Here’s The Fastest Way to Get A Clean, Spotless and Glowing Skin – Without Wasting Money on Another Disappointing Skincare Product!

Within The Next 21 Days, You Will Regain Your Beauty, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence.

This New Secret Botanical Blend Will Make You as Spotless as You’ve Always Desired.

It Will Remove Acne, Pimples, Black Spots and Other Blemishes from Your Body – Without Bleaching Your Skin.

Dear Sister,

I would love to ask you a few questions…

  • Is your skin condition making you sad and depressed, and actually killing you inside but you can’t tell anyone?
  • Are you frustrated because acne and pimples and dark spots have taken over your body and your social life, that you almost don’t go out with friends or meet new people again – but instead, sit alone feeling sad?
  • Do you always hide your real face behind heavy makeup and avoid exposing your body in public, or even in front of your lover, because of your embarrassing skin blemishes?
  • Do strangers embarrass you in public with unsolicited skincare advice – because they see how terrible your skin condition is?
  • Have you tried everything and spent tens or even hundreds of thousands trying to get a clean and spotless skin without any success?
  • Does your skin react badly to beauty products that seem to work well for others?

If you answered Yes to ANY of these questions, then I perfectly understand how sad and depressed you might be feeling right now…I can feel your pain...because I was there too.

I know how frustrating and depressing it is to keep having acne, pimples, black spots and other skin blemishes all over your body for years after spending so much money and trying almost everything possible to make your skin spotless.

I know how skin problems can literally take over your life and negatively affect your relationships, health, career and even your future. It happened to me.

So I understand you…and I feel your pain…you are not alone.

BUT I Promise YOU…

between NOW and the next 21 days…your life would have transformed radically…from the lady/woman with unpleasant skin issues and low self-esteem to a super-confident and beautiful woman with soft, smooth and spotless skin…

Forget about your skin condition for few minutes and…

Imagine you wake up someday and then looked into the mirror…

...your face is clean and without one single spot…and your body so soft, spotless and smooth as silk.

…Then out of excitement you jump into the bathroom to have your bath…and you dress up…and then step out without makeup…because actually you don’t need any makeup to cover anything on your beautiful skin…

Yet, everywhere you go, you feel eyes on you…everybody looking at you and admiring your flawless skin – even women too. Strangers keep asking you for skincare advice.

…Everybody wants to be your friend and you’re always the center of attraction and attention.

Ladies envy you. Men run after you…

Okay…you can stop imagining now…

…because the picture I just painted can become your reality – if you want it.

Yes, you can now overcome your acne, pimples, black spots and those other ugly blemishes on your skin and become one of the most admired women around.

You have the opportunity today...I only hope you make the right choice. (I know you would. You came very far to get to this page; I intentionally hid it this far because it’s not for everyone. But you made it here – shows you’re responsible and are serious about your wellbeing. Congratulate yourself!)

See, I was a victim of bad skin conditions too...

And I almost gave up on my skin after trying everything people recommended without results – creams, soaps, drugs, injections, even expensive facials and lots of spa visits.

But it seemed as if acne was sent from hell to destroy me.

And when I’m with my friends I would be full of envy, wondering why it must be me that was cursed with severe acne.

But I transformed from the “girl with the rough and ugly skin” to a diva every photographer and makeup artist begs to be their model and face of their brand.

You too can transform your skin from rough and ugly to smooth and spotless…

And you can do that within the next 21 days!

Yes, in such short period, you can transform:

  • from having rough skin to having clean and spotless skin...
  • from always using heavy makeup to using less makeup when going out...
  • from being camera shy to becoming a selfie queen – even becoming addicted to no-makeup selfies...
  • from looking older than your real age to looking younger than you really are...
  • from always hiding your body to always flaunting your flawless skin...
  • from becoming depressed about your skin to becoming excited and full of life because of your great skin...

Yes, you can have these radical transformations, and I am a living proof.

My name is Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu

I was once struggling with severe acne (and its symptoms)!

I have been in your shoes before and I just want to help as many women who are in the same situation I was years ago to get out of it.

If you followed me before now, especially when I just started skincare, you’d know my story of how badly I battled acne, especially, while I was in the university.

My forehead used to be their headquarters – different types of acne, from pimples to whiteheads, from tiny rash-like ones to big boil-like ones – but I also had acne on my back and chest.

They kept coming and going. And they always left dark spots behind.

This literally got me introverted and even anti-social. No outings, no parties, no boyfriend, no social life.

I tried everything possible to get rid of acne, including funny things like urine and sperm (don't ask me how I got it 🙄). Well, when you’re desperate you’d try almost anything anyone recommends.

This continued until I miraculously learned about a weird Asian beauty ingredient: horse oil!

After a lot of research and trial I found a brand in China that made a product that worked well for me: BioAqua Horse Oil soap.

I started using it and like magic, within a few days I already noticed changes – acne on my skin began to reduce.

It was the first thing I found to work perfectly for my skin after years of battling acne, and in just a few months, acne became history.

It worked so well that I started recommending it to other people who had acne and wanted a clean and smooth skin. And after a while, I actually started importing it in bulk to sell it in Nigeria. That’s how I launched BeauCrest in November 2017!

Only if good things lasted forever! 😢

Within about 9 months, we had sold almost 1,500 pieces of this miraculous soap.

Wanted to take the business to the next level and start branding the Horse Oil Soap in our name and logo, only for the manufacturers to tell us that they discontinued the soap?


Was I dreaming?

Well, I wasn’t. They actually stopped producing the soap for real. They claimed it wasn’t selling well in their local market in China.

I hated them immediately.

My skin had already gotten so used to that soap. Many customers too had come to rely on it. Some even bought in bulk – a lady once bought 14 pcs at a time. Now I had to tell them it was no longer available.

I tried other brands of horse oil soap and even other horse oil products like cream, moisturizer, etc. and none worked as well.

I waited and kept contacting BioAqua people for months, in hopes that they’d change their mind and resume making the soap. After waiting from Nov. 2018 to March 2019, I knew it was time to move on.

Unfortunately, that was the beginning of a new set of problems...

I couldn’t walk away from the business because as at then we already had over 17,000 women subscribed to our email list and a social following of over 11,000. We already built a brand.

I badly needed something to replace that soap, both for my personal use and for the business. And I had some strict criteria that most skincare experts and suppliers I discussed with thought were crazy or even impossible.

I said that one single product:

  1. MUST be able to get rid of acne (pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, open pores, rashes, etc.)
  2. MUST be able to get rid of black spots without bleaching the skin
  3. MUST be 100% organic (even plant-based, if possible)
  4. MUST work for ALL skin types – normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and even mature skin.
  5. MUST not have any allergens or cause any reactions – even sensitive skin must NOT react negatively to it
  6. MUST be suitable for EVERY skin colour (mustn’t darken fair people nor bleach dark people)
  7. MUST make the skin glow and become radiant (not just remove acne)
  8. MUST give an even skin tone
  9. MUST be easy to use (like soap, cream, etc…not drug or injection)
  10. Finally, it MUST work better than the Horse Oil Soap

Luckily, I met a skincare expert who was also doing her Masters in Ethnobotany (the arm of botany that deals with medicinal plants) at the University of Ibadan. She seemed like the perfect fit for us.

We came up with a DIY recipe book and video for our audience, and that inspired us to make one of the products we taught people in our DIY project.

It became an instant hit. And we got a whole lot of surprising testimonials.

Even me the seller was surprised at this lady's testimonial! 😂
Just one week!

However, through a lot of customer feedback, we kept improving the formula over the years. I wanted an A-product. Not a product that has both a lot of positive feedback but also has many negative feedbacks.

We kept adding and removing ingredients, and working with several suppliers, until a time when we finally got a formulation from a supplier that actually had most users giving positive feedback.

We then rebranded the soap as Seliná.

Unfortunately, at its most powerful form, the soap itself couldn’t survive the many powerful ingredients in it. The last two batches of our powerful gummy soap kept melting and becoming liquid after a few weeks.

The supplier couldn’t explain what was happening and she just gave up and advised me to tone down my criteria and start selling multiple products doing different things: One for acne, another for black spots, another for moisturizing, another for night, etc.

Divine Stubbornness

For some reason I remained stubborn and held on to my belief that the perfect product is out there. The great testimonials we already got is proof.

I got tired of Nigerian suppliers failing me and decided to stop working with them. I started thinking of finding the perfect product by myself and making it by ourselves. I would take my destiny into my own hands.

I was scared of that decision; it was going to require a whole lot of sacrifice, learning and growing!!

In fact, this decision ultimately got me out of business after the lockdowns of 2020. I spent almost 18 months searching, researching, testing, investing and ultimately creating the solution my skin had been waiting for.

Luckily, we still had dozens of soaps from our last supplier that were not sellable because they weren’t very gummy. I was using those to maintain my skin while I did my search. So I wasn’t searching out of desperation.

Angels in Human Form

During this period, I met some very awesome people online, and also learnt a WHOLE lot of things.

Yes, I went online. My husband and I joined some skincare communities online in search for answers. We took some trainings from some of the best skincare formulators in the world, and reserved some training for the future when we have the kind of money they're asking for – hopefully this year.

One day on two of the groups we joined, my husband talked about the marketing strategy that has given us a lot of success at BeauCrest – how we’ve sold thousands of products and had almost 39,000 women email subscribers – and how unfortunately our product problems were affecting our growth and business.

Before we knew it, there were hundreds of comments and dozens of DMs from people all over the world either begging him to help them with marketing or telling him they could solve our products problem.

Once anyone starts talking about products, my husband asks them just one simple question: “is it possible for there to be a single product that cures acne and also removes dark spots without bleaching?”

Once the person says NO, or starts saying “ should be possible”, or “we can try” or starts advising us against our goal, my husband cut them off.

Shockingly, at the end of the day there was no single person we were interested in working with.

Suddenly the next day, my husband got a message from a man in the US, a member of one of the groups.

He said if my husband could help him with his marketing, he would be happy to help us solve our product problems.

Straight up, my husband asked him the question: “is it possible to have just one product that can remove acne and dark spots”.

His answer blew our mind off. He said I’m actually in the process of patenting a product that does just that!


It was the confidence for me.

Before we knew it, he already started talking about the product.

We had to explain to him that we aren’t in the US but in Nigeria, so he might not be able to supply us.

Then he said since we are not in the same market, we can be each other’s secret weapon: We give him our marketing strategy while he gives us his formula.

Woah! My husband said ‘Yes’ sharp sharp.

We got on a Zoom call a few weeks later and he taught and showed us everything. The product itself (a whipped body butter), the ingredients, how to make it (exact quantities and measurements), where to buy the ingredients, alternative ingredients (just so we have options), testimonials, etc.

He invited his wife aged over 50 and she had no single spot or wrinkle on her face, and according to them, had no single stretchmark on her body. Also showed me the mark from a 2-week-old bruise that was already fading and showed me a picture of when he just had the bruise.

He told us how this product:

  • Balances and repairs the skin barrier
  • Works for all skin types
  • Cures all types of acne, EVEN hormonal acne
  • Works great for stretch marks
  • Is great for sunburn and repairs sun-damaged skin
  • Works for bruises, psoriasis, eczema, etc.
  • Helps to reduce aging signs, etc.

He also told us about the different skincare companies and spas in the US he supplies and creates products for.

He didn’t stop at giving us the formula for his miracle product; he also discussed various ingredients and even formulas for a facial scrub, toner, moisturizer and anti-aging products.

Then he advised us that for customers who prefer a full kit instead of a single product, we should add the scrub (he gave us the formula for this) and African Black Soap to their order.

We were so shocked that we couldn’t speak. I was teary: It seemed like I found the miracle I’d been looking for all my life.

Immediately after the call I started researching all the ingredients he mentioned, and I was BLOWN! The revelation was crazy.

It didn’t end there...

Another person who caught our attention is a woman from Ghana who really impressed us. She is a student-mentor of the world-famous organic skincare formulation trainers, Formula Botanica.

She’d taken almost all their expensive certifications and she’s so good that they retained her to help other students coming behind her.

Despite all this knowledge, she decided to specialize in African Black Soap as a supplier/wholesaler. She did hers in a different way from scratch, adding ingredients like unrefined shea butter, sweet almond oil, etc.

Her ingredients are accurately measured for product consistency, her products are lab tested for toxicity and ph. balance and are also certified according to international standards. As in, black soap wet get certificate.

Her black soaps are being bought in huge batches from all over the world.

Apparently, before she went international to learn organic skincare, she first came to Nigeria, but quickly found out dirty secrets about the Nigerian organic skincare industry, some of which she shared with me.

Basically, the so-called experts here are just learning and teaching the same rehashed mediocre skincare production. And those who make/supply ingredients sell low quality ingredients. And that is because there is no dedicated government body regulating raw ingredients. NAFDAC monitors only packaged end products.

Ideally, in advanced countries, no manufacturer or business owner will buy from you if you can’t show test results and certifications attached to your ingredients and products.

Her advice for us was that we should source our ingredients from outside Nigeria when possible.

Since her black soaps contained some ingredients we already used in formulating our gummy soaps, and because of her expertise, experience and the trust we had for her, we decided to start doing business with her so that our customers get to add a world-standard African Black Soap to their routine, based on our American partner's recommendation.

More so, her soaps are in block/solid forms and not gummy soaps that can melt or liquefy again.

Few months later, we ordered 100kg of African Black Soap from Ghana.

Such beauty to behold! 😍

Yes, it felt good to be getting back to business.

But there was another BIG problem: Cost!

Deciding to source our ingredients and products from outside Nigeria makes production cost so high.

The black soaps weren’t cheap, and yet, getting them to Nigeria alone (transportation) was N100,000 (N25k per box).

The star ingredient in our star product, a rare botanical oil, was so, so, so expensive to buy. Only a few luxury products in the world use it. Of course, none in this part of the world.

In fact, while searching, we saw a website selling 16 ounces of the oil (less than a bottle of 50cl coke) at $459 (over N250,000). Gbese!! Lmao. They’ve even increased it now.

Through our US partner/mentor however, we were able to get it elsewhere cheaper. Yet, the last 4 gallons we bought, with shipping and import duties, cost us almost N500,000.

Yet, to produce 20 body butters and 17 scrubs, we almost finished one gallon!

Classy shea 😍

Our partner recommended several botanical butters, but after our research we followed his choice: Shea Butter.

But he recommended that we got pure unrefined white shea butter. We were already thinking of buying it abroad when miraculously we found a woman in Niger State with some of the best shea butters in the world.

Her shea butter and that of two other people were tested in a lab in Abuja by some Spanish people looking for shea butter. And after everything, hers was chosen and she’s been exporting large quantities to Spain since then.

Thankfully, that cut our cost.

Truly when I got the shea butter, it was heavenly.

So clean, soft and has a sweet roasted nut scent instead of the pungent smell most shea butters usually have. In fact, it’s what I use raw for my newborn since Day 1 of birth.

Only Shea Butter helped us cut costs. We still had to import about 3 other ingredients and almost everything we use in packaging.

Well, I can’t complain...

I was the one who decided that I’ll find or create the best products ever, so that I can both use them to nourish my skin and help other women suffering from acne or those who simply desire a clean and glowy skin.

We spent months creating and testing these products within ourselves and close circle, and then later started shipping it out to other people, including a few customers.

And true to the words and reputations of the international experts we've worked with, there has been no single disappointment yet.

I don't really snap pictures, but here's a screenshot from a quick video I was doing to demonstrate our scrub for buyers 4 days before I put to bed. Lighting wasn't that good and it was recorded with a phone. Imagine now taking a screenshot from that. But you can see the color, smoothness and glow of my skin despite the terrible quality of the picture.

Old customers who got to try the soap and body butter before we officially launched couldn't wait to buy more when they saw what the products were doing to their skin.

Why am I being very transparent with you here?

Yes, we have secret ingredients we can’t disclose, but I still want you to know as many of the things that go into your body from our products as possible. I also want you to know what goes into each product – the time, sacrifices, emotions, energy, money, etc. – so that you appreciate it more.

And whenever these special products touch your skin, you know they’re created by someone like you who cares enough to help you become more beautiful, more confident and more powerful.

Launch! 💃🏼

Well, finally, after over 18 months, on January 1, 2022, we launched 3 awemazing products to the world: The Miracle Body Whip – a whipped luxury body butter; Seliná – a renewed anti-acne bar soap/cleanser, and Hollywood Glow Scrub – an exclusive luxury body scrub (it’s very expensive to produce, and so not for everybody).

We made it in a way that EACH ONE of these products can fight acne and dark spots on its own. So you can use just one of them and still get great results.

But when you combine two of them then you’ll 10x the results. IF you combine ALL three, you’ll basically be creating fireworks on your skin!

A lady who bought when we launched in January, after scaring me with her Before picture on WhatsApp by making me promise that our product will work for her, sent me her picture just 9 days after she started using the complete combo.

😲 After just 9 days!

I was pleasantly shocked!

Just try to imagine what her skin would look like two weeks, one month and three months later. I can’t wait to get more pictures (and a full testimonial) from her!

And you?

Now you can use these products without going through the same pain or price I paid (I’m talking millions) to find and create these amazing solutions!

All you’ll just have to do is get me to send them to your doorstep and start applying them on your skin. No stress.

And then within a few weeks or even days, you start getting unsolicited but positive comments on your skin, like: “your acne has gone”; “see how soft and smooth your skin is”, “what are you using that’s making your skin clean and glowy?”

Why should you get these products?

What they have in common is that they are very, very clean: Most of the ingredients we use are food-grade – as in, you can actually eat them. No chemicals. No artificial coloring. No alcohol. No synthetic ingredients. Nothing toxic.

I'm particular about the cleanness of products because, in case you do not know, EVERYTHING you put on your skin finds its way into your bloodstream through your pores.

If you'd rather choose chemical products over organic ones, then you have no idea the problem you're already creating for yourself.

Anyways...let me tell you about these products individually.

First our star product:

The Miracle Body Whip

Based majorly on the patented secret formula from our US partner, improved on over time through research, this is a whipped body butter made with three major ingredients: a botanical butter, a luxurious and rare botanical oil, and an anti-acne essential oil.

Botanical butters... kokum butter, aloe butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, shea butter, avocado butter, etc., are very good for the skin.

But when it comes to killing acne and fading off acne scars or dark spots, and also protecting and relating the skin, NO botanical butter comes close to shea butter.

Unfortunately, it’s like a prophet not valued in its own land.

No, it doesn’t smell bad. Not at all!

No, shea butter doesn’t darken the skin; it actually helps to repair your skin barrier and make it bright, soft and supple. Truth is: no matter what product you use, if you expose yourself to too much sun, your skin will darken, unless you use a good sunscreen cream.

No, it doesn’t clog pores; it contains high levels of linoleic acid (a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid) and oleic acid (a mono-unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid) that balance each other out to make it light and less oily.

So what are its benefits?

  • Shea Butter’s moisturizing effect can last for hours after it seals moisture into your skin, and this is because of its fatty acid content, including linoleic, oleic, stearic, and palmitic acids.
  • These nutrients also give shea butter its strong healing properties that makes it cure acne, scars, stretch marks, insect bites, burns, minor wounds, etc.
  • Shea’s unique composition of fatty acids also helps control your skin’s production of oil and clear your skin of excess oil (sebum). The natural balance of oils in your skin is restored and your skin doesn’t dry out. This may help stop acne before it starts. So, it’s great for people with oily and acne-prone skins.
  • Shea butter is an antioxidant that has significant levels of vitamins A and E that protect your skin cells from free radicals (toxic molecules) that can lead to premature aging and dull-looking skin.

See, if I continue, we won’t leave here. Let’s move to the next major ingredient.

The luxurious botanical oil... the star ingredient of the Miracle Body Whip. Unfortunately, I don’t have the permission to name it.

  • It’s extracted from the fruit of a plant that finds a way to attract moisture and flourish even in the desert. And yes, its oil is one of the most moisturizing oils you’ll find on the market.
  • Great for people with sensitive skin in need of a great hydrator.
  • It also has the highest Vitamin E content than ANY other botanical oil on the market. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin and can help prevent premature aging of your skin and damage to your DNA (by free radicals).
  • Its antioxidant and antibacterial properties make it cleanse the skin deeply, stop acne breakouts and prevent skin damage from sun, aging and other stressors.
  • Contains Vitamin K, which is great for skin recovery. It helps to brighten under-eye circles and promote skin elasticity.
  • Great for people with hyperpigmentation and dark spot issues.
  • Also extremely high in essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-9…so it’s an oil very safe for all skin types, including oily skin. In fact, it’s especially great for mature skin (aging skin with exposure to sun over the years).

I don’t want to go on and on about this superstar botanical oil too. Lol.

Lastly is the…

Essential oil

We’ve used many botanical oils and essential oils over the years in the course of our business, from grapeseed oil to sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, from lemon essential oil to rose essential oil and tea tree essential oil, etc.

Based on our experience and research and tests, the best essential oil we’ve found for fighting acne is tea tree oil.

  • It’s about the most popular oil for treating acne because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. That is, it goes into your pores to kill acne causing bacteria and cleans your pores out.
  • According to Healthline, “it's thought to calm redness, swelling, and inflammation. It may even help to prevent and reduce acne scars, leaving you with smooth, clear skin.
  • Tea tree oil’s antiseptic property helps to combat oily skin. It also soothes dry skin by reducing itching and irritation – this makes it helpful in treating eczema too.

Indomitable combo!

You see how we combined 3 powerful ingredients that are all anti-inflammatory and antibacterial into one product in order to fight acne? Notice they all treat acne scars (dark spots) too?

This is the summary of the BeauCrest Miracle Body Whip:

It basically gets acne, dark spots and other blemishes off your skin, prevents premature wrinkles, reduces the appearance of fine lines, brightens and evens your skin colour, helps relieve sunburn, then leaves your skin smooth, soft and spotless.

And guess what? The ingredients combined are ALL also good for the hair, nails and lips. Yes, instead of using lip balms that will dry off and keep your lips chapped, you can use your Miracle Body Whip for a long-lasting moisture.

I can say this anywhere: This is the best thing that has happened to the organic skincare industry!


Our second product, Seliná…is a rebirth of our legendary African Black Soap, but now in bar form and seriously improved.

Working with our partner/supplier in Ghana, we’ve been able to improve on what is giving people great results and eradicate what is not working fine.

It’s the perfectest version of African Black Soap we’ve ever had.

If you knew how awesome past versions were, you’d be able to imagine what this one is capable of.

Why African Black Soap?

Healthline gives 14 benefits of using African Black Soap:

Even Oyinbos know this secret, and they come to pack our African beauty secret away, while you spend your own money on foreign products!

Let me quickly reproduce them here:

  1. It's antibacterial: the African black soap kills off bacteria, which is the cause of most skin blemishes and disorders
  2. It's safe for all skin types: Its advantage over other soaps in the world is that it is suitable for ALL skin types, even sensitive skin.
  3. It's moisturizing: the oils in the black soap helps to moisturize the skin, especially if you have a dry skin
  4. It won't make your skin oily: the African black soap naturally regulates and balances the oil on your skin, no matter how oily your skin is. Remember it is excess oil and bacteria that cause acne.
  5. It helps soothe irritation: the black soap soothes reaction on sensitive skin, patches or breakage from dry skin, redness from rashes and acne and every form of irritation or inflammation
  6. It's anti-inflammatory: it doesn’t just reduce inflammation; it also prevents it
  7. It helps fight acne: its antibacterial and antifungal properties go deep into your skin pores to clean them out and kill acne-causing bacteria
  8. It may help reduce fine lines: reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and thereby slow down aging and make you look younger
  9. It helps protect against photoaging: photoaging is the damage of the skin and consequent aging that comes from repeated exposure to the UV rays of the sun. The African black soap protects you against this undesirable skin condition.
  10. It helps improve skin texture: as the African black soap tones, softens and smoothens out your skin, the texture and quality of your skin would greatly improve.
  11. It helps prevent razor burn and related rashes (or bumps): the African black soap is great for shaving – you can use it both as shaving cream and after-shave, as it protects your skin from bumps and rashes.
  12. It may help reduce hyperpigmentation: like sunburn and dark spots -- and every other form of discolouration...and helps to even-out your skin tone.
  13. It may help minimize the appearance of scars and stretch marks: the African black soap is famous for its healing properties that help heal scars and wounds. This also allows it to gradually fade stretch marks away.
  14. It's antifungal: the African black soap doesn’t just kill bacterial infections like acne, but also kills fungal infections like ringworm and yeast infection.

Here are some of my personal favourites among the pictures and testimonials we’ve gotten on our African Black Soap:

First, from Adaugo:

Adaugo in just 2 weeks (see her progress below)

Then Fauziyah from Kano:

Fauziyah from Kano in less than 2 weeks (see her progress below)

Then Seun from Ibadan:

Seun after 3 weeks of using the BeauCrest African Black Soap!


And after about two to three weeks, she said this:

Just peep that glow. And that's a phone front camera picture. She said she was shocked her skin looked like those glass skin on Twitter 😂

Awww 🙂

What if yours is sensitive skin and you react to almost anything?

Then be inspired by...

Dami Ogunnika

Her acne-prone sensitive skin got delivered by BeauCrest African Black Soap.

Unfortunately we didn't get a picture. But she gave a full testimonial.

Is it external things like water, sun, dust, stress or other types of reaction that is causing your own acne? Then you should see what Ebibote did...

Ebibote Opetu

While going to work every day, Ebibote was always exposed to thick dust on a bad road and end up having a stressful day. Before she knew it, her normal good skin started breaking out, especially at the forehead and her skin started getting dull and darker.

She ran to Seliná for help and was smart in using it. She kept some at work and washed dirt off her skin immediately she got to work. And when back home, takes her bath with Seliná.

Before she knew it, her skin didn't just get back to normal, it became cleaner.

She only gave us her after photo below:

She neva even bath for here. Lol

Okay, one more 🙏

Madam Ossai...

Whiteheads and dark spots disappear, and her skin starts to glow, after a few weeks of using our soap.

See, I could go on and on and won't finish soon.

But the point is: if our black soap got people all these results, imagine the magic that our newly improved Seliná would create, considering all the cleaner and more powerful ingredients our Ghanaian expert uses.

And our third product is the…

Hollywood Glow Scrub.

This special scrub is a combination of two major ingredients: the same luxurious botanical oil in the Miracle Body Whip (Beyoncé’s mum swears by this oil) plus Dead Sea Salt.

I won’t be talking so much about it now, because the scrub isn’t for everybody. It’s strictly for those who specially request for it. It’s a very expensive product to make so we only make it on request.

More about that later.

Where to start from?

If you have to choose just one of these products to remove acne and dark spots from your skin and give you the flawless skin you so much desire, I’ll recommend our star product, the Miracle Body Whip.

Even though others are great, it's the one that will give you the fastest result.


The soap is a rinse-off product, that is, after using it on your skin, you rinse it off. Yes, it still works wonders that way, judging from the results we've gotten from our soaps.

The scrub is a once or twice weekly application product. Not daily.

The body butter however is a leave-on body product, so it stays on your body all day, all night (if you use it 2x daily as recommended), working its magic tirelessly.

And the Miracle Body Whip is what I have to offer you right here on this page…

How do you lay your hands on this miraculous product?

All you need to do to get The Miracle Body Whip is to place your order right here on this page, and your whipped body butter will be brought to you wherever you are in Nigeria within the next 3 to 5 working days.

Trust me, if we consider all that goes into creating this miracle luxurious body butter, from the 18 months of searching, consulting, researching and testing, to how hard and expensive it is to source some of its ingredients, then we would be tempted to price the BeauCrest Miracle Body Whip very high.

Luxury isn’t just about packaging; you’ve seen how expensive the ingredients are. With the results you’ll get, it would still be very worth it if we sold one small jar at N190,000.

On a more serious note, a jar of The Miracle Body Whip is worth N64,500. But don’t worry, that’s just it’s value; not what you’ll pay 😊

That’s even not all; I’ll give you some other nice bonuses too.

To help you achieve your dream skin and regain your beauty and self-confidence faster, when you place your order of The Miracle Body Whip today, you’ll also get:

  1. The Almighty Seliná Bar Soap (Valued at N13,900)

Yes, I want to make sure you don’t have any excuse to not have a soft, smooth and spotless skin – plus a boosted self-esteem – within the next 21 days.

So for free, I’m throwing into your order the famous Seliná bar soap. The combo of these two products will ensure that there is no way acne and dark spots can survive on your skin. Of course you already read about these magical products.

  1. Herbal Acne Treatment Package (Value: N24,000)

As part of our quest to help women get rid of acne and claim back their beauty and self-confidence, we collaborated with one of our herbal skincare experts to create a recipe book titled “Acne Treatment with Common Plants”.

This eBook contains the common plants you can use to remove acne and other blemishes from your skin, and how to use them.

To make it easier to follow, our skincare expert, Bimbo, demonstrated how to use each plant, and we recorded it in a video.

Bimbo teaching you how to use plants to clear your acne.

The eBook and demonstration video are what make up the Herbal Acne Treatment Package, which we normally sell for N14,000.

BUT…for ordering The Miracle Body Whip, we’ll be sending the entire package (eBook and Video) to you via email for FREE – once you’ve received your products.

This will help you on your journey to a cleaner and clearer skin, just in case you love DIY.

  1. The Natural Cellulite Solution: The Complete Guide to Smoother Skin. (Value: $30/N16,500)

Cellulite are that roughness and dimpling on the skin, especially around areas with fatty tissues, like buttocks, thighs, hips, abdomen, even breasts and upper arm regions.

It's an embarrassing skin condition that makes you shy to wear bikinis and swimsuits in public.

This powerful guide explains the various types of treatments available for cellulite. And it also provides you with valuable advice for managing cellulite that you may NEVER find anywhere else.

  1. How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose (Acne treatment, removal and remedies for clear skin) (Value: $18/N9,900)

This eBook is very loaded.

In it you’ll see almost every possible form of treatment for acne, including even some home remedies we didn’t mention in the Herbal Treatment Package and how to prepare and use them.

Loaded eBook indeed!

Get it for FREE when you take delivery of The Miracle Body Whip.

So, for your singular order of the Miracle Body Whip, here’s all you get:

  1. The BeauCrest Miracle Body Whip – Valued at N64,500
  2. Seliná Bar Soap — Valued at N13,900
  3. Herbal Acne Treatment Package – Valued at N24,000
  4. The Natural Cellulite Solution: The Complete Guide to Smoother Skin – Valued at N16,500
  5. How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose (Acne treatment, removal and remedies for clear skin) – Valued at N9,900

TOTAL VALUE = N128,800

The total value of everything you get inside of this package is N128,800!

If all it did was control your acne and stop the breakouts, would it be worth N128,800?

I mean…would you be happy to pay N128,800 to get permanently delivered from acne?

What of dark spots…if it could erase dark spots from your skin and make your skin color even, would it be worth N128,800?

I assure you it’s more than worth it. It’s why similar products with similar ingredients are priced even higher.

But I’m not going to charge you the N128,800 that this package is worth.

I’m not even going to charge you the N64,500 that the luxury body butter alone is worth.

I’ll give you the entire package for just N32,000.


...Because I believe Beauty is the greatest Power of a woman, and I want to empower as many women as possible with these luxurious magical skin foods, I’m going to give you a very special price of over 50% discount.

Yes, if you order today, you’ll get this entire miracle package at an unbelievably low price of N15,900!

Send My Miracle Bundle Now!

But you have to hurry…

...this discounted price is only for a limited time. Things are getting crazy expensive daily. You can come back to this page tomorrow and the price would’ve changed (the last batch in January was N13,900 even when we gave more than 50% discount).

And unfortunately, we only make a few products per batch. Once this current batch finishes, there are no guarantees of availability or price. Anything can happen. We might not even be able to afford huge discounts like these again.

So it's first come first served. Leave everything you’re doing now and quickly click the button below to place your order immediately.

Send My Magical Products Now!


Yes, you already got a lot of bonuses, but I'd like to add more.

To make things easier for you, I'll send your products to your doorstep, wherever you are in Nigeria, for FREE. Instead of paying an extra N2k to 5k, depending on where you are, I'll cover the delivery bill 😊

So once you place your order now, here's what you'll get:

  1. The BeauCrest Miracle Body Whip – Valued at N64,500
  2. Seliná Bar Soap — Valued at N13,900
  3. Herbal Acne Treatment Package – Valued at N24,000
  4. The Natural Cellulite Solution: The Complete Guide to Smoother Skin – Valued at N16,500
  5. How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose (Acne treatment, removal and remedies for clear skin) – Valued at N9,900
  1. FREE Shipping — Valued at N3,500 (average)

TOTAL VALUE = N132,300 YOU PAY N15,900

Click the button below to get started immediately!

Send My Miracle Body Whip + Seliná Now!


We used to run our business on Payment on Delivery in the past, but to weed out unserious people, there’ll be NO payment on delivery this time.


A few people who are either unserious or don’t have the money yet simply fill the delivery form and ask us to send the products over.

The products get there and they stop picking calls and end up not receiving their products. After a few days, the shipping company returns the package. Our shipping fee wasted. And sometimes they are careless or even tamper with the package and the products get destroyed.

Below is the screenshot of our dashboard for one of the courier companies we used in 2019.

Imagine a whole 102 returns for 502 deliveries!! That is 102 people who requested our products online and asked us to go ahead and send it when we called them to confirm their order, but didn’t show up to receive their products once it got to their address.

So it means our returns are over 20% of our deliveries. And guess what? We don't do POD for our promos and return customers (they already trust us) and they are part of those successful deliveries. So it means that our returns is even far over 30% of our successful POD deliveries.

How can people be so wicked?!

We had to pay for EACH of those 102 failed deliveries. Now imagine how much we lost to unserious people. And this is JUST ONE of the couriers we’ve used.

We’ve sold almost 3,000 products. Now imagine how many returns we must have had and how much loss we must’ve had to bear.

Anyways…Some of the products we now sell are very sensitive and fragile.

The *whipped* body butter cannot stand so much heat. That’s why we use expensive insulated envelopes and even throw in ice packs so that it can remain cool for some days while in transit.

We even keep the body butter in the fridge till we send it.

This is what happens when the customer DOESN’T accept the package:

The courier company dumps everything in their warehouse for days, sometimes weeks, before sending it back to us. With these new products, you can be sure that the body butter would be completely ruined by then, and the expensive oil in the scrub would spill out.

I’m sorry; that’s not a risk I’m willing to take anymore.

I actually prefer losing the sale of someone who wouldn’t buy because we don’t do POD, than risk losing money both on shipping and ruined products.

BUT...Where both the customer and the business owner are afraid of losing their money, what’s the best way forward? Let’s meet halfway!


Balance On Delivery (BOD)!

I’m going to assume you’re not comfortable paying without first holding your product (I know I’m not. Lol). So all I need from you is what I call a seriousness commitment. Just something to show that you’re not one of those unserious people who don’t care about small businesses.

All you have to do is pay just N2,000 and your package will be sent to you (that is not even enough to cover the shipping fee to most states). And once you receive your product, you give the delivery man a balance of N13,900.


Let the unserious people go away, so that we can serve YOU and other serious customers better and help you achieve your dream spotless skin.

Thanks so much for understanding.

If you’re serious about using this power-packed package to get a clean and healthy skin with no single spot, and get compliments wherever you go this 2022, simply click the button below to deposit just 2k and you’ll get your luxury body butter and soap within the next 3 to 5 working days!

Click Here to Deposit 2k!

Once you click the button, you’ll be taken to a payment page secured by Paystack (hosted by RenegadeCommerce, our holding company).

Simply enter your details – ensure you put in the right delivery address – and click on “Pay Now”. On the next page, choose your preferred mode of payment.

Your payment will be confirmed once successful. Then your package will be shipped and within 3 to 5 working days, it will get to your doorstep wherever you are in Nigeria.


Then here is our corporate account:

Renegade Ventures

Here's my personal account:

Fadekemi Adeyemo

All you have to do after payment is to send proof of payment to us on 08106432737 via text or WhatsApp. Or via email to

Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll be sent a link where you can also fill in your shipping details and a rep will contact you to arrange shipment.

Note: You’re free to make complete payment of N15,900 instead of depositing 2k, if that’s what you want. Anyone is fine. But if you want to pay in full, just use the bank accounts above. Paystack will only allow you to pay 2k.

Send My Magical Products Now!

100% Money Back Guarantee:

Because of how confident I am in these products, I’m going to give you a full 30-day money back guarantee.

That is...If after a month of using these products the way we prescribe, you don’t see any improvement in your skin condition, just let me know (with some proof of seriousness with the products and honesty) and I’ll give you 100 percent of your money back.

I’m that confident. A lot of work and sacrifices and investments have gone into these products for me to not be this confident.

Send My Magical Products Now!

A new life…

Just imagine what life will be like when you can rock your skin confidently without makeup because your skin is smooth, spotless and glowing!

Even as a makeup artist, I don’t wear makeup, except for a very few major events. I don’t even do makeup to church. I don’t need it – I have no blemish to cover.

I can’t wait for that to be your story too.

So click on the button below right now and secure your package immediately.

Click to Secure Miracle Bundle

Thanks for trusting my recommendation and ordering the BeauCrest Miracle Package. You’ll be so glad you did.

I really can’t wait to share your own transformational story too.

Your partner in beauty,

Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu,

 “I have a very dry and sensitive skin. Acne isn’t my problem, but I can’t use just any soap, as it makes my skin drier and I start having funny reactions and cracks in funny places.

However, since I began sharing the BeauCrest soap and moisturizer with my wife, I’ve not experienced any dryness or flakiness or cracks on my body. Only a very few products have accomplished that.”

- Mr. Joshua A.
Book My Package Immediately!!

P.S: You know how frustrating it is when acne, pimples and black spots affect your social life so badly that you almost don’t go out again?

Trust me, I know how it feels: I was a victim too...

And that’s why I made it my lifework to help as many women as possible gain their freedom from the hands of skin blemishes.

Once you start using your new BeauCrest Miracle Body Whip and the Seliná bar soap, your life will change so drastically that you won't need to hide behind heavy makeup and long clothes again; you’ll begin to get admired wherever you go because of your smooth and flawless skin!

Order now to get your package of the BeauCrest Miracle Body Whip, Seliná and other bonuses. Click the button below to order now!

Send My Body Butter & Soap Now!

P.P.S: Please don't forget to take a picture of your face before you start using the soap. Then keep it safe.

Also take pictures at intervals: 1 week; 2 weeks and 1 month.

Then compare the differences between these pictures.

You'll be very happy and grateful!

(We don't mind you sending your before-and-after picture to us on WhatsApp: 08106432737. Thanks in advance!)

Random testimonials that popped up in comments below our ads and posts on social media recently:

When real buyers are commenting on your must be doing something right, yea?
We posted someone's testimonial, another person commented her own!
We posted Oluwatosin's one-week transformation on our IG, someone else promised us that hers is even bigger! 😂

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