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Here's the Cheapest and Safest Way to Get Rid of Acne (Pimples, Black Spots, etc) and Have a Flawless Skin Fast!

Finally, You Now Have A Way to Reclaim Your Self-Esteem From Acne Without Spending 10% of How Much Other People Are Spending on Less-Effective Skincare Products

Dear friend,

Can you quickly answer these questions:

  • Has acne taken over your body that you are always embarrassed and shy in public?
  • Has your skin condition stolen your self-esteem that you hardly socialize again?
  • Have you tried several products but they didn’t work for you and instead even spoilt your skin further?
  • Is your skin so sensitive that it reacts badly to every skincare product you try?
  • Is lack of money the reason you still have acne and black spots cos you can’t afford the best skincare products?
  • Or you just don’t trust all these skincare products that claim “organic” and you’ve not found what you can trust enough to put on your body?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I have good news for you.

What if I told you that you can get rid of acne and pimples and black spots fast without spending a dime on any skincare product?

What if I told you that you can even remain in control of how you get rid of the acne on your body by choosing which product to use and the quantity to use, based on what works for your skin type and what your body doesn’t react to?

Let me quickly gist you so you understand better...

So, while I was doing my everyday runs for BeauCrest, I met one interesting lady. Her name is Abimbola Aponmade (I simply call her Bimbo).

She’s rounding up her Masters programme in Botany at the University of Ibadan. She already has B.Sc., also in Botany.

But that’s not the interesting part.

Before I even knew she’s a botanist, I saw some products with her that got me curious.

She makes almost all her own products, especially skincare products. And they are all natural/organic.

That was when I realized she’s an herbal skincare expert.

Her mum has been into herbs even before Bimbo was born. And now she combines what she learnt from her mum with what she learns in school and what she learns daily from her personal research, in creating solutions for various problems.

(She even has a product which only she has ever created in the whole world -- not kidding you!)

I asked her how effective her products are, then she showed me a picture of herself when she had different types of acne.

See the roughness of her face?

I couldn’t believe she got rid of all those roughness without spending money on any manufactured product -- she used ONLY herbs to get her now spotless skin.

That’s a screenshot of Bimbo in a video without any makeup on.


The Easiest and Cheapest Acne Solution Ever! sharp, I started talking to Bimbo about creating skincare products for my BeauCrest audience and followers, including you!

We decided on various products to create for various skin problems and skin types.

But along the way...I remembered how so many people have told me the only reason they’re doing nothing about their skin condition is because they can’t afford most good products, even the ones we sell at BeauCrest (especially the Horse Oil Soap).

Some others say they are afraid to try any product, because their body reacts badly to most products.

And many people just don’t trust manufactured skincare products generally. Yet, the so-called organic products they’ve tried failed them.

So I asked my new friend and partner, Bimbo, if it’s possible for one to use common easy-to-find products to remove acne...and she said YES.

And that in fact, most of the products she uses on her own skin are common ones that people just don’t know work greatly on the skin.

I asked if she could please reveal the secrets to acne herbal self-treatment to you, my loyal BeauCrest member...and again she said YES!

And from that simple discussion...we started working on what I love to call the Acne Herbal Treatment Package.

What is the Acne Herbal Treatment Package?

Me and Bimbo went to work and created a kind of recipe book containing 7 different common anti-acne plants/herbs that you can easily find around you, plus how to use each of these plants to get rid of acne (pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, rashes, etc) and black spots.

We simply titled the eBook “Acne Treatment with Common Plants”.

And we didn’t stop there…

I know it is easy to follow a recipe book and instructions and still not get desired result, maybe because of a mistake in creating one of the recipes or mistake in application.

So I begged Bimbo to get in front of the camera and demonstrate in video how to prepare each plant to fight acne and most importantly, how to apply them on the body.

Yes, Bimbo applied each of those 6 ingredients/herbs/plants on her body in the video so that you’ll see exactly how it’s done.

(She didn’t apply the 7th on her body -- a special mixture for black spots -- because we added it to the book later, after we already shot the videos. But we did a video showing the necessary ingredients to use and her voice behind telling you how to use it.)

So...the combination of this well-researched but short recipe book and the demonstration videos is what I named The Acne Herbal Treatment Package!

Ensure You Get Hold of This “Package” Today!

See...I don’t care how bad your skin condition is or the type of skin you have, you’ll surely find one or more of these herbal remedies that will work for your skin. One or more of these plants will remove these ugly blemishes and spots from your skin and make you the spotless no-makeup selfie queen.

That’s because each of these plants are proven to work in fighting acne. I did my research to confirm everything!

And the plants are so easy to find that you can start today. In fact, one of them is probably your favourite fruit. They are that common!

The best favour you can do for yourself and your skin is to get this Acne Herbal Treatment Package today.


  • Saves you lots of money you'd otherwise spend on expensive products that are both ineffective and risky. The featured plants are extremely cheap; you can even collect (or pluck) some of them for free. Yet, they are better than most packaged products and will help you take your life back from the unfriendly hands of acne.
  • Saves you time you'd otherwise spend on researching by yourself. And no matter how you research, your finding can never be as good as that of a trained botanist and herbal skincare expert. (Some people use Google or YouTube to find DIY skincare treatment but end up using the wrong product for their own skin type. Don’t be like them!)
  • You’ll have both book and video guide so you know exactly what you’re doing and don’t mix things up. There’s no how you won’t get results!
  • You’ll own a professionally formatted eBook that you can easily read and consult anytime, even if you download it on a phone with small screen. (You can even easily access the treatment you’re interested in by clicking on it in the table of contents.)
  • Nicely shot and clear, high definition video, so you enjoy the demonstrations and not miss anything. You’ll see what she’s using and how she’s applying each.
  • You’ll be able to make the only 100% organic skincare product you can trust, because you'll make them by yourself.

Now tell me, how many skincare products are as cheap as N100?! These plant products are so common that you’ll buy some for even less than that.

Information is power!

Now you have the opportunity to get the best information on getting rid of acne with common plants and fruits. See...I’ve searched all over the internet, and I’ve not seen any resource on herbal acne treatment that comes close to what Bimbo gave us.

Bimbo also revealed the plant product that worked best for her when acne almost finished her skin.

She shot the entire video without any makeup on because she had to apply the ingredients, so you’ll see her spotless skin for yourself.

What You’ll Get from the Herbal Treatment Package!

So what do you get if you claim your own Herbal Treatment Package today?

  • You'll learn even more about acne and its causes and symptoms
  • You’ll know the different skin types there are and how to identify yours, so you stop using the wrong product for your skin type
  • The plants good for each skin type and which to use for your own specific skin type so you don’t react badly to a product you shouldn’t have used
  • You'll learn how to use water to treat acne -- yes, there's such a thing as Water Treatment, and it's a section on its own in the ebook (my favourite section!)
  • 6 common plants you can use for the treatment of acne and black spots and how to prepare and apply each one. (So there’s something for everybody!)
  • One more plant product used in creating a special remedy for the removal of black spots, so your skin literally becomes spotless. (It's the most effective herbal solution for black spots or dark spots ever!)
  • Secret bonus: the best natural soap in the world for skincare, how to find it and how to increase its power/potency by over 1,000%
  • Precautions to take to make sure those herbal ingredients work for your skin and also don't damage your skin...
  • You'll learn the safe way to test several herbal/plant products on your skin till you find the one that works perfectly and can stick to it forever without fear

Those are just a few things you’ll learn from owning this package (eBook and video).

How Much is the Acne Herbal Treatment Package?

Are you already wondering what it’d cost you to get the Acne Herbal Treatment Package?

Well, considering the wahala we went through putting this together for you, it would be fair to charge you upwards of 25k for the package.

But the reason I went to this extent to get you this information is because I have hundreds of emails telling me they can’t afford the 13k products we sell in BeauCrest. So, I thought I should find a cheaper alternative to our products.

15k would still be a good bargain since it’s just one-time payment unlike our 13k soap that you have to keep buying every month.

But I’ll still cut the price down…

BeauCrest’s Acne Herbal Treatment Package will therefore sell for just ₦5,000!


I have a quick deal for you today...

For the next 5 Days (till 6th Feb), I’ll give you the Acne Herbal Treatment Package for just 3k...yes, for just ₦3,000!!

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I know it sounds ridiculous...but just imagine a 3k investment changing your life forever!!

How would it sound when all your friends that have always known you for your pimples or black spots suddenly notice your face and body are now very clean and spotless and ask you what you did...and you tell them the solution you got costs 3k and the plant you use costs ₦50?

Just think about it…

Meanwhile, don’t let this deal pass you by…

Simply click the yellow button below to claim your deal immediately.

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You’ll be taken to a secure payment page powered by Paystack, where you can pay with your card...after which the Acne Herbal Treatment Package (Acne Treatment with Common Plants eBook and its accompanying demonstration video) will be sent to you.

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Once payment is confirmed, a link will be sent to you, through which you’ll get your package.

Don’t Delay; Safely start your journey to flawlessness NOW!

I’m really excited about finally getting the Acne Herbal Treatment Package into your hands, after several months of working on it.

I’m glad it will finally begin to change lives for good, starting with you, even with such tiny investment.

And please, don’t look down on this package or the plants discussed in it because of how cheap they seem. I guarantee you that the solutions in this package will beat most of your expensive skincare product hands down.

More so, you’ll be happy knowing you’re the one making your own solution by yourself and wouldn’t be wondering what chemicals skincare companies use in your products.

BUT...make sure you act fast so that you get it at this promo 3k price. Stop dulling already...claim your own package now while it’s still very available and cheap.

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Bonus for Acting Fast!

The Acne Herbal Treatment Package is already extremely cheap...yet if you buy it within the days of promo (latest Feb. 5), I’ll send to you as bonus the eBook “How to Get Rid of Blackhead (Acne treatment, removal and remedies for clear skin)” by skincare author Sam Spotter.

The book is very loaded, and in it you’ll see almost every possible form of treatment for acne, including even some home remedies we didn’t mention in the package and how to prepare and use them.

Loaded eBook. Get it for FREE when you order for the Acne Herbal Treatment Package now. Simply click the button below to order.

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PS: Sure you know how already depressing and frustrating it is when acne takes over your life, and how very more depressing it is when you’ve tried many products and they don’t work for you...but instead worsen your situation…

Trust me, I feel your pain...

That’s the exact reason I collaborated with Abimbola Aponmade, a certified botanist and herbal skincare expert, to create a recipe book containing the best 7 commonly found plant products that will get rid of your acne and black spots. And also went further to make her demonstrate these products in a video.

Once you use this package to find the best plant for your type of skin, your life would change drastically that you’ll begin to get attention and admiration from people wherever you go because of your clean skin. They’ll think you’re spending 100k on products, meanwhile you wouldn’t even spend 5% of that to shine flawlessly!

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