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BUT Since you really want to remove acne, pimples, spots and other blemishes from your skin, then you definitely need to read the message below:

Are You Sad Or Frustrated Because of Your Embarrassing Skin Problems? Here’s The Fastest Way to Get A Clean and Spotless Skin – and Become Widely Admired Wherever You Go!

Within The Next 28 Days, You Will Regain Your Beauty, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence. This Rare 100% Natural East-Asian Beauty Secret Will Make You as Spotless As You’ve Always Dreamt. It Will Kill Acne, Delete Pimples, Fade Black Spots and Remove Other Blemishes From Your Body – Without Bleaching or Lightening Your Skin.

Dear Sister,

I would love to ask you a few questions…

  • Are you frustrated because acne and pimples and dark spots have taken over your social life and you almost don’t go out with friends or meet new people again – but instead, sit alone feeling sad or even crying?
  • Is your skin condition making you sad and depressed, and actually killing you inside but you can’t tell anyone?
  • Do people embarrass you in public with unsolicited skincare advice – because they see how terrible your skin condition is?
  • Do you always hide your real face behind heavy makeup and avoid exposing your body at the swimming pool or beach, or even in front of your lover because of your embarrassing acne and dark spots - or other skin problems?
  • Have you tried everything and spent tens or even hundreds of thousands trying to get a clean and spotless skin and yet failed?

If you answered Yes to ANY of these questions, then I perfectly understand how sad and depressed you might be feeling right now…I can feel your pain...because I was there too.

I know how frustrating and depressing it is to keep having acne, pimples, black spots and other skin problems all over my body for years after spending so much money and trying almost everything possible to make my skin spotless.

I know how skin problems can literally take over your life and negatively affect your relationships, health, career and even your future. It happened to me.

So I understand you…and I feel your pain…you are not alone.

BUT I Promise YOU…

between NOW and the next 28 days…your life would have transformed radically…from the lady/woman with skin issues and low self-esteem to a powerful and beautiful woman with soft, smooth and spotless skin…

Forget about your skin condition for few minutes and…

Imagine you wake up someday and then looked into the mirror…

...your face is clean and without one single spot…and your body so soft, spotless and smooth as silk. Then out of excitement you jump into the bathroom to have your bath…and you dress up…and just put on very light makeup…because actually you don’t need any makeup to cover anything on your beautiful skin…

Then you step out…and everywhere you go, you feel eyes on you…everybody looking at you and admiring your flawless skin – even women too. Everybody wants to be your friend and you’re always the center of attraction and attention. Ladies envy you. Men run after you…

Okay you can stop imagining now…because the picture I just painted can become your reality - if you want it. You can overcome your acne, pimples, black spots and those other ugly blemishes on your skin and become one of the most admired women on earth. You have the opportunity today...I only hope you make the right choice.

See, I was a victim of bad skin conditions too...

And I almost gave up on my skin after trying everything people recommended without results – even silly things like urine and sperm. Yes, I tried those in addition to several creams and drugs and injections. Even the expensive facial masks and lots of spa visits.

But it seemed as if this acne was sent from hell to destroy me. And when I’m with my friends I would be full of envy, wondering why it must be me that was cursed with severe acne.

But I transformed from the “girl with the rough and ugly skin” to a diva every photographer and makeup artist begs to be their model and face of their brand.

You too can transform your skin from rough and ugly to smooth and spotless…

And you can do that within the next 28 days!

Yes, in such short period, you can transform:

  • from having rough skin to having clean and spotless skin...
  • from always using heavy makeup to using less makeup when going out...
  • from being camera shy to becoming a selfie queen -- even becoming addicted to no-makeup selfies...
  • from looking older than your real age to looking younger than you really are...
  • from always hiding your body to always flaunting your flawless skin...
  • from becoming depressed about your skin to becoming excited and full of life because of your great skin...

Yes, you can have these radical transformations, and I am a living proof.

My name is Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu


I was once struggling with severe acne (and its symptoms)!

I have been in your shoes before and I just want to help as many women who are in the same situation I was about 11 months ago to get out of it.

It all started when I was in going to 300 Level in the University of Ilorin…

I was home for the inter-session break when acne took over my face…and then gradually spread all over my body.

I thought they would go as fast as they came…but I was only dreaming.

It got worse. I couldn’t even recognize my own body in the mirror again!

My whole body, especially my face, became an acne cocktail of big pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and black spots -- and this went on for 4 years!!

I was later diagnosed with “severe acne” caused by hormonal imbalance. That’s what the dermatologists said.

It took away my social life. I became introverted. Was no longer meeting new people or even seeing old friends.

Parties? Hell No!

No social events at all. It robbed me of the better part of my school life and NYSC. I couldn’t have fun like others did.

The worst part…my long-time guy later cheated on me and jilted me after we left school. He left me for one very clean fair girl he served together with in Owerri.

No Parties…No Selfies…No Social Media…No Boyfriend…No Nothing!

It was a sad life. I wish it wasn’t that way…but what choice did I have?

Then My Miracle Came!

I've always been obsessed with Asians and just wanted to know why they have such flawless skin and always looking forever young – especially women from the Eastern part like South Korea, Japan and China.

Then one day I found a book during my research: Asian Beauty Secrets by one Doctor Marie Jhin, a California-based dermatologist.

The book that changed it all!

I learnt of various Asian beauty practices and secret beauty ingredients from the book.

BUT there was one truly special beauty ingredient that fascinated me.

After everything I read about this rare and special ingredient, I had this inkling that it was the miracle I’d been looking for all my life.

(A spa owner once told me it will take a miracle for my skin to become clear – because she tried all she could to help my situation and didn’t get any good result. Well, I found my miracle.)

On more research, I discovered that the ingredient and its byproducts are so rare that they can’t even be found in America and other Western countries, not to talk of Nigeria!

But when you want something so bad…and your life depends on it…nothing can stop you! I wasn’t going to give up.

After some weeks of running around, I was able to find a beauty product made with this rare and magical ingredient through the help of some Chinese suppliers that I usually import fashion accessories from.

This is the story of how my life changed drastically…the beginning of a new journey.

Magical Results…

I started using this product same day it got to me here in Nigeria. And I must's truly magical!

Firstly, I started seeing visible changes in less than 12 days. The pimples and other acne symptoms were drying off and new ones weren’t springing up.

My skin and face was still very far from being smooth by then…but that was the most significant positive change I’d had on my skin in 4 years!

No wonder reviewers of products made with the secret ingredient use words like “magic” and “miracle”!

11 months down the line...if you see me as I’m writing this, you’d never believe I once had severe acne for 4 good years. All the acne and black spots on my face, chest, back and legs have disappeared completely.

My face is now clear like water and my skin overall is softer, smoother and flawless like that of a new born.

Then I began to understand why some other reviewers I’ve read also talked about growing baby skin.

Your skin will literally look as fresh as a baby's

I’m loving life all over again.

Everyday now feels like a gift from heaven to me…and I make sure I not only cherish each day, but also go out to conquer the world!

Those events I couldn’t attend…those networks I couldn’t make and deals I couldn’t close with confidence…I now do them all excellently. You need to see the fire and passion and excitement that follow me everywhere I go!

This can be your own story too...

You Too Can Have a Clean and Spotless Skin Very Quickly, No Matter What Your Current Skin Condition Is!

See...I don’t care how bad your skin problems might be right now – whether severe or mild – all I know is: this could be your own story too, starting from the next few weeks. And with consistent use of this product, you’ll look as flawless as a Korean doll in just few months.

As I said earlier, I want to help as many other women as possible…I know how bad life was for me back then…sometimes I just felt like dying. The depression was too much.

So I decided I won’t hide my story…but use it to help as many women as possible…and show them the way to freedom from terrible skin conditions like acne (and all its cousins).

And that is why I decided to bring more of the product into Nigeria.

Between the end of November 2017 and early April 2018, I already sold over 400 of this product through this same website you're reading now. And guess what? Some buyers have come back to get more. People rushed it after they tried it.

Here is a testimonial from a past buyer (you will see more as we move on):

Wow, this looks good on my skin. It's just my second week of use and my spots are already clearing gradually. No product has ever given me such result. It shows there'll be more improvement with time.

I will definitely be ordering again!

Lucy Glover Upcoming Nollywood Actress, Lagos

I just restocked and I’m sure it will finish fast again…but before it does, I’d like to introduce to you today my life saver; my personal magical skin doctor...


Royal Horse Oil Soap by BioAQUA, the Asian beauty giants


The Horse Oil Soap is an Asian beauty soap created with oil from horse fat. The major active ingredient, horse oil, is as magical as you cannot imagine!

Horse oil has been the biggest beauty secret of some Asian countries for millenniums. Yes, thousands of years!

In Ancient China, this magical ingredient was kept at home as medication/treatment for cuts, burns, insect bites, foot fungus, countless skin diseases, and even hair loss – and asthma. (Wawu!)

Then it was later brought to Japan over 1,000 years ago, where it started becoming popular. But now, the Korean beauty industry has blown it up – they made it world-renowned and widely known for its beauty and skincare benefits.

Horse Oil has enabled thousands of women who were frustrated and depressed because of their embarrassing skin conditions to now experience the kind of boost in self-esteem and self-confidence that only comes with being wildly admired everywhere you go because of your beautiful, clean and spotless skin.

It's True...Several Sources Around the World Testify to Its Powers...

Even the famous Elle Fashion Magazine in UK describes Horse Oil as “the latest South Korean secret to flawless skin

...and DailyMail in a January 2015 article called it “hot new South Korean beauty trend” and further stated that "Horse oil is known for its healing properties and highly moisturizing capabilities!"

More so, here’s what another expert from VanityRex said about this magical beauty ingredient on a public forum:

Bottom line is: Horse Oil is not just the biggest secret in the Asian beauty world, it's truly as magical as they say...and if you allow it, it can change your life for good.

The Horse Oil Soap is still one of the best products made from horse oil’s easy to use and simply makes you flawless in no time!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes out there, and that's why I decided to stick with a manufacturer who is already popular -- in fact, a giant in the Asian beauty industry, BioAQUA!

Many people have bought and used the horse oil soap from me personally. Different skin colors, different ages, different skin types, different skin problems…even different needs. And I followed up on them like crazy to monitor their (skin’s) progress. And yes, they ALL have good testimonials, like the ones I showed you earlier.

In fact, most of my friends and family are now converts. All using the Horse Oil Soap.

My P.A, Blessing, gave her friend one. Her friend’s skin was so bad that she was the first person that came to Blessing’s mind when we first got delivery of the soap. Just see their chat for yourself:

Yes, the horse oil soap works like mad!

If you have acne, pimples, black spots, whiteheads, blackheads, rashes, or any other skin blemishes...whether severe or mild...or you just want to make your skin cleaner without any chemicals...then you should get yourself the horse oil soap immediately.

Fadekemi literally forced me to try the soap because I didn't think it would work for me – I didn't think anything would (because I already tried many things and gave up when they all failed).

I tried it anyways...and in less than 3 weeks, I was pleasantly surprised: it already reduced the acne on my body and faded the spots on my body. BUT what made me happier is that it also faded my stretchmarks -- something I wasn't expecting.

I will buy it again and I highly recommend it.

- Seun Adediran, Makeup Artist, Ibadan

Here are Confirmed Reasons You Should Begin to Use the Royal Horse Oil Soap Now:

  • Your skin will become flawless and beautiful, because Horse Oil heals your skin from the inside. (Horse oil is known to not only sit on top of the skin to protect it, but also penetrate deep into a layer of the skin to heal the body from a deeper level – from inside. Just take a second to imagine that!)
  • Horse Oil is 100% safe to use; you have nothing to fear, unlike most other beauty products. The soap is made of 100% natural ingredients – no additives; no alcohol; no dangerous chemicals. (Because horse oil properties are similar to the oils naturally produced by human skin, it is easily absorbed by the skin and is safe for people of all ages, including infants.)
  • Horse oil hydrates, moisturizes, repairs and conditions the skin. (This could be the skin care solution you’ve been looking for all your life; congrats, you can now become confident in your skin and focus on other aspects of your life.)
  • Heals acne and pimples. (Those annoying intruders will be gone for good and for life. You can now claim your life back from them, and walk down the street or attend that event with the highest form of self-esteem and maddest catwalk.)
  • You’ll begin to use less makeup – because you'll have nothing to hide on your face again anyways! (Horse Oil naturally fades scars/marks and blemishes – and takes care of skin roughness.)
  • Removes every form of unwanted visitor on your skin. Horse Oil battles everything that won’t allow your skin shine like stainless. (Who says you can’t be a totally clean babe without spending 6 figures on your skin monthly?!)

Are you still considering if the Horse Oil Soap is good for your body or not? Here are other things the Royal Horse Oil Soap is capable of doing:

  • Horse Oil improves skin elasticity and reverses aging by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, thereby making you look many years younger than your real age.
  • Treats sunburn. (I really can’t stress this enough: Horse Oil’s job is to restore your face and skin to the original way God created it: without spots; without extra color!)
  • Fades stretch marks. (I told you you’ll soon be very proud to flaunt your skin. In fact, your favourite chilling spots will become beach and swimming pool. You’ll be that confident in your skin!)
  • Kills eczema. No more ugly lighter skin shades in the name of eczema!
  • Soothes sensitive skin, even that of babies. (No more fear of reacting to weather or water or food or whatever. Let horse oil nourish your skin with its strong healing properties. Gentle on skin; tough on skin problems!)
  • Horse Oil keeps dry and chapped skin moisturized and soft. Horse oil is the most effective occlusive moisturizer you can find around.
  • Gives the body an even skin tone by removing dark knuckles and other discoloured joints. No more “coke and fanta” body!

Bottom line is: If you truly want a clean, spotless and flawless skin this 2018 – especially if it’s one of your resolutions, then you need to do yourself the favour of getting the Royal Horse Oil Soap for your skin.

I really love the soap...and I'm happy I found it. It's really reducing my acne fast...and I'm still on my first bar.

I also noticed however that it's restoring my old skin colour...the fairness I had before Akure sun suffered me. Lol.

Thanks for introducing this soap to me. I'll definitely be buying again and again!

Titilola Faloye
Beautician, Akure

Can One Simple Soap Really Do All These Within Just Few Weeks Without Spending Hundreds of Thousands on Expensive Skin Care Kits and Spa Sessions?

Look – I know what you’re reading contradicts everything you’ve always thought about having a flawless skin… I know it sounds unbelievable that just one soap will do all the things listed above for you… I didn’t believe it at first either.

But all I want you to do is give this soap a try…and watch your body well. If after just 2 weeks, you don’t notice any slight change, call me out online as a liar. In fact, ask that I refund your money . (More about that later.)

That’s how confident I am of the soap – it worked for me. It has worked for many other people I know.

I bet that you will want to keep using the horse oil soap forever…when you see how soft, clean and shiny your skin will become.

The Horse Oil Soap is definitely the most amazing innovation to ever hit the beauty world!

Here's the screenshot of a chat with a recent customer (big shoutout to Adedamola for the permission to share this chat):

So…How Much Is The Magical Royal Horse Oil Soap?

You’ll agree with me that it would be very fair to sell the magical Royal Horse Oil Soap for N25,000 per piece…because of its superpowers…

But I won’t do that to you.

I won’t even sell it for as much as 20,000!

I want you, and as many other Nigerian ladies as possible to have this body-transforming soap in your bathrooms – and start a beauty revolution.

So I’ll reduce the price of the Royal Horse Oil Soap to N15,000 per one. You’ll agree with me that I’ve tried, yea?

(15k that isn’t even enough to buy 1-month supply of original makeup products to cover your skin blemishes. But now you have opportunity to not cover them, BUT DELETE THEM FINALLY. Don’t miss it!)


Just to encourage you to try itI’ll be beating the price down more; it’s no longer really about me or how much I’ll profit. I want you to just try this product and see for yourself how surprisingly your skin begins to grow smooth and silky.

So…I have a pleasant surprise for you. (Just make sure you don’t dull!)

…I’ll be giving the BioAQUA Royal Horse Oil Soap to you, in a set of 2 (one-month supply), for just N13,000…till this current inventory finishes.

Yes, instead of 15k per one (the price I sold some of the first set), you can now get 2 for just 13kif you order today.

So click the button below to order NOW!

Send My Horse Oil Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)


See...for a steaming hot and magical product like this, the whole stock will most likely finish in 2 days. So you gotta order today…in fact…you have to order right now…immediately…if you want this soap at 2 for 13k!

Simply click the button below to order and you’ll be taken to a form where you fill in your details. A representative will contact you to confirm your order and your soaps will be shipped to you. You'll get delivery within 3 to 5 working days. (Don’t worry, it’s Pay on Delivery!)

(For any enquiries, please call/text/WhatsApp 08106432737, or visit us at Tawakalitu Shopping Complex, KM 9, LASU Rd, Afolabi Bus Stop, Lagos.)

Send My Horse Oil Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)

Bonuses on Delivery

As soon as you take delivery of your Horse Oil Soap bars (and payment confirmed), here are bonuses you'll get:

  1. Waterproof Soap Case

Every Royal Horse Oil Soap bar comes with a waterproof soap case you can use to keep your soap in your bathroom. There’ll be no worrying about a safe and healthy place to keep this very sensitive soap in while using it.

  1. Net Soap Hanger

If you’re the type that prefers hanging (to drain the water and keep the soap dry and strong) then you’re in luck. A cute net hanger comes with every BioAqua Horse Oil Soap you order. (You'll see how I use mine.)

  1. The Horse Oil Treatment Guide. (Value: N1,500)


We'll send you our special report: "Horse Oil Treatment Guide: How to Remove Acne, Pimples and Black Spots from Your Skin – Within 14 Days".

If you're wondering how you'll use the Horse Oil Soap for fast result, then this guide is your answer. In it, you'll learn how I've been able to get great results from using the horse oil soap (disappearance of acne on my body and fading of dark spots). If you follow this guide, you'll get your spotless skin faster than you ever imagined.

NOTE: This guide is an eBook, not paperback.

  1. The Natural Cellulite Solution: The Complete Guide to Smoother Skin. (Value: $30/N11,100)

You'll also get this special ebook: The Natural Cellulite Solution: The Comprehensive Guide to Smoother Skin.

You know what cellulite is, yea? Those roughness and dimpling on the skin, especially around areas with fatty tissues, like buttocks, thighs, hips, abdomen, even breasts and upper arm regions.

It's an embarrassing skin condition that makes you shy to wear bikinis and swimsuits in public.

This powerful guide explains the various types of treatments available for cellulite. And it also provides you with valuable advice for managing cellulite that you may NEVER find anywhere else.

Combining the information in this guide with the use of your horse oil soap will make cellulite a thing of the past; you'll have that smooth, soft and tight skin you've always dreamt of. Trust me when I say that!

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Acne and Pimples, and Remaining Spotless Permanently. (Value: N2,450)

In case you don’t have it yet, just to make sure you get good results from your use of the horse oil soap, and to help you avoid doing things that won't let your acne go away, I created this guide to help you achieve your dream spotless skin -- permanently.

In this guide, you'll find 10 Sure Ways to Get Rid of Acne and Pimples!!

  1. Surprises!

There are several other things you’ll get as soon as you take delivery of your package – don’t worry you'll see them for yourself soon enough.

So there you have it: 6 lovely bonuses (trust me, the surprises too are lovely)...all worth almost N30,000 (more than double the price you paid for the soaps)! You can't get this anywhere else!

Now you can see the extent I’m going to ensure you have a smooth, clean and spotless skin within the next 28 days max. You’d be doing yourself a lot of bad if you don’t take this offer ASAP.

Have you ordered yet? What are you waiting for?

Send My Horse Oil Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)

 Here's my favourite customer testimonial; let it inspire you:

I got sick as a child and that left some "permanent" spots on my body. They're so embarrassing and make me sad now that I'm grown.

I saw the advert for the horse oil soap and I contacted them via WhatsApp, sent the picture of the spots on my legs and asked them if the soap would work for me. Even they were not sure (lol) but they asked me to try it.

I tried it truly. And I was shocked. I've used it for just one week and my black spots are turning brown already. It still feels like a dream to's the best thing that has happened to me in years.

See my legs before I started using the soap:

And here's one week after using the soap:

Not there yet, but gives me hope -- that my skin will become clear someday soon. Thanks, BeauCrest. God bless you for the good work you're doing.

Eniola Soliu
Sales, Lagos
Send My Horse Oil Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)

100% Money Back Guarantee:

I know you’ve tried many other products; creams, soaps, so-called cleansers, face masks, herbs, and other funny things that are almost unmentionable, but never got a satisfactory result…

I know you’ve tried many other products; creams, soaps, so-called cleansers, face masks, herbs, and other funny things that are almost unmentionable, but never got a satisfactory result…

So it might be hard to be convinced to try something new. I understand…

But how about trying one last thing? I can assure you it works like charm. It’s what I use every day and night. Here’s mine, hanging pretty in my bathroom:

my horse oil soap
(Babe, trust me, I no dey play with this thing at all o.)

But I won’t force you to trust me.

Instead, I’ll give you a sister-to-sister guarantee: Try this horse oil soap, use it as I’ve prescribed in the guide attached.

If after 28 days, you’ve not noticed any positive difference on your skin at all, just call us on 08106432737, and tell us about it.

So now, you can be sure that you’re safe: it’s either the Royal Horse Oil Soap works for you or you get your money back!

I had to take this screenshot when I saw this comment on our Facebook post (nobody asked the customer to write any testimonial, but she couldn't keep it to herself):

Click the order button below now!

Send My Horse Oil Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)

Thanks for trusting my recommendation and ordering the Royal Horse Oil Soap.

See you at the beautiful other side!

Your partner in beauty,

Fadekemi Yomi-Alliyu,

Send My Horse Oil Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)

P.S: You know how frustrating it is when acne, pimples and black spots affect your social life so badly that you almost don’t go out again?

Trust me, I know how it feels: I was a victim too…until I found a lasting solution.

And that’s why I imported into Nigeria the Royal Horse Oil Soap.

Once you start using your new Horse Oil Soap, your life will change so drastically that you won't need to hide behind heavy makeup and long clothes again; you’ll begin to get admired wherever you go because of your smooth and flawless skin!

Order now to get 2 bars now for lesser than the price of one. Click here to order:

P.P.S: Are you wondering why we’re selling in twos? I believe what you’re paying for is the transformation you’ll experience in your body, so it’s my job to help you achieve that result.

From my personal usage and experience with the soap, you need to use it twice daily to get the best results. This way, even though the soap isn’t so small, one can’t last you a month. You’d need 2.

So...fill in your delivery details hereBUY HORSE OIL! We’ll ship your miracle soaps to you ASAP!


Beware of Fake Horse Oil Soap!!

When we started selling the horse oil soap, there was nothing like it in Nigeria. We were the only ones selling it and have been getting it directly from the manufacturers.

However, it has come to our notice that people have started making and selling the fake version of the horse oil soap...even in China...but it's very very hard to differentiate between original and fake, that even we don't do business with anyone other than directly with the manufacturers.

So please be careful: don't buy from these Konga or Jiji sellers that have no website or physical office. Protect your skin. Buy only original horse oil soap! Using fake horse oil soap will only make your skin condition worse!


Send My Horse Oil Soap Now!(Pay on Delivery!)